Overview, and open positions – State Department: Consular Fellows

Overview, and open positions – State Department: Consular Fellows

So the Consular Fellows Program was created to help us fill our Consular Adjudicator positions overseas. For every first tour Foreign Service Officer, almost all of them their first post overseas is in one of these positions. And right now with the way the department is hiring, we simply don’t have enough entry level officers to fill our positions to meet the demand of visas overseas. That’s why the Consular Fellows program is really the number one priority for recruitment and hiring department right now. So what a lot of our consular work involves is, aside from the visa adjudication you know a lot of our Consular officers are really on the front line of American citizens services assisting Americans if there’s an emergency overseas, if there is some type of natural disaster They’re on the front lines of combating human trafficking, they are, you know, pretty much the first and foremost of protecting our borders, as well as preventing fraud. And they do the same work as a lot of the Foreign Service Officers Overseas. They assist with official visits, presidential visits, congressional visits. They do a lot of the same work our Foreign Service Officers do in that regard. So some of the qualifications for the Consular Fellows are the languages. So right now we are hiring for Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. And so it is a limited appointment for up to 5 years. You would do 2 years at one post and 3 years at your second post. And the Feds, apart from that though for those of you who are interested in joining the Foreign Service as you see from Sharon and Donald it really does kind of give you the professional experience you will need to pass the test and get through the process. In fact the number one reason we lose our Consular Fellows is because they’ve joined a one hundred, passed the process and they’re moving on to become Foreign Service Officers. So as you heard with Donald doing, you can take the test while you’re a Consular Fellow You can be on the register while you’re a Consular Fellow. So if it’s something that you’re interested in doing, you might as well go overseas and get paid, and live the live, and do the work while you’re going through the testing process. And it’s also a way to kind of test out the lifestyle and seeing if it’s something you’re interested in pursuing. Apart from, you know, getting the information and experience you need to become a successful Foreign Service Officer, there are other benefits. You know we provide housing for you and your family while you’re overseas. There is also educational allowances for your family while you’re overseas. In addition, our consular fellows are now eligible for the student loan repayment program. Which most of our FSOs (Foreign Service Officers) have to go through some of our not so garden spots to qualify for. And there is a 10% recruitment bonus throughout the duration of your service. So as you can see the department is really trying to get the best qualified applicants to come be apart of this program.

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