PayTM Business Model | Case Study | How PayTm Earns | PayTM 6 Business Model in detail | Hindi

PayTM Business Model | Case Study | How PayTm Earns | PayTM 6 Business Model in detail | Hindi

Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the bell icon and never miss an update Hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies. and today we’ll talk about Business model of Paytm Everybody knows about Paytm, you may have done recharge from there or online order or bill payment. So how do they do earn? We’ll discuss this today First of all let’s talk about it’s history that Paytm is a brand Which is a part of one 97 communication Started in 2010 And so far has received funding of 1500 crore In 3 rounds and they have acquired 3 companies, we won’t dive deep in the history They started their business with mobile recharge You can add money in wallet. and recharge your phone And gave a lot of cashback in the beginning 100 cashback on recharge of 500 These cashbacks were a way of making paytm a habit Now what happens, you normally used to do recharge You used to get a coupon( it used to have a code) Then with time, we gave our number to service providers for recharge But today, most of the people Who know how to use internet We prefer paytm and we can get 5% cashback 10rs, 20rs cashback And we prefer paytm because of their service and cashback And today they are earning on the behalf of cashbacks they have given in the initial phase If we divide their business model It’s a combination of 7 Business model. First Business model is market place. What does it mean? If you haven’t seen my ecommerce video You can check in the i button Because everyone wanted me to make a video on Myntra, flipkart And i’ve already made a video on this Their model is a commission based When a seller list a product on their website when a particular product is sold, they get a commission that’s it There are some hidden cost inside it too Suppose there’s a product worth 100rs on paytm So the product sold is of 100rs and on this product Seller have to give 2.8% transition tax of the amount paid by the consumer to the paytm Logistics charges are on paytm and commission Basically paytm earns via 3 medium and if they try to do some fraudulence Then paytm charges big penalty on them then they’ll pay for the penalty as well. According to paytm, They have daily sale of 20 lakh products They get transaction fees, commission and most important thing, 90% of payment is Prepaid means from the wallet. So Whenever a order is prepaid, chances of return request are low Normally if mode of payment is cash on delivery then chances of cancelling the order are high SO the transportation cost is the loss So here majority is prepaid So chances of cancellation are high their next business is of recharge Normally shop service provider used to keep coupons with them and in return they used to margin 5-6% Here they are getting orders in bulk And no inventory cost No need of paper They can directly pay from paytm So from here Inventory cost is cut and commission is there So they do give cashbacks because they want to make you habitual A time will come when You’ll get used to paytm and their next business model They are tied up with MTNL BSNL and with power supply with airtel with broadband Same game whenever a person recharges from a particular service provider There, they get a commission They first give customer some refund If you pay from paytm, you get 50% off If a person once paid the electricity bill via paytm. Chances are high, you’ll pay the bill from then only Now what people do If they have 10 sim They first get discounts from those 10 sims And change from one wallet to another wallet. You can do this But normally People are getting positive towards paytm next business is of Payment gateway Mean if i am runnig my website Suppose i am selling my nutrition supplements and i want to add a payment gateway So that you can pay via card SO they provide this solution called payment gateway and they get some commission Now their architecture cost All the cost in the making of payment gateway It’s a one time cost After this More the payment,, more the commission So there are many companies Who are earning only by providing payment gateway Paytm has only one subsdiary( means their payment gateway is handled by some other company) Next business model is of bank I’ve already made a video on this How do they earn they invest and reinvest your money and take some interest out of it You can check that video You’ll get a clear image Next is Digital wallet that you can send/receive money in wallet Okay Suppose i added 10k but those 10k When i will add them in my account I have to give some commission They’ll earn from this too We do not understand this. But they do earn from this mode Now the new thing Gold currency that you can buy gold in 10rs 20rs gold Everyone know about this business Your money will be used If prices of gold increase, you’ll get the increase and they’ll cut their commission and if prices of gold declines, still they take commission So basically They are earning a alot just via commission So you tell me whether this business model is profitable or not or you have any suggestions Okay friends, video ends here I hope you understand it If any doubts, do ask me in the comments Like and share and do tell me in the comments below whether this business model is profitable or not Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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  1. bro, kya aap china to india outsourcing wale business ke bare mai video kar sakte ho??
    china bazaar kaise kamatha hai…

  2. I need to know one thing about e commerce. What if I have an e commerce website and one of my vendors on it shows some product on my site but not able to deliver the product or does some fraud. In that case how companies deal with them or how can I be dealing that thing?

  3. Bro I liked & subscribe your channel.
    Plz help me. I want to buy a laptop from Paytm Mall so suggest me.. Is it better & worth to buy a laptop from there price ₹60,000 laptop.

  4. सर जी यह बताइए की जिस कंपनी से इनका अनुबंध होता है वह कंपनी इनको कितना कमीशन देती है

  5. Good explanation brother. But people will get use to cash back and if they stop cash back they will find other companies like phonepe

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  7. Aapne to Joh bat Boli is me to paytm ke kharch bhi nahi nikalta
    Eg, labour ,discount,promo code 20lack customer data base
    profitable bat tu chod di aapne
    Paytm ki bhai eg, KFC brand promotion customer and seller between paytm Jab aap kohi bhi products kharid the hai to joh amount hoti hai order dine ke badse return date thak o log use karte hai order 4days delivered 15 total 19days per day customer ×100=????

  8. achha bhai jab hamne koi product paytm mall se kharid te hai, woh log bohot cashback dete hai, jaise 199 ka cashback 199, pure ke pure free of cost.
    aye kaise de dete hai samaz nehi ate hai

  9. paytm give lot f cash back on electronics product offline market to khtm h fir cash back seller de rha h yeh paytm sir..

  10. Mujhe nehi lagta ki paytm cash back ko band karega. Keuki bill or recharge ke alava log agar shopping karta hai paytm se, to cash back ke liyehi..keuki paytm ki most sellers jayada paisa leta hai product ke liye flipkart or amazon ki comparison me..bas cash back ke liye effective price thoda kam ho jata hai, jis liye mein atleast khardit ta hun yanha peye. To agar ise band karegi to logo ka interest thoda kam ho jayga…

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  13. After sometime saler will gone and paytm will be poor. They r waiting for one good market and Low Commission site

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    Sabhi electricity company ko ghus khila kr.
    Sabke websites pr SBI ka payment gateway deactive kra diya hai.
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