PATRICIA EASON, Associate Dean, College of Business

The dean and upper administration have been
able to generate funds through the use of endowed professorships to attract very, very
good faculty. Those faculty are publishing in top-tier journals. …It is difficult without
being able to be competitive to keep them here…
…top-tier status would, would give us not only national but international recognition,
even more than we already enjoy. I think it would bring more people, more students and
more visitors to this campus and once we get people on campus, they are totally surprised
not only at the facilities but the faculty and staff and the students… Everybody is
trying to move us forward… Our students, a lot of times they have more
pressures than students at other universities… Within my first few years, one of my top students
in the tax area… ended up becoming a tax manager in a national firm. I found out later
that student had been living in a car and helping to support his grandmother, and he’s
made a success of himself, and a lot of that is due to the bang for the buck that this
university has been able to generate…

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