Paladin Consortium, a training in Nemet

Paladin Consortium, a training in Nemet

Let’s enjoy a little training in PalCon’s space Damn buggy interface!!! Bi-wave FDL goes first! I’m not on focus fire, so I can enjoy 4 pips to engines. 5miley and his chieftain are taking some heavy fire! Both wings are trying to stay close to their corvette Which is a very good thing to use their firepower. I need to work on my rails…:D Must have been very warm inside that FDL… I must say, those long range cannons are great for fighting medium ships. That was close! At that time, his drives are going down quickly. Er, that’s not good! Haaaaa, medium ship pilots. They’re lucky! One out! Ho noooo! Buddy :'( Now they get angry against Rayttosh… And I’m alone :'( That must have been painful! I figured! Thought the guys didn’t clean it well. olala! No it’s vette-vette I’m not outfitted for taking down a vette, but as a support ship. Good thing is, he is out of banks. Not me. Let’s release the bugs! I’m using very little power for my weapons . So I can boost a lot of give some pips to my engines. Starting to be low on ammos… Taking some distances to think a bit. His hammers could be a pain for my SCB. Pack-hounds are useful to win 1 second of SCB in 1v1. They can hide the SCB for a little time. But his heat weapons will prevent me to use the trick. So let’s try to craft a bit. What do I put in the cannons… It aint gonna work. Time to bank, as he is going on the opposite direction really fast. Boosting away to avoid his hammers. Long range cannons don’t do a lot against a vette. And I need ammos. Making circles while trying to craft. Nop I can’t run away from him. Worth a shot Okay. No choice right? Not yet!

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