Overlord Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Slay Together, Stay Together

Overlord Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Slay Together, Stay Together

Bereitgestellt vom Schergeninformationsamt Ihr denkt also, Ihr seid böse? #2 Blutige Bande Achtung, Höllenghul! Was gibt es Schöneres als ein bisschen Böses? Jede Menge Böses! Zwar kannst du dich gern allein im Chaos suhlen und in Zerstörung … aber manchmal brauchst du Hilfe von einem Freund. Und wenn ich „Freund“ sage … … dann meine ich einen Feind, der dich noch nicht getötet hat! Das kann sich freilich ändern. (cackles) Böse alleinsam oder böse gemeinsam, Hauptsache, du hast eine Waffe in der Hand, Blutrausch im Sinn und Schergen vor den Füßen! Oh, und Schäfchen! Ohne die geht gar nix. Bald erhältlich

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  1. aye! you brought back the slugs and trolls! and (hopefully) stepped away from constent round enemys! trolls and slugs that are plump make sense to me

  2. While FOE is most definitely not the Overlord 3 I've been hoping for (and still am hoping for)… it looks interesting. The biggest appeal for me in the Overlord games were the bumbling minions, the snarky comments of Gnarl, its dark humor and its unique & twisted fantasy world. FOE certainly seems to deliver in those areas, even if the gameplay is quite different.

    So, here's hoping it'll be awesome, and that we'll be getting Overlord 3 after this! 😀

  3. Des paladins.

    Des trolls.

    Des Elfes.

    Et des morts-vivants.

    Des ennemis intéressants, donc 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Eh bien, voir ces Goules de plus près me donne cette pensée: ils ont l'air pas mal du tout…

    Par contre, pour les paysans, il me semble que ce sont juste ceux du premier jeu, et de "Dark Legends" qui ont été repris… mais bon, qu'importe…

    Tout ça me donne vraiment envie d'avoir ce jeu, ne serait-ce que pour a nouveau faire le Mal…

    J'ai hâte de voir qu'elle est sa date de sortie 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. This is just so heart breaking. I have no interest in another Diablo/Gauntlet clone. I just want new proper Overlord game. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put my money where my mouth is and not buy this.

  5. What are you doing? If you release this shit, then no one will ever return to the series, if you decide to release a new game!

  6. Really disappointed in how many people are hating on this game! You haven't even played it. Just because it isn't the next MAIN installment in the series doesn't mean it won't be fun to play and give us all the snark we expect from Overlord.

  7. this trailer I didn't like. I think it's the fast cutting between sequences. Trailer gave the impression that the gameplay will be simply chaotic if a full squad were involved. Also, the filter on Gnarl's voice was distracting/overdone, at times leaving the lines sounding muffled (even with the CRT broadcast theme in consideration).

  8. Now I get it why they went with the top down perspective. So that players wouldn't notice that they are mostly reusing old models from Overlord 1.

  9. Why, WHY are you doing this it's not overlord at all i will try to play that but i won't buy it i will torrent it. And i still want to belive so this is just an evil joke

  10. Alright, picture this….
    Beautiful Ps4/XBone graphics, awesome open-world gameplay, new war machines. Minions would have different categories: browns could have giant brutes, reds have flamethrower-reds, some greens could turn into humans (awesome stealth levels), and blues could have mages with magic spells. Animations on the minions would be smoother, and the Overlord could learn new "Nefarious Mayhem" abilities by killing major bosses. These powers would be AWESOME, like a giant tornado, meteorites, and summoning dragons. Minion mounts from Overlord 2 would be removed, instead we could have less-arbitrary mounts, similar to wolves (those guys kicked ass!). Your minion army is now divided into squads (Endwar, anyone?), which you can individually upgrade and customize (mounts, weapons, abilities, clothes, etc.). The new world is similar to other open-world games, no more useless areas. Sea battles are now improved, similar to AC3, with cannons and sea monsters you can summon (or fight). You can also customise your ship.
    Also, you could have your own chariot, how cool is that? 🙂
    More villages, towns or even cities could be added, with better enslaving-mechanics (no more hide-and-seek with villagers!). Once you conquer a region, you can rage war with non-captured ones (amazing battles!).
    Got all that? Now, stop whining about FOE, and keep dreaming about an Overlord title similar to my idea.

  11. I love Overlord. I'll give this game the benefit of the doubt and try it out. So long as you can still be evil and rampage through harmonious and peacefull shit its fine. But if it is just a boring 3rd person dungeon crawler then ill be burning it to the ground.

  12. вы испортили игру
    это полный  отстой!!!
    верните тот Overlord, который я знал. 
    С владыкой, башней зла и кучкой гоблинов мародеров, но с более разнообразным геймплеем и большим, свободным миром . 
    Сука ! Вы все испортили…..

  13. Dear codemasters head our words… please bring back the amazingness you guys made that was called overlord, Overlord Raising hell and overlord 2 please… your fans request the thrill of evil, not the thrill of companionship and friendship.,.. or topview crap we want to carnage pillage and slaughter the villages like how overlord has to be… not play a diablo wannabe knockoff…
    Hereby i ask you guys not to let the overlord franchise die off…
    Thank you from the community that loves the original overlord

  14. The only way I could maybe imagine people tolerating this is if it was a prequel. A time, when the last Overlord had 4 evil heirs and they each took one of the minion hives and waged war against each other. That way, they could be Overlords, as in the title, not just netherghuls. There could be an enemy that forces them to work together, but they could still try to kill each other as well. You could start the campaign recruiting them and the other minion tribes. And most importantly, it wouldn't be messing with Overlad's story. Killing the last protagonist (or in this case, antagonist :P) offscreen is just rude. Did they think Overlad was no longer needed and that these netherghuls alone could be a better setting for an eventual Overlord 3, or did they already give up on Overlord 3 ever happening?

  15. I really think they are setting up for Overlord 3. Just think about this game for a moment. We got four Netherghouls but there can only be one true overlord. I agree with Bindair Dundat on his theory. I think this is right before Overlord 2 where they were searching for suitable candidates and these four are the ones they tested out. And the ending of this game will lead off to Overlord 2. Its either that or gnarl being an a douche again and is looking for a way to replace Overlad from the second game. I am still waiting for the first overlord (overlord 1) to come back from the Infernal Abyss.

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