Partnerships: National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC) and Places for People

Partnerships: National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC) and Places for People

– [Narrator] Australia isn’t alone. Across the globe, many
countries are facing an unprecedented housing crisis. A growing population,
longer life expectancy, and greater numbers of people
wanting to live in big cities have caused an imbalance
in supply and demand in housing provision in Australia and a lack of suitable and
affordable homes to buy or rent. No group has been left untouched, with people at all stages of their life facing a struggle to access
the kind of housing they need at a price they can afford. The issues have been compounded
by years of undersupply and a housing market that’s
been too slow to respond to the changing needs and
demographics of society. Right now, Australia’s housing shortage is contributing to long-term homelessness and families faced with
unaffordable rents. Young people are unable to get
a foot on the housing ladder and parents accept that
their grown-up children might not be moving out anytime soon. So what does it take to change all this? After all, shouldn’t a society be measured by how it treats those who
need assistance the most? Why is it so difficult
to build communities with a wider range of
affordable housing choices that meets changing
economic and social need across each family’s lifetime? These challenges aren’t
confined to Australia. Many other countries are
also facing a housing crisis, including the UK. Not all of the challenges are
the same, nor the solutions. But by working together,
and sharing our experiences with other organisations around the world, we’ll stand a better chance
of creating a brighter future. That’s why the National Affordable
Housing Consortium (NAHC) has joined forces with Places for People. The UK faces similar challenges to the ones we face here in Australia. Places for People has
responded to the crisis and developed a range
of innovative solutions to increase housing choice and supply. Places for People is a
large-scale place maker with the capabilities to create and manage entire neighbourhoods, from building the infrastructure
to managing the homes, green spaces, and community facilities with a range of products and services to ensure the long-term success of places. NAHC and Places for People
are working together to rethink the future of
housing provision in Australia. The challenge is to provide
large-scale, stable, long-term rental properties,
offering security and real peace of mind. The challenge is to
provide the right homes in the right places,
offering a range of tenures with options to rent or buy, and creating mixed tenure
places where communities thrive. The challenge is to create neighbourhoods where people choose to live,
not where they have to live. We’re not going to solve this alone. You can be part of the solution. Together we can make this a reality. NAHC and Places for People,
inventing the future together. Be part of the housing
solution. Partner with us today.

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