Overlord Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Know Your Minions

Overlord Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Know Your Minions

Brought to you by The Minionstry of Information So you think you’re evil? Know your Minions Attention, Netherghūls! This is a minion. Note the physiology. The claws and teeth for savaging goodness. Large ears for receiving orders. The small brain for not questioning them… …and for holding up the hats. Browns, Reds, Blues and Greens They are what stand between you… …and the enemy. Treat your minions well. Provide them with carnage to cause… …and loot to carry. And, of course… … sheepies. Sheepies! Coming soon

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  1. The ONLY minions that should EVER have been in existence. Let's see those yellow pus-twinkies deal with THESE genuine-articles of evil!

  2. All I know of the overlord minions so far:
    Browns: They are the melee fighters, and can ride wolves.
    Reds: Throws fire and absorbs it, but can also ride salamanders.
    Greens: Has a deadly backstab attack, can become invisible, and rides spiders.
    Blues: Can revive fallen minions, blink past enemies, and can swim.

    Generally, they are stupid, but loyal. Can work together to loot or pick up large objects. '3'

  3. I wonder if there will be a domination and destruction system. If so Gharl? Could you pretty please poke the Codies till they put in one or two small extra events or quests in so that if we evil overlording Netherghuls miss that ONE pleb we can still get our full domination or destruction rating? Pretty Please Gharl, I'd do it myself but I have a feeling you'll be much more effective.

  4. Look. We already establish that this is utterly shit and not worthy of the title Overlord. I have a suggestion. Change the title to something else and maybe in a couple of years someone will make a good Overlord 3

  5. I don't see the big huge fuzz here… this basically means it's business as usual in the ever lasting long war against those vile sheepies!

  6. I must admit, the first video gave me a pretty bad impression because I found that the game had very little interesting, or even disappointing.

    Now that I have seen this video, and I especially given other information on the official website of the game, I must say that my opinion has changed.

    At first I felt betrayed.

    Now I find that this game looks interesting.

    Already because there are always many special enemies (not but look a bit on the site which serves as their leader, I find it interesting, and potentially funny), because with the new view of the game above me seems less difficult (in the other, I liked the camera, but hey we could still be attacked from the rear, but now it seems to not be the case), and I'm especially interested in this Customization history of our Minions.

    In addition, this video allowed me to see the Stooges had not changed, both in terms of the behavior of graphics.

    So I am eager to learn more and also to play this game that I look very interesting !!

  7. На кол на кол всех, повесить, расстрелять и утопить в цементной ванне!!!

  8. I wonder how hard it would be for them to implement an optional 3rd person camera. After all, the game's environments are already 3D. All they really need to add is sky/ceiling. Then we could enjoy a real Overlord game, and those who want the co-op MOBA whatever thingie could switch to the "tactical" top down view. Dragon Age: Origins had this option 5 years ago. Even there, barely anybody used the tactical view. Here, Codemasters decided to cut the 3rd person view entirely and use the top down view alone. Brilliant move…

    Obivously, I ask this because the August release of O: FoE has been pushed back to "coming soon". They surely saw the reception and decided to work on the game more, maybe even change things. If fans called my trailer of a half-done product "shitty" then surely I would try to change things drastically with the other half. There may still be hope. Or they gave up already and the game is is developement limbo…

  9. Ah, c 'est beau de voir que malgré les changements, les Larbins sont toujours pareils a eux même.

    J'ai vraiment hâte d'avoir ce jeux pour mener mes petits serviteurs dans notre sainte croisade contre le Bien!!

  10. Blood ??? What the fuck dwarves and elves? the same enemy minions !!! they can not be masters !!! #backTheOldOverlord

  11. I was thinking of future ideas. What could be a threat to an Overlord that can throw endless hordes of minions to any enemy? Someone who could raise those dead minions for himself and fight back. Like a necromancer. That way, the enemy would have a bigger army, the more minions you lose. And behind this necromancer could be a blue minion pulling the strings. Probably not Mortis, but could be his old master, who is also an old rival of Gnarl. It would be an interesting showdown.

  12. hopefully we will actually be killing good guys in this one, the most 'good' weve faced in the other games were the billigers/sheeps (not much difference between the 2 :P) after all, corrupt heroes and a genocidal anti magic empire…arent exactly good >.>

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