Pete Correale Has No Sympathy For The Elderly | Bar Talk

Pete Correale Has No Sympathy For The Elderly | Bar Talk

Bill Pullman at his finest! Hey I’m Guy Branum. This is Bar Talk at JFL. I have in my hand an iPhone stopwatch. I’m going to give you 45 seconds to tell us your life story. Are you prepared Pete Correale? Yes. Alright, begin! Grew up in Long Island, New York; mom, teacher; dad, architect; brother, sister. Played basketball thought I was better than I was
ended up going to D3 College. After that I got into like beer a lot,
moved to New York City thought I’d be an actor that didn’t worked out obviously.
Tried that for 10 seconds but I went to… You’re just a failed actor, there’s no like… It wasn’t like a passion for comedy that was singing out in your heart from the first day.
(Pete) No! Pause the time there! (Guy)No no no you have to deal with…
(Pete) I always loved comedy. Didn’t think it was something I would be able to do or that was in my realm. And then I got hooked up with this improv group as a comedian and they let me stay at the comedy club after all. You’re a former improviser Pete? We did a five o’clock show and then I watched some comics and I fell in love. That’s time!
(Guy) But I mean that was a beautiful… That was a beautiful way of ending.
(Pete) Oh…Good ending that Fell in love, well I mean you want the sequel now, you know? Yeah, I found my calling. That was very beautiful, did we get to your wife in there?
(Pete) Thank you. No but that’s okay. So no mention of his wife or his beautiful daughter. Oh like I won’t be forever with my wife anyway. Improv group, yes. Daughter, nothing. My wife’s been with me since my first joke. Can you imagine that?
Can you imagine that man? (Guy) That’s beautiful. I mean there’s nothing
(Pete) It is. harder than continuing to love someone after you’ve seen them at an open mic. (Guy) You know?
(Pete) Yeah, absolutely man. I remember like four years in, I went to a job interview ’cause… I’m like ”I’m never gonna make it.” And my wife and I are in the lobby waiting for my name to be called. I’m in my Marshall suit with my tie and she goes “What are you doing? You’ll never be happy if you do anything other than comedy. Let’s get the hell out of here.”
(Guy) That’s beautiful. And I’m like “Let’s get out of here” That’s a great moment.
(Pete)Yeah, it was like Adrien telling Rocky after the coma “Win!” We’re going to play a game we like to call Defend It. In this lime colored box are (Guy) bold statements Pete, okay?
(Pete) Oh boy. They are bold takes and you have to defend them. (Guy) Are you, are you ready to do this?
(Pete) Alright. Yeah what if think that they are worth defend? (Guy) You have to, you have to.
(Pete) Okay, alright. (guy) You cannot pass. You are going to be a committed comedian here okay. Alright
(Pete) Alright. Let’s go, first one.
The Beatles never existed. The Beatles never existed is right. It was just four dudes that barely liked each other
that would go into separate rooms and record and then one guy who’s the manager would bring it all together and make it work but they never existed. That movie was a documentary, the one about the Beatles not existing. I thought my answer was great. It was a solid answer. I liked mine better because there’s that movie out right now about how The Beatles never existed but that one guy remembered it. Throwing the cards, that’s the only reason we are doing this. I do enjoy throwing the hearts. Barack Obama controls the weather. Yeah because people get… They talk about him so much, arguing whether it was a great president or not a great president that’s so much hot air, floats up to the sky and causes rain. A high-pressure system, I like that one.
(Pete) Yeah, alright. Elderly people need to step it up and get jobs. Yeah either that or pass away because it’s just getting crowded. It’s getting crowded and they’re living too long. I think they have a lot of talent. Betty White has done a lot of solid work. Oh yeah, what have you seen since Golden Girls? She was in that movie about a lake that had a large alligator or shark in it. (Guy) Very good.
(Pete) Oh yeah that’s right. That was good. Also, she came on Chelsea Lately when I worked there
and she was fu***** slaying jokes, right? She and Joan in like their 80s were still slinging jokes. Lake Placid!
(Guy) Lake Placid [laughs]. Classic! Bill Pullman at his finest. Alright, we can’t beat that Pete. Thank you so much. Thanks Guy, you’re a good man brother. Let’s hug it out. That’s it. That’s Bar Talk at JFL. It’s over now, you can return to the other parts of the Internet. Go watch porn. Go argue about politics. Buy some cryptocurrency. Whatever you want to do.

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