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  1. Turkey attack only dangerous terrorists Kurds PKK
    TRUMP doesn't support terrorists Kurds PKK
    Democrats support Kurds PKK
    Thank you Trump for peace and love🇺🇸
    Thank you Erdoghan 🇹🇷
    TRUMP président 2020💕🇺🇸

  2. Democrats globalists want War War apocalyps for have antéchrist
    Democrats Friends Epstein must go to prison
    TRUMP doesn't want War
    TRUMP président 2020🇺🇸💕

  3. The evil Dems will obstruct anything worthwhile because hurting the economy is the best weapon against this administration besides fake crimes!

  4. This shows that Democrats do not care about the American people they are only interested in their own agenda and personal gain! They all should be thrown in jail! I am really impressed with Trumps genuine love for his country!

  5. Maria dear, President Trump does not 'love' tariffs. He loves "fair and reciprocal trade deals." Unlike so many before him. He also prefers not fighting wars.

    Dems on the other hand… Eh, why bother? Their actions speak for themselves.

  6. The Democrats are angry, because they have failed to do what President Trump and his Administration have been able to do! 
    POTUS and Patriots are cutting into the Profits of all the criminals in our Government, and around the World.

  7. What the hell happened to you Maria ???? you must be getting paid by the deepstate demms now, cuz your negativity is palpable,

  8. I'll continue to say that China is holding off hoping Trump loses but they have a BIG surprise. However, I am skeptical about China coming through on this agreement without something in return, like tariffs 30%.

  9. Love the automobiles because they have cylinder's, connecting rod and rocker arm. Interesting is the rocker arm which rocks upon can shaft revolution's with a timing gear.

    Also the BHP, Torque, Power, RPM, Acceleration, and brooom brooom

  10. If WTO not work's to what I said to harvest them and o boy the whole termites will be released into the woods if ignored. Tiny little termites devour the wood's, log's.

  11. The IMF's Kristen Lagarde was in Hà Nội, Việt Nam in 2016 meeting with govt and corporate officials. She told them that China's economy will be slowing down and that Việt Nam (Southeast Asia) will be picking up the slack. AND she also told them as a result of Việt Nam's development, the government must need to develop new methods to tax the work force.
    This 2016 speech is online too.

  12. There’s no incentive for any of our trade partners to sign a deal with the U.S.
    Everyone…including China, Canada, Mexico, India and the E.U. have all witnessed the U.S. back out of ratified trade pacts and treaties with no notice.
    There’s no guarantee that America will honor any trade agreement.
    If I were any of our trade partners. I wouldn’t sign anything until American leadership shows some form of reliable stability.

  13. China Is Not Ready To Eat Grass…Social Unrest With High Unemployment….A Choice Of 25% Or 30% Tariffs & More…Sign It Or Not Your Choice CCP…;))

  14. Usmca will not come to the floor it is the ace that Nancy Pelosi holds over Trump. She would never give him that kind of win in an election year. The only way to get that through is to take back control of the house.

  15. I agree USMC is more important. We don't need China , we need India . The Chinese are suppressed by their communist party. They are pushing their agenda worldwide . The free world is in war with the CCP . Don't buy Chinese products, stand for your freedom.

  16. The People of the world are making a bad mistake on china trying to invest in China when they’re money isn’t worth crap devalue the global market including the euro and the dollar and everyone els currency I wouldn’t suggest United States investing in anything from China

  17. The usmca deal has already been negotiated we are just waiting on the congress too VOTE on it which they are refusing too do so once again the do nothing dems are holding OUR country up .

  18. The House needs to pass USMC Deal now. If the China trade talks are to go anywhere then US should not impose any new tariffs in December and reduce the 25% tariffs down to 10%.Trump administration's imposition of protectionist tariffs seems too willing to leverage and potentially sacrifice small and medium American businesses to achieve unrelated political goals.The only winners on the phase one is the US government coffers!

  19. Trump couldn't negotiate the pouring of pee rom a boot with the instructions on written on the heal. If he is not in jail he is going to find it very hard to win any business deals now that people gave seen what a coward he is when he is confronted by strength.

  20. There is no separation between things. Everything is connected. China and US policy together as allies together basically runs the entire world.

  21. well just name 10 things the dems have accomplished since 2016 good luck and treason does not count (trying to overthrow the president)

  22. China can NEVER be trusted not to pull out at the last second as they're "BIDEN" their time in hopes QUID PRO QUO JOE and son will win the election in 2020. TARIFFS and SANCTIONS are the two MOST POWERFUL WORDS in the English language. USA WINS every time. China's "CONTROL THE PEOPLE" technology can NEVER be allowed to infiltrate the USA as is already starting as they buy up Silicon Valley and use strongarm tactics with Google.

  23. Beware of the USMCA b/c it appears to grant foreign sovereignty authority oversight of the US market which will be counterproductive over time.

  24. The dems are always crying racism and also hoping the economy nose dives and millions will lose their jobs, anything to get rid of Trump, the more Americans suffer the better for them,every candidate is for open borders, even up here in Canada, we don't support that.,

  25. Trump is supposed to be a dictator but we are still waiting on congress to pass trade agreements and border and immigration legislation.

  26. I do not believe that the treaty as it stands is a good one.  You guys need to read the document.  It's NOT just about trade.  First, it gives too much away on immigration, second, I see no reason why there should be an Environmental Commission set up within the provisions of this trade agreement that stresses the interests of biodiversity over the interests of good agricultural practices.  This is a dangerous development aimed at decreasing the private property rights of the farmers in Mexico, Canada, and the US.  We can still have a viable economic agreement with out the entire chapter that addresses the environment.  It just is nothing more than creeping centralization on a global scale.  In support of this observation, researchers at a Canadian University have observed that the USMCA treaty, as it stands, contains 57% of the verbiage in the TPP (rejected by the US).  Much of that verbiage included in the USMCA will  open the door for increasing encroachment on the sovereignty of the 3 nations which are a part of this agreement.  There are whole chapters in the agreement that can be thrown out and still be a long term viable trade agreement.  The headline is correct.  USMCA is more important than a deal with China– but the media is  not looking at it from the standpoint about what's good and what is bad for all 3 of these countries. They're just trying to sell it.

  27. Maria is so incredibly beautiful! That shouldn't necessarily be a factor in news, but that amazing smile puts a smile on my face. Additionally, she asks well informed, and thought provoking questions, so that we hear what's really going on. I also appreciate that she's not so prone to interrupt, even though you can practically SEE her mind racing forward. Unlike most talking heads, she has the grace to allow most experts to express their thoughts before leaping ahead. I HAVE seen her grow impatient from time to time. Ha!

  28. did peter navarro earn an extended vacation at a minimum security club-fed like trump's other white house schmucks, schmendricks and putzes?

  29. USMCA has been ready for quite awile,THANK YOU TRUMP ,,Democrats won't even sign it ,,Now warren is stealing the idea for one of her plans,,,They don't care about Americans or Mexicans or Canadians,just themselves,,

  30. Greedy GM workers want more$. When they already make more the the average work in the US. When they ask for more they just take it from the peoples pocket by uping the price on the cars we need to buy. So now a guy like me how sorely needs a truck can't buy one because they coast to much, can we say hello new house payment range. crazy !!! even ona used truck a bank will only give loansout if your lucky and a truck that has less then 60,000 miles on it, and even then you think it will still be cheaper then a new one right right!! Nooo think again your still looking at a 700 to 900$ payment CRAZZY!! already. So who in there right mine is going to keep buying this B.S!!! Because Im not. This over pricing us out into bankruptcy crap needs to stop. WE the people need to just drop these big companies and start a go fund me and build a new American cars made by the people with the empty left over factory s that where ship over to China and now sit empty in our home towns. With 3D printer today you could nearly make a whole care and truck body and the equipment is faster and cheaper. and then we can put the price of the car and truck back down to where we all can afford it again.

  31. Wow ! The trolls from Russia are out in force today ! 😂
    The Chinese will burn down their economy before submitting to #45 ! 🤣
    The Waltons of the world will never let that happen to their fortunes & they have #45 by the b***s !

  32. Our military is more important then China we love our military but hate business with China we can make our own stuff here in America we don't need China.

  33. Trump works hard, but all his efforts to push forward the American economy, are stopped by swamp creatures and Pelosi's sidekicks.
    In 2020, We'll define the future of our Great Nation!

  34. Relaxing ""Frame-up classes"", Lessons in Creative Writing,""" ""Circumventing the Constitution refresher""", ""manipulating Congressional Protocol refreshers,"" ""Turning the argument on your opponents,"" """using innuendo effectively"""", """pointing the finger in the opposite direction"" maintaining relevance, keeping the base focused on hating trump making new accusations to bolster the Moral outrage, consolidate the base, maintain the level of Disdain and a sense of hope to be able to say we gave it our all in the end after it fails..

  35. Just because you draw a conclusion that's backed by observation doesn't make the observation valid enough for me to draw your conclusion.

  36. You should report on Project Pelican as it greatly affects our National Security. Trump has taken control over the Port of Long Beach away from the Communist Chinese. But our National Security is still very much at threat by the Chinese.

  37. Try HARDER. America's war with HUAWEI has failed Germany is accepting Huawei's 5G LMAOOO. US can't do anything to Huawei, how can it deal damage to China???

  38. Do nothing Dems? The house has past over 250 bills and now waiting for the Republican controlled senate to act. Anyone want to explain that one?

  39. He actually said that, China gets the message that they should play fair, with the rest of the world. The horror/irony, US administration's top official, making such a statement!!

  40. The chamber of commerce and the corporate round table should be selling U.S. goods around the world, promoting our goods and services, while capturing world trade items that can be sold world wide. Promoting higher wages in the U. S. and third world countries.

  41. t looks like Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard feels the same as President Trump about Hillary and responded to Hillary Clinton:"knows she can't control me”. @UyWI

  42. Unions might be a bulwark in Trump's plans for bringing jobs back from other countries.We don't want slave labor,but definitely they should consider why alot of the factories left the U.S. to begin with..Sure Trump has thought abought this already..

  43. Peter Navarro claim a win for US in the trade war ?? He talk like low mentality idiot .. Because US not winning anything yet and the Chinese just playing a long patient game so let wait and see …

  44. I think a lot of politicians are jealous of our President Trump, because he is business savvy and a lot politicians have never done anything but sitting in a seat trying accumulate their own wealth on the backs of the people. And now it is being exposed and the secrets are being revealed and the politicians that are not working in the interest of our country are fighting our President. KAG2020🚂🚂🚂Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. My string guts tell me that Peelosi won’t pass USMCA. She is afraid that will give trump more achievements. But is it legal or for how long can congress keep it unpassed?? Can trump do something about it? Why trump doesn’t need congress votes to deal with the US-China trade??

  46. A deal with Haiti is more important than China, so says Peter Navaroo, one of TRUMP neocons pushing sinophobia.

  47. China is dragging their feet in hopes of an Impeachment or an election of a different President. They'd prefer an idiot socialist Democrat who will basically sell their children for a personal profit.

  48. I fail to see how the GM union deal is a "good" one. All it's going to do is raise the already RIDICULOUSLY HIGH PRICES of GM products! I for one, will not be buying GM.

  49. Peter, please, what is the IP of Wall St?
    High-frequency trading? Ponzi schemes? Digital bait-and-switch? Digital pump-and-dump? Fake account creation? ON AND ON. All of that "IP" has to do with PAPER ASSETS, not with the REAL ECONOMY. And the Chinese banksters are as good if not better than Wall St already .

  50. Chinese elite want foreign, wholly-owned big banks. Among other requirements, these foreign banks will need minimum capital of 40 billion yuan ($5.7 billion) to operate in China or 8 billion yuan ($1.1 billion) to conduct cross-border services (meaning foreign exchange). Hence, China won't have to use its 3 T in foreign reserves to exchange yuans for dollars/yens/euros when a Chinese individual wants to move some of its capital abroad. Overall, it provides most needed injections of hard currency into the Chinese financial markets and economy and MORE IMPORTANT eases the pressures on China's foreign reserves.

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