Passion, Business and Chocolate

Passion, Business and Chocolate

I have people come up to me and they go, “You
basically sell one cake. How does someone sell one cake and not even
display it, and survive for – for over a decade?” I had a group of friends. We would meet regularly. And we would always share ideas, like “All
right, if we did our own business, (you know) how would you do this, and how would you do
that?” And I said, “Well, guys, you know, I’m
game. If you want to do business, I’m game. But there’s just one thing that I know quite
a lot about, from my– from my humble personal experience, and that’s chocolate.” Hi welcome to Awfully Chocolate! Thank you! I love eating chocolate. So I said, okay, I just want to make my vision
of the perfect chocolate cake. We’re almost out of the super stack cake. We have another one? Good, good. People were rather disbelieving of what we
were setting out to do. And the common comments would be, ‘Um don’t
you have to sell, like more than one cake? You have to have, oh you know, you have to
have cheesecake! And tiramisu! And in Singapore and Asia, durian! You know, where’s your durian cake?’ We didn’t even want to sell it in slices. And we didn’t want to do café, We were banking
everything on this one cake. It was crazy. We were very mindful that we weren’t going
to sink in what we couldn’t afford. And it’s sad to say, the banks don’t really
lend you money when you need it sometimes. So it was scraped together and we were extremely
frugal with how we set up the business, because we had to be. He’s really good at decorating. So we started in 1998, I looked after the
shop. I remember within two weeks of our opening
our very humble little store, I found a reporter sitting at the store one night. And she said, “My boss says I have to get
the scoop on your store, and I can’t leave until you give it to me.” When that article came out, something just
went crazy, and we had every single paper in the country calling us, and people traveling
two hours by bus. We were, we were lucky. So sometimes you say in business, there there’s
some luck. For the first four to six stores, we never
had to borrow money. It was what we made from the first store,
and then that kind of bankrolled it. And then of course when we got larger, bankers
came to us and they said, “Let us explain to you what you can do.” And we said, “Where were you when we were
starting out?” This one has Kahlua inside a little bite of
coffee liqueur – this one doesn’t have any liquor – and it’s about 6 to 8 pieces
and this one is about We first started franchising around 2006 not
knowing a lot about it, except that it was a good way to expand. We pack our ingredients into pre-mixes, and
we ship them all over the world. Is it a secret recipe? It is a secret recipe, and that’s why we
decided to do it into a pre-mix form. Very often I’m the face of Awfully Chocolate. Good to see you again! But (it) Awfully Chocolate is such a team. My then boyfriend, now husband, he’s a – he’s
a significant part of the business. I really wanted to try being my own boss because
I wanted to be able to raise my kids and be with them when I wanted to be with them. I’m not sure that I spend more time with
them than with other people. Because being my own boss has also taught
me that the business is my fourth kid. You can never tuck it away and forget about
it, and you actually never stop thinking about it. My husband and I, we don’t come and we have
this rule, we don’t talk about it. We can’t. It’s such a part of us. And you still like chocolate? Love it! Love it, more than ever! It’s something that I’m never going to
stop loving. It’s my first love, right? Chocolate.

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  1. What an inspiring story!! So much dedication and hard work, I applaud her! Thanks for sharing for a motivational boost!

  2. I don't know much about chocolate business. But I have already fallen in love with your personality. You are a sign of inspiration. 🙂

  3. Woww I rem u from kallang . Always support
    N wooh stack love wo n saw ur cake …. One cake . Chocolate mix loveee.happy to hear .u studied overseas?

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