Pete Buttigieg explains why Trump should be removed from office

Pete Buttigieg explains why Trump should be removed from office

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  1. What a starched puppet of the traitors & saboteurs of America, this biped hominid.


    Sabotage & treason are not in the scope of freedom of speech.

  2. Plain and simple, Buttegeig is as dishonest as the rest of the Lying deceitful Democrats! Anyone that buys into Schiff's transparent lie is as guilty as the rest of the disgraceful DNC!

  3. What the hell is wrong with Fox News!!! They're becoming the newest promoter of left wing b. S…. pathetic. Stand up for our President against this continuous attack. My God!

  4. The only reason the Democrats want President Trump removed from office by impeachment is because they know that they can't beat him in the election

  5. Wow !!! More insults towards the Senate !!! It is almost as if the Dem's are counting on losing so they can blame the Senate !! It might be time to call ALL witnesses and totally expose the Democrats corruption ! In my opinion !!!! The only problem is that they would probably all plead the fifth ! Schiff, the whistle blower, the Biden's, chelupa ,vindman etc

  6. DemonRats are the ones who are interfering in the Nov. election. This impeachment farce to get Trump removed from office and taken off the ballot in Nov. is their only way of winning. Adam Schitt stood up at the impeachment hearing and said it for everyone to hear!

  7. This is all a show, come on people Obama just stepped out to "stop Bernie" lmfao these leaders are a joke AT THIS POINT WE NEED TOTALLY NEW LEADERSHIP ALTOGETHER.. THEY'RE ALL THIEVES..

  8. Well he just showed how he pardoned Biden for doing what they claimed the President did . The President was sacking the Ukraine Ambassador 12 months before Biden even started running for President so no quid pro quo .
    The impeachment was in place before any thing they claimed happened ,just after Trump won because the fix failed .

  9. I DEEPLY RESENT YOU, FOXNEWS, for giving this "man" one molecule of oxygen to air out his treasonous doctrine and will hold YOU accountable for deliberately trying to CREATE a "level playing field" for viewership competition and financial GAIN!! DON'T COMPROMISE OR YOU HAVE SOLD OUT and will have much to lose like CNN!!

  10. What’s the matter trump-pets!?-YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!
    Trump is guilty of everything.. the worst president ever..
    Biden is gonna clean the floor with humpy Trumpy..

  11. A fly on the crap of the demonrat socialist party and I'm supposed to go along with his dribble. Your laughable wallace…all I smell is crap…and your sitting with the fly.

  12. Why is Fox giving this idiot a platform, we have heard enough lies and fantasies to last a lifetime and now Fox is bombarding our eardrums with more of the same, they tried for three and a half years to make a case against Trump and still cannot give one solid fact or an iota of believable evidence, it is all based in their own nightmare that someone comes along that pops their self indulging and self serving power bubble and they just cant cope with that. Ps; this little penguin man from Fox is a leftist pundit and I have seen it often how he likes to put a spin on things.

  13. America First voted President Trump In office the America people. We Shall not have are vote infringe upon by the slanted reporters or politicians.

  14. Lmao trump tells americans that voted him into office that their children injuries sustained in war are meaningless. A Coward who refused to fight for his country, a coward who falsified documents to keep from serving his country. General bone spurs now makes military decisions. The american military that he refused to serve and has the balls to claim that he would have made a great General. Your parents raised a stupid fool if you served your country and support anyone that refused to honor that code, then has the nerve to question any injury of a soldier injured serving the country that the american president refused to so much as warm up lunch for. There is a few countries that every male over the age of 18 had to serve 2 years in the military and of course only the rich and wealthy were able to not serve those countries and every male with a family with a poor background was forced to serve or be punished.

  15. You know a person is a bad politician when you can tell they feel uncomfortable lying for the camera and the audience

  16. Cheat and Lie those are the traits of the Socialist Demorats!
    What about Biden and his druggie son? Biden bragged about having the Ukrainian removed who was investigating Burisma and his son.

  17. These reader comments here are so sophomoric and vicious and vapid. Pete is BRILLIANT and has more guts than any of these commenters or the faux prez himself. Pete is actually the essence of a good, decent, honest and wise man – with both genius and empathy. He is the best president this country even has the right to hope for. Not electing him will be another sign of America's self destructive urges.

  18. Does Buttibutt really think he even compares with the president, he's never ever done anything but be a mayor, and does that poorly, why would anybody in their right mind vote for this guy, can people think pass their nose, there is no future in him.

  19. Pete you lost you mind. There is no proof President Trump did anything wrong. This I watched with my own eyes. You will not get my vote. I think you are a liar.

  20. Dems will say anything but are do nothings. How could anybody take them serious. All they do is virtue signal while smearing mud and playing political football while accusing the “other side” of such. Trash and an embarrassment to those trying to make it out the mud and have something respectable.

  21. Read the transcript, and watch all of the House Intel Committee hearings, CHRIS, you shill. You can see plain as day that the president NEVER mentions "digging up dirt" as Adam Schiff said he did. You'll also see that THE HOUSE INTEL COMMITTEE HEARINGS could not have been serious hearings themselves. Since when does it matter, in these proceedings, that George Kent's father was at Annapolis when Roger Staubach won the Heisman? If you watched every minute of those hearings you'd have learned that factoid…in fact the taxpayers paid for that piece of information. Would anyone CARE, at all, what Yovonovitch's family went through because she lost her job in Ukraine? No…but you'd have heard the Democrats (communists) ask her numerous questions about that. So, please, CHRIS, show me in which way PRECISELY were those hearings SERIOUS? And don't even get me started on the next two rounds.

  22. AWWW, Chris….. Petey is already taken… And the only way he would ever get in the White House is if the president (PRESIDENT TRUMP) invites him.


  24. Can't comment on the other videos in this series. Great example of who's in control of that: Chris Wallace. Communist sympathizer. Buttijoke is a CIA (Brennan) plant in all likelihood. Can't even keep his little city happy…definitely because he doesn't want to.

  25. I wonder who told 'ol Pete there, that his talking about Trump was a good idea?  We don't like him in South Bend.  Why would we like him in the White House?  He's a looser in South Bend, he'll be a looser in 2020.

  26. 1st question .. totally staged. They think we are soooo stupid 😜

    Ole Chrissy Wawwace always doing his best to help ANYONE beat President Trump … wa wa wa ..

    Hey .. Chrissy “road runner” Wawwace try another Acme 💣 .. they promise this one will work !

    Me ? I’m 👀 & eating lots of 🍿🍿🍿 !

  27. I love how neither Pete’s hand picked audience, nor Wallace challenges the beta male when he says the Senate is not providing a fair trial and has already decided how they will vote. Uhm – how many democrats in congress called for Trump’s impeachment from the day he was sworn into office long before the Ukraine phone call, but then laughably swear under oath before Justice Roberts to be fair and impartial? How many times did House democrats deprive the Republicans the ability to call witnesses, subpoena documents, and have access to all transcripts the democrats compiled in secrecy in the basement beneath the House? The hypocrisy from the left is hilarious …

  28. The Justin Trudeau of America. A fence sitting liberal who votes however the wind blows – very dangerous when a politician doesn’t stand for anything. With Limp wristed policies, an ineffectual leader that no one respects, not even his own party.

    His slogan should be, “not as crazy as the competition” as that seems literally his only selling point.

  29. This guy is a DUMBASS !!! Keep up the brainwashing to the masses you demonic democratic leftist deciever !!!!!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. These IDIOT'S do not understand that any body even simpletons such as myself already have seen factual evidence that President Trump has not broken the law or has committed the felonies that all these haters on the Democrats side profess. You are lying and everyone knows it by presented facts to the public. Little petee you are going down!!

  31. “Who the fook is this guy” – Connor mcgregor voice

    Stop wasting your time running you’re 50-1 with the bookies for a reason you fool

    Trump 2020

  32. He wants Trump removed cuz he knows he can't beat him. They are not impeachable offense. It's not the Senate's job to hear from witnesses. It's the houses job. The house should've subpoenaed them. It's very dangerous to impeach a president on these 2 articles cuz all future pres & past pres can be impeached all of them do it it's cheapened the impeachment process to a dangerous level.

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