Oxford Policy Fellowship – reflections from the second cohort of Fellows

Oxford Policy Fellowship – reflections from the second cohort of Fellows

The most rewarding thing about the
posting in Namibia was the relationships that I built with my colleagues, and it
was the trust that was built over two years and with that trust we were able
to work honestly, authentically and get measurable goals. Well I got to work on
the ground floor of institution building and Zanzibar is getting its oil and
gas industry off the ground – literally from the ground up, it’s a
clean slate. Tremendously exciting tremendously rewarding it’s really
interesting a bit of work to do and I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the
chance to do that. My top two tips for new fellows, be open-minded. I know we all go to these postings with our own ideas what we expect to do what to expect
of ourselves, of government, and of the fellowship. I think being open-minded and
being flexible is really, really important because you realize a lot of
things change, sometimes you’re asked to do things that are not exactly up your,
you know, alley. I think the fellowship is a really valuable opportunity, mainly
because there are very few opportunities in law and development, and I think
lawyers can really add value to pretty much most development projects. I
hope that the fellowship not only gives those opportunities to young lawyers but
also spreads the concept around that law and development go hand in hand
on one side I’m really happy because I feel this is an achievement, it’s not
easy to come into a government where you’re, first of all, don’t speak their
language, you’re not from their government, you’re not from that
government of that country and you’re basically new and trying to
make an impact. So I think it’s an achievement and for that I’m happy but
at the same time a bit sad because it’s been a good two years and, yeah, it’s
difficult to leave some of the things I’ve started half way and having to
accept that I cannot do everything. As I approach the end of my posting in Namibia
I am very emotional, I won’t lie. It’s been a fantastic time, worked with a
great line manager fantastic colleagues at the Ministry of Environment and
tourism. So it is emotional but also it’s been very rewarding.

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