Palomar College CTE: Business

Palomar College CTE: Business

[ Music ]>>So the Business Department at Palomar College
is much more diverse than people think it would be. There are many disciplines
within the Business Department. We have accounting,
general business. We have an ADT degree.>>We cover real estate, we
cover legal studies, marketing, advertising, social media, whatever you might be interested
in, in the world of business, we definitely cover
it in our department.>>The important message for
students is that they need to be highly computer literate,
and in the Business Department, we offer classes in the
Microsoft Office suite, in Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and
employers are really demanding that students have
these high-tech skills.>>A lot of the teachers and professors here have actual
work experience in the fields that they teach in,
which is really cool. I love this place. It’s a good place to learn,
tuition is very affordable, and the professors are a
lot better than, you know, my friends that are at the higher universities,
paying $5,000 a year. [ Music ]

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