Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Launch Trailer

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Launch Trailer

The forces of evil have had a few setbacks recently… Tinkly goodness is on the rise… … Spreading cuteness and hugs across our once corrupt and unpleasant land. So we’ve called in a few reinforcements. Those who understand that evil isn’t just what you do, it’s who you are! The Netherghūls! Cryos, Inferna, Malady and Hakon! Each uniquely skilled for spreading mayhem. And grabbing loot. And summoning minions. Oh, they do like their hats! And their sheepies. Bless their scabby, black hearts! Where was I? Ah yes, these dark heroes will have to work together… …Or alone, to thwart the forces of shininess. But no one’s here to make friends. At least (chuckles) not for long. So sharpen your weapons, dust off your minions and get with the carnage! Because evil always finds a way! OUT NOW

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  1. Yay! It's out!

    …. Meh, gonna wait for it to go on Steam Sale.

    Nah, probs not… Well, I'll see how much it is first and then decide. But I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Many of you did not ask for this kind of evil, and that is okay. Complaining about them making a this kind of a game from the start is the issue here. They never said it was going to be Overlord 3. Had they said that, then I would understand why you all are upset. Anyway, if you liked Magicka, Diablo, Nox, other such games, then you will like this as well. And if you truly, actually liked Overlord games for MORE than the mere gameplay, then you will like this one as well. It's all there. The writing. The lore. The minions. Just not over-the-shoulder singleplayer minions-come-first gameplay. And that is okay for a game like this. Do give it a try!

  3. The game is fun so far. Yes it's very different from the past ones, but it still has the Overlord feel to it. I do need to get used to the controls and hope that my Feedback from the Overlord(s) thread on Steam will make this and any future games better.

  4. How to make a good series with tons of potential die. Do what you just did with Overlord instead of taking the existing formula and tweaking it until it works better. No one wanted a very original series to turn into an uninspired mess that will be added to the steam dump pile of bad games.

  5. Well guys here I have to say I dont care about what others say I for one am interested in whatever the next Overlord game shall be and if THIS is the next Overlord game then my answer to this: I'M IN! I love the series I dont care who says and whatever I'll play with the game and if its really bad than have it yer way dear haters, I FOR ONE DONT CARE about just hating the game before even trying it out…. SO I'll get the game then I'll tell ye guys my first expression about it…. I'm a fan of the series and I give this game a chance before I'd say anything bad or good about it. So get ready people for I GAMON WILL SAVE US…. okay the Gamon joke wouldn't work here but ye know what I'm talking about I'll tell ya my experience about this game

  6. Going off of the success and design of Overlord I & II they had a chance to turn this into a proper, fully realised Overlord action rpg. Instead we get this abomination. Where is the Overlord? Where is my customisable evil Overlord lair of evil? Where is the third person view? Where are the puzzles and the army of minions?

    Still, hopefully it will get a decent amount of support from the community to ensure the health of the ip. Just please ensure the next game is the true sequel we ALL wanted and not another one that splits the fan base.

  7. I really hope your next overlord game will be better than a 4 player
    I liked the new spell tough … if we can call those spells

  8. i really hate this game i uninstalled it in about 20 mins and refunded it stop makeing garb and make overlord 3

  9. I feel like they are Just playing with the dead body of the franchise we love Just to make more money out of it !
    If you're going to do the next OVERLORD game, do OVERLORD 3 or let it rest in peace for god sake !

  10. admit it,the only reason this is hated is because of the top down view and no actual overlord in the game

  11. Please make the game as 1 and 2 pieces.
    These games turned out chic, although the second part is passed twice as fast as the first.

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