Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Evil is as Evil Does

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Evil is as Evil Does

Brought to you by the Minionstry of Information So You Think You’re Evil? #3 Evil Is As Evil Does Attention! This is what evil looks like. Aww, who’s a naughty, nefarious Netherghūl then? You are! But evil is about more than just looks, it’s a way of life! There’s the carnage… and the looting… and the running away very fast avoiding horrific death. Lastly, the ever popular evisceration and immolation of your colleagues! All in a day’s work for the Fellowship of Evil! Available October 20th | Pre-Order Now

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  1. When can we get a real Overlord game? =[ Like being able to create your own Overlord, build up your forces, build up your fortress of darkness, enslave, destroy and all that jazz of the overworld.

  2. I really wanted a real coop overlord game, just not like this Xd why couldnt they just stick with origional third person perspective. Personally not a fan of the top down view. When are we gonna get a real and better overlord game!

  3. After the delay and price increase for no apparent reason many people are no longer interested in this game. I know I'm not.

  4. Who asked for this ?, i really wanna know. because i didn ask for this. I asked for a real Overlord game. But maybe thats just too much to ask.

    Sad times indeed.

  5. you are all morons. you're hating a game you haven't even played yet. just stop and play or when it comes out. Jesus Christ. Mentally deficient, the lot of you.

  6. I feel bad for the devs. This may genuinely be a good game, except nobody asked for it.
    We want Overlord 3. THEN release spinoffs all you want

  7. Ah shills and friends of the devs whining that people hate this game. Seriously, no one wants it. Of it's own genre it looks boring, for an Overlord game it is unacceptable. Accept it! It sucks the devs are stuck developing something very few actually want, but that was made abundantly clear immediately after it was announced. Attempting to shame people or call them idiots for using deductive reasoning to determine they don't want this is not going to improve sales. Deal with it, hopefully we get a true Overlord game after this debacle, but I won't hold my breath.

  8. I will get this game, should be enjoyable and fun.
    But we all would really like a overlord 3 so take my money and use it to make a 3rd installment.

  9. Why would they reduce their game into this? The first main Overlord games were great and fun. Maybe this diablo-esque clone exists as fodder, while the developers are working on the 3rd game?

  10. why is this game on ps4 have some freeze every minute?
    also the drop of fps is scary as heck did you designed the engine correctly?

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