Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

COMING NEXT ON OVERLORD After the destruction of our last Overlord, the land was in a state of pastoral bliss. Filled with pleasant conversation and tinkly niceness. It was all so very… dull. Evil, it seemed, was on its last legs. We Minions searched high and low… Until we found our salvation. All that remained was to find the right evil candidates. Dead evil candidates. The brutal Inferna, legendary warrior, crushed in aggressive altercations with rock trolls. Awww shame! Devilish necromancer Malady who extinguished her own life in return for a nefarious dark curse. Mmmm maximum carnage! Dwarven rogue Hakon and dark elf Prince Cryos – killed by each other’s hand. A two-for-one evil bargain! And so with the resurrection of these dark champions we begin to spread a little chaos again. Deviousness and destruction abound as these doers-of-dastardly-deeds combine their maniacal talents! For they must reluctantly work together to overcome the challenges ahead, as they embark on… a little fancy of mine… the Trials of Evil… (TM!)

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  1. I'll buy this just so they don't think that we don't want the real overlord game after this. Seems t me they are testing the water!

  2. story driven single player and I can customize my overlords race, gender, power, minions swords and armor?! no? THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!? THIS IS PATHETIC!

  3. It may not be an actual overlord game but it was amazing not better than the previous overlords but it was a good change thank you for this series i love overlord. Remember everyone it may not have bin what you expected but remember our saying. EVIL ALWAYS FINDS AWAY IT JUST NEEDS A LITTLE NUDGE-GNARL

  4. so if they can resurrect evil candidats….THEN WHY NOT RESURRECT THE LAST OVERLORD YA TWATS!!!!???

  5. I've been a huge fan of the Overlord series and I've played all three games, but in my honest opinion, the third one lacked greatly compared to the first two. The story was intriguing and the possibility of controlling four Netherghuls was appealing at first…but limited controls and customization to the characters and minions was a great let down for me. Abilities were cheap to me and seemed to greatly depend too much on co-op, and sadly when I started playing the game, there wasn't an opinion to search and play with others online, unless I was friends with them, even then…I ended up playing mainly by myself because no one appeared to care to play this game.

    I hope there isn't an end to the Overlord series, not with the short explanation to everything that happened, from the previous games, as seems to be the continuing pattern with the game, even more-so with Fellowship of Evil. Please, can we hope for another Overlord game similar to the original two? As you say, "Evil always finds a way…"

  6. You nailed the first one, going and hunting the 7 betrayers who have each fallen from glory, and have become the worst in them, William was honorable but then broke his vows and ran off with a scubas, Melvin who was consumed by his gluttony, hunting and then killing them because they left you for dead, while you become the very thing you originally set to destroy, the overlord of evil himself

  7. What I never got is that if they could just raise four evil candidates to replace the dead Overlord, why not raise the aforementioned dead Overlord?

  8. why not just resurrect the overlord that was killed? or the fucking black baron? or the dark legend overlord? literally could of resurrected the most infamous overlords in history but you resurrect 4 nons ://// k codemasters

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