Panama Papers: Coordinating a Secret in the Digital Age

Panama Papers: Coordinating a Secret in the Digital Age

this panel was about the Panama papers
and and how to make a big collaboration work and also about the future of
journalist so Panama Papers was a big project probably the biggest
collaboration we have seen so far in journalism that involve more than 370
and journalists the from more than 76 countries and basically the panel was
discussing how did how did work like how actually the journalists were able to
explore more than 11.5 million documents because it was not only the biggest
collaboration but also I think so far the biggest leak journalism received in
history so how do you deal with big big amounts
of data and how do you deal with complex information because it was all about
offshore deals offshore companies craving created to hide money sometimes
that and so like the officer world hide secrets from politicians and also
organized crime and other kind of feeders so it’s like how do you make all
this work and I am I see edges research editor and this project that was done
and a coordinated by ICIJ in collaboration with the German newspaper
suddeutsche excitin together with the more than hundred media partners so as
I’m ICIJ’s research editor, and I was in the heart of this collaboration, I came also
to show like what kind of work we do and explain a bit of the
behind-the-scenes so people know even more details how just how do these
things work and also we had our two panelists who represented other partners
from from the project and and talked also about their experience experience
with the panel papers

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