People in business

People in business

My name is Emma Sanders. I’m a training manager. I’m from the U.S.A but I live in London. I work for a large insurance company. I’m Kate Roberts. I’m from London. I work in the I.T department of an insurance company. My name is Alex Mitchel. I work for a training company. I’m in the sales department. I’m a sales rep. My department is the Human Resources department. I manage the training for the employees here. We have ten people in the H.R department and three in the training team. We do training courses for all the departments: Sales, marketing, finance. We run a lot of training courses, training
for presentations, communication skills, languages, I.T, finance, everything. People need training all the time. My company has six departments: sales, marketing, finance, human resources, business development and I.T I like my department. I work with eleven I.T technicians in one
big office. We manage the computer systems here and we
work will all of the departments. We fix computers and we make new programs
for the company systems. It’s very interesting. We make online training programs. I sell the programs to companies. I travel around the country and present the
training programs to H.R and training managers. I meet four or five new people everyday. We have four reps in the sales department but I don’t see them because I’m never in the office My office is my car or a café.

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