OYO Rooms Business Model | Case Study | How OYO rooms earns? | Hindi

OYO Rooms Business Model | Case Study | How OYO rooms earns? | Hindi

Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the bell icon and never miss an update. Hello dosto, my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies and today we are going to talk about OYO Rooms. Like i’ve told you that I love the business model of OYO rooms. I know this time it’s in loss But in long term, they are going to in profit. Because basic need of A business is fulfilled by them Let me tell you a story of a person Hitesh Aggarwal, he was travelling in whole india He saw that he was unable to find rooms with affordable price Low price rooms were not good Differences in facilities were there He thought of starting a business With an investment of 1 lakh He invested 1 lakh He has created an empire of 2900 crore. And this company started in 2013. How this business grow so fast? They do receive the investments Investments no doubt helps the business. But you should have a business model. They did one more thing right If you can not fight with your competition then acquire it There was this company called Zo rooms. And they were doing the same business, They bought it Now they are only company in india That’s how they get investment easily Now they are not in that loss as compared to flipkart Limited loss And this loss is decreasing day by day. They have more than 70k+ rooms And tied up with more than 8500 hotels. in more than 230+ cities. This is the recent data One more thing: Early check in They were the first company to do this Basically it was an advantage in early check in Those who don’t know about early check in It means If check in timing is 11am then i am allowed to come after 11 only. If i come before 11 then i have to pay for it But according to their rules, if we book early Then you will come before a specific timing Then you can Condition applied: That room should be free It is not possible if a person is already in that room. They’ll try to give you the room Let’s talk about their business model. Like They acquire hotel rooms. Acquire means You have a hotel, they’ll ask for a room then they’ll decorate them room accordingly They’ll pay the hotels monthly wise. Let’s say your room cost is 2000 And oyo team will decorate it accordingly And then hotel can set a price monthlywise. Because of discount, they give them in 800-900 For calculation let’s say 1000 What happened now If they book only for 15 days They can reach no profit no loss After reaching the 16th day, their profit margin starts. The investment they did in decoration That’s a one time cost Second is Their team tries to negotiate They basically ask hotels to pay for the decoration and stuff and offer profit margin Commission Commission roomwise And commission can be any amount. Now this commission can vary from 10% to 80% According to my sources. I can not tell his name You can see this news that the acquire zo rooms. This is the list of their investors. All the details of funding. In short , their business model is profitable Their loss margin is decreasing day by day. This is a good business model. Now you tell me in the comments below Whether this business according to you is good or not If you’ll check OYO rooms is for innovation They always try to bring something new. IF you want to survive in your business journey Then innovation is important. Best thing is 20year guy build this company. Now he is just 23-24. Means a guy younger than us is a millionaire. 3000crore worth business. Okay friends, video ends here. I hope you liked it If any doubts, do ask me in the comment section. Like share and do tell me What should be our next business model. I don’t keep target of likes but you can like. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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  1. Its a very very bad model…Do you daily opex/room in a hotel???Margins of the hotels are shrinking by day…Also,oyo branding is for low cost budget hotels…They are not able to trap leisure and MICE….Services are pathetic which will result in low repeatability and decline in guest…AND you are liking this model???

  2. I recommend you use the OYO app for hassle-free stays at affordable prices. Download from https://share.oyorooms.com/SURABUBJK or use code: SURABUBJK

  3. hello intellectual indies and as well as viewers .. i am an engineer who is planning to start a small business on bottle beverage plabt as well as on food truck or fast food.Kindly help and suggest ..Your sugeestions are appreciated ..([email protected]

  4. Pl make a video how many Partners r thr in busniess nd thr names
    Pl make video on how make busniess models format patterns etc wat shuld cover in it

  5. OYO frauds.. they r cheating customer and hole owners….

  6. Bhai oyo ho ya mmt ya koi v online hotel jada mahnga hai.oyo kam me nai deta.wayse mai new subscriber hu aap mast ho 😘😘

  7. Make a video on lonelyplanet.com website how to earn how to work plz sir and how to we are registered on this website……

  8. Make a video on lonelyplanet.com website how to earn how to work plz sir and how to we are registered on this website……

  9. Make a video on lonelyplanet.com website how to earn how to work plz sir and how to we are registered on this website……

  10. Make a video on lonelyplanet.com website how to earn how to work plz sir and how to we are registered on this website……

  11. The customer is God but Oyo do not understand this. One day someone will chase them. Due to bad customer experience which they are giving, they do not fulfil their commitment which they have mention and else they are not retaining customers.

  12. Agar oyo ke saath hotel register karna hai toh. Rooms ke interiors ka kharcha oyo karega ua mujhe karna hoga?

  13. Sir please say me ,
    How Ritesh Aggrawal sir made the oyo app and
    When he made his .
    After starting the business or before.
    Kindly reply to me for this.

  14. sir mera v startup start ho raha hai agle month aur mai free me Frenchise dunga hr district me koi lena chahe to 9621641419 pe whatsapp kare

  15. OYO surely earns money. But unless their hotel partners are earning, they are not going to survive. They are going to vanish… The business model is one way. Its not win-win.

  16. I recommend you use the OYO app for hassle-free stays at affordable prices. Download from https://share.oyorooms.com/ZHARQ765GB or use code: ZHARQ765GB

  17. Oyo Hotel & Homes enters student housing category

  18. "VIVAMAUN5" is code se signup kro or 300 rupee apne oyo rupee m direct signup krte hi lo😋 thanks me later..😋

  19. Tu vi chutiya or Oyo wala vi chutiya , tujhe pata ye oyo hotel owner ko chuna laga rahe h abe hotel owner inko lat mar kar nikal dega

  20. Hotel owner agar is video ko dhekha rhe h to is bandhe ki gand maro kyuki ye Oyo ke bussiness model ke bare me ghanta janta h , Oyo ko kabhi vi apna hotel mat dena

  21. Duniya ke jo sabse batamiz log hi Oyo ke customer hote h kyu ki in logo ko 600 me 5 Star ki facility chahiye hoti h

  22. Bhai pta nhi ho to video mat bnaya kar
    Hotel walo ki wat lga de sale ne hotel walo ko payment nhi deta h tym par oudit k name par pallanti lga deta h
    Customer se jadha lita h or hotel walo ko floor price tak nhi deta h ye completely loose me jahega

  23. @IntellectualIndies i want to give a feedback about this video… I was searching for OYO business model video specifically made by you even though It was on number 2 in list it was difficult to find because of thumbnail you used …. as I scrolled down I saw your Airbnb video …even though i was searching for OYO i landed on AIRBNB video …Why?
    You can go check thumbnails of both videos.. .AIRBND thumbnail has your photo while if you see thumbnail of OYO video it was difficult to find because there was no photo of you … suggestion : along with title keep your photo in your thumbnail 😇

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