Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – What is the Fellowship of Evil?

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – What is the Fellowship of Evil?

DEV DIARY 1 WHAT IS THE FELLOWSHIP OF EVIL? When we first began exploring doing another Overlord game here at Codemasters We wanted to do something a little different So of course we’ve still got the story there, the story is a big part of it but we wanted to make the actual gameplay itself much more immediate much more focussed on combat, but very accessible too So I worked on the first one, on Raising Hell, on Overlord 2, so I’ve sort of spanned the entire franchise. It’s probably the game that I’ve been asked about the most It’s still very much in the world, very much in the spirit of the games and through the 4-player gameplay that we’ve got, we’ve been able to explore another side of it we wanted to try something a little bit different with the multiplayer and the co-op, and obviously that wasn’t the main focus of the original games, which were very much about the single player story so we didn’t want to call it Overlord 3, we wanted to try out a new format, and see where this one takes us. so this game takes place after Overlord 2, and basically Gnarl and the minions have been driven underground down to a place we’re calling the Netherdeep. which is in the deepest darkest recesses of the Netherworld. there’s this strange plague of goodness called the Golden that’s infecting everything with twee niceness and that’s encroaching on the Netherdeep, so the minions are on their way to being wiped out as well. And if the minions go there’s no chance of an Overlord. From here Gnarl has hatched this wonderful plan to resurrect the bodies of four evil-doers in their life. They’re kind of his four sub-lieutenants and whilst they’re not Overlords themselves – as there can only be one Overlord they’re actually kind of the next best thing, and we’re calling them the Netherghũl While the essence of Overlord is in the game – Rhianna’s great writing, the minions, having fun being evil it’s also not a straight forward Overlord game, in the sense of certain mechanics fans of the previous games might expect It’s co-op at it’s core, but you can still play the game single-player the four characters we’ve got – they’ve all got their strengths, they’ve all got their weaknesses and the minions will supplement that the humour and the tone of the world was built into the gameplay, into the mechanics.. everything sort of reinforced the tone of the world and that’s why we got back voice actors like Marc Silk, and I could sort of slip back into writing the Overlord world quite easily I don’t even know how many years it’s been working on Overlord games, but to be able to come back to it and do something new and something fresh with it is really great INVASION BEGINS 2015 | FOLLOW GNARL | FELLOWSHIP OF EVIL

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  1. tell us that this is just a money-raising campaign for the OVERLORD 3 and we will buy it
    but we want OVERLORD 3
    we are legion, we are evil, we are paying 60$ for it

  2. I wish we got a real overlord 3 game not this diablo clone. and I kinda hated diablo 3 to start with and now this. I know that there are likely good top down games but I haven't played one. its like being burned again you just don't want to try anymore.

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