Pain Awareness Month: Dr. Story Landis on The Pain Consortium

Pain Awareness Month: Dr. Story Landis on The Pain Consortium

[Music] [Dr. Story Landis speaking] NINDS was asked by Dr. Francis Collins who’s
the director of NIH to serve as the lead Institute for pain and that means that we’re responsible
for hosting the Pain Consortium and virtually every
Institute and center at the National Institutes of Health
funds pain research. For example the National Cancer
Institute is very interested in understanding pain after cancer treatment or during
cancer. NIDA, the National Institute on
Drug Abuse is particularly interested in how drugs that influence perception of pain act and developing better drugs. And my Institute the National
Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke we’re particularly interested in in actually broad range research about
the underlying biological mechanisms that
serve pain and understanding how we might better
understand the circuits and intervene in them. Now obviously this
is all gonna work better if the different institutes supporting pain research understand what each of them is doing and can coordinate
and work together to make sure that we do the best possible job in supporting pain research. We have
supported particular funding opportunity
announcements that target particular kinds of pain or ways of thinking
about pain, like chronic overlapping pain conditions. We’ve
sponsored workshops and symposia that bring scientists together to understand what are the big unsolved
problems. In addition we’ve also this month
which is Pain Awareness Month focused on a major effort to raise
awareness in the American public about pain and that’s included Twitter
chats and a radio tour with several people participating in local radio shows answering questions from the audience
and talking about and NIH, and pain and pain research. So we have a a broad range of activities
that the pain consortium has undertaken.

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