Park Vows Stronger Support for Business [Arirang News]

Park Vows Stronger Support for Business [Arirang News]

Whether she has the inclination or time for
gardening… Korea’s President-elect Park Geun-hye is tending to the economy… promising
to root out weeds and create an environment where small companies can grow as easily as
large ones. Our presidential correspondent Eoh Jin-joo
strats us off. President-elect Park’s economic policy direction can be summed up like this:
Creating an environment for companies in which they can concentrate on their businesses through
credible policies… and spreading the “warmth of growth” to all parts of society.
During her visit to the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wednesday,… President-elect
Park stressed that a cycle must be established within the Korean economy,… where small
companies can grow into medium enterprises… and where mid-sized firms can become conglomerates.
In particular,… Park promised to set up a system that continuously supports small
businesses even after they grow into mid-sized ones,… and to do away with unfair practices
that are making things difficult for small companies.
She made it clear that she is against any corporate tax raise that could restrain business
activities. President-elect Park also called on business
leaders to invest in society and create more jobs,… two things she said are needed to
create greater corporate social responsibility. “I ask you to provide more opportunities to
young people and guarantee the retirement age for hard-working people. I hope you can
actively take part in sharing the hardship that workers are going through to secure their
jobs.” Later in the day,… Park met with members
of the Korean Senior Citizens Association,… where she promised to fulfill her pledges
aimed at providing welfare benefits to the elderly, who have sacrificed their lives for
their family and the country. (Standup)
“President-elect Park is expected to announce her nominee for prime minister around the
20th of the month,… and wil start selecting her Cabinet members after that.
Park’s transition team is reportedly planning to present a draft proposal for the structural
reform of the government sometime around the 16th.
Eoh Jin-joo, Arirang News.” (Anchor Leadout)
Later this Thursday,… President-elect Park will meet with visiting Chinese Vice Foreign
Minister Zhang Zhijun and his delegation. The two sides are expected to discuss the
development of bilateral ties between South Korea and China,… and ways to cooperate
in dealing with North Korea. Park will also receive letters from Chinese
President Hu Jintao and China’s communist party chief Xi Jinping.
We’ll have more updates on this later in the day.

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