Patrick Fellows – “Driven”

Patrick Fellows – “Driven”

I got pulled out of school a lot when I
was young. My dad would bring me and my family me my brother and my sister out
of school so that we could go like the races with him. So we got to miss a lot of school which is kind of cool and we were track rats I guess you could call it. To me it never really kind of hit me that he’s like this celebrity, hockey is so much bigger in Canada so it’s kind of funny when I would see people ask for his autograph in the States during
races and stuff I just think oh that’s my dad.
It wasn’t something that really hit you. I think he tells me this story I don’t
remember saying it but I was nine and I after one of my races, karting races, I
don’t know where I finished like probably not that well and I said to him dad I
just don’t love racing like you do l love hockey more so I kind of stuck with
hockey and that’s kind of how it’s gone. I think genetics has a lot to do with i.t
My dad being a race car driver being a pro athlete you know having the
brainpower to be able to slow things down as they happen is something we’ve
always talked about and Patrick I think applies that to hockey being able to see
the ice better I think and analyze things in a split second. As a racecar
driver might do so my dad always says to me that his first love was hockey so
he’s not mad or anything about me not being into racing but we’re like a
pretty big hockey family as it is so it wasn’t a big deal to them that I have
this love for hockey more than racing. I first met Patrick in minor hockey.
It would have been a top prospect game for the GTHL. It was going into our draft
year ended up being on the same team and got to know him a little bit he was
the nicest guy. He’s very funny: since he’s into film and like loves
movies he’s always referencing movies and stuff and me and him always go back
with it. Yeah I don’t know he’s fun to hang with. We have actually the exact same
music taste. Like when I talk about bromance like I send him songs and
he sends me songs. I could see Patty getting the C maybe in a couple years
here three years here. He’s just one of those guys. He works hard you know he’s good at school he’s humble he’s disciplined and pretty much when you
look as a captain he sets an example right
and I think Ryerson is just a great fit for him with the program and probably
part of the reason why he’s so interested in film is we were you know
driving from race to race all the time and we had a little portable DVD player
and me and him would just watch movies like all day. So I’m happy to be at Ryerson for
the academic side but playing with these guys so far on the Ryerson hockey team
it’s we have a really good team and I’m excited to hopefully make a run for
national title.

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