“Overbooking Business Class” – Trevor Noah – (Crazy Normal)

“Overbooking Business Class” – Trevor Noah – (Crazy Normal)

We’ve been traveling all around the country
it’s been so much fun you know out in places like P.E and Cape Town and East London recently went to Durban which was a bit of a shlep for us it was really hard because
it was raining so much and then on top of the flight
delays that you have to contest with there’s also like overbooking,
which is a problem I don’t know if you know what over booking is but basically it’s a legal process where it’s a practice rather where airlines book more tickets
than there are seats on the plane so they book more,
sort of like a Taxi but then they don’t let you
get on when you get there so they just hope you don’t pitch up like please, please, please, please agh, his here. you know, that’s what they do and so we are flying down to Durban,
and it was the funniest thing ever we are standing in the queue,
everyone is all fidgety in the line looking at their watches,
and they call us forward hey are like next, next please, next! so we go to the counter and
there’s one of those woman there with her glasses and relaxed hair going *typing* and she’s like, “can I have ID’s please?” and you’re like ID’s,
everyone puts them down *Typing*
“Where you flying?” and we are like, Durban please. She’s like, “Durban”
*Typing* “Durban?” Yes. *Typing* “are you flying now?” No, tomorrow. This is a practice run. are you flying? We are like yes, we need to fly now “Okay” *Typing* and then she starts typing frantically *Typing Frantically* Which I never understand,
because when I book my tickets all I need to do is click.
It’s click, click, click, click Johan, okay that one.
Click. Ah, Durb. Ah, that one, click. and then it does it all. She’s there
*Typing Frantically* I bet she wasn’t even busy doing our
tickets anymore, she’s just like there clicking, she’s probably on
like Facebook or something updating her status. “Yo, another one, another one is here I’m dead, dead, dead dead, another one’s here,
dead, dead Yo, overbooking, dead Oh, poke back. Dead, dead, dead, yo dead,
death by overbooking, yo because of their fop-ha the airline was as kind as to upgrade us
on the next flight to business class They say,
we are sorry about what happened here you go, business class.
I love business class, you know you get to go to a special lounge
where everyone’s very “businessy” No, it is because when you’re
in business class you hear you overhear conversations and they
sound totally different, you know you overhear people saying things like “Yes, well the mergers are coming along I mean if you look at
the companies that are” you know, people walking around there “Well, I mean if the numbers are right we’ll
definitely get that stock portfolio going” just people walking there you know, like No, I’m taking care of the situation
to make sure the Shareholders are happy and then we’ll present to management and
it’s gonna be a installment of what we You know you just hear like
businessy kind of stuff where as when you are in economy,
it’s just a huge group of people you generally overhear conversations
like, “I thought you put it in the bag! you said you put it in the bag! it was on the, I asked you to
put, why is it not in the bag!” oh, wow and so we are going through the airport and then we go through security,
and I love security in South Africa it’s the most chilled out security
you will find anywhere in the world it is, like South African
security is just like, you know we work on a honesty system
in this country, you know the security guard,
he is there to enforce but it’s more an honesty,
look this is up to you this is the honesty place, this
is where we all admit to our sins come forward, do you have anything to declare?
it’s that type of place overseas when you come through
customs, it’s the craziest thing ever you’ve got to take of everything,
you got to take of your shoes and you take off your belt, you know you cant wear a jacket
or a hoody or a cap or anything you’ve got to take off your
rings, nothing, nothing or even coins in your pocket,
even if you got a big filling then you’re in trouble, you know then you’re like, but it’s my teeth and they are like, you’re gonna have to do something you know, and then some
people are like, “excuse me” ha, ha, ha, ha ah where as in South Africa I sometimes
feel like these security guards don’t actually know what
their equipment does you know,
they are very chilled out about it because you’ll walk through an airport security and get there and
the guy will be like “go to number 4,
number 4” and you go through
and you stand there and the guy will be waiting, he’ll
give you that bucket and be like “Hey, what’s in the bag?” Like what do you mean? he’s like, “Laptop?” Yes. “Out, out, take it
out, laptop out, out please put it by it’s self, put there yeah.
Any other laptop?” You’re like, no “Laptop out!” you’re like okay, okay what did you do? okay, there it is “okay” and my gun? “no, it’s fine. Just the laptop” “Watching you” it’s so much fun when you walk through
the metal detectors which I swear either don’t work or these people really
don’t understand them at all you walk through metal detectors and it’s not just at airports, no
matter where they are in this country you walk through a metal detector casino, a school, Government institution and you will walk in there
and it will make that sound but then I don’t know if
they know what that means because you walk through and it will be like
*Metal detector beeping* and you see how security guards smile because they get ready,
they are going to use the wand they love the wand you can see they wait the whole day. “Yes, my time has arrived Excalibur, I call apon you” it’s like what the hell is going on? “Yeah, just stand there,
yeah” He pulls out his wand, those
black ones, he just pulls it out *Light Sabre sound* Okay it’s not, I’m sorry it doesn’t really do that,
it would be cool if it did though *Light Sabre sound* although it would be
weird, it would be weird you know, for some guy from the
township to have a light Sabre *Light Sabre sound* wouldn’t work at all though, it wouldn’t it wouldn’t, it would be like
Darthvader would be like “Bravida” *Light sabre sound* “Ah, bravida ______” *Lightsabre sound* it would have been the worst Star wars ever
if it where in South Africa wouldn’t it *Lightsabre sound* like the critical point,
the moment that made the movie would never happen if it was
in a township in South Africa because which guy from the township would
claim a child after that many years The guy would be like
*Lightsabre sound* *Heavy breathing*
“Luke” “Yes, what is it?” “No, look there. It’s your father.” *Lightsabre sound* *Laughter* *Lightsabre sound* but it wasn’t, sorry. I digress. the wand, the wand, the wand comes, I’m sorry he comes out with the wand and they always do that
thing, they go around and we don’t know what it’s
supposed to do or not, you know *Beeping* *Beeping* *Beeping* “any weapons?” then what was that for? even if I have something,
I’m not gonna tell you now obviously you have been defeated. “Any weapons?”
No. “Okay” and that’s it we like work on a honesty
system in this country everywhere you go like I would like to meet the
genius who invented the honesty book Ah yes, the honesty book yes, the book of truth. No one can
lie when they write in this book whenever you visit someone at a townhouse or an office complex,
we have the book of truth fill in the book before you enter Name, ah yes surname, hm phone number and adress Reason for visit, Pvt. We’ll just do that,
look at everybody else Pvt, Pvt, Pvt, Pvt, Pvt Pvt. and once I asked the security
guard, what is the point of this? why am I filling in this book? He’s like, “No, it’s for security reasons” I said I figured that
much, but what is it about? He’s like, “it’s so that if you
can do anything bad inside there if maybe you can
steal or kill someone then we can find you.” Ah, of course because I wrote my
real name and surname the honest killer strikes again! it’s just ridiculous I was like okay, I kill someone
and what are you gonna do? He’s like, “then you see there, we can
phone you and tell you to come back” “Yeah” “Same time”

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  4. I liked this guy's jokes but I really disappointed after hearing that he called Kurdish terrorist groups as "US allies". I hope one day he will understand his mistake. 🙁 🙁

  5. trevor noah ,if you stop doing whatever you do , my guy you will be depriving the world from basic necessities.YOU ARE A LEGEND THE BEST .

  6. Enjoy life well-deserved I enjoy your comedy at times I feel that s a bit redundant when pertaining to Trump and other comedic semi political TV show host you guys aren't on the same jokes LOL

  7. i so appreciate that you are really funny and don't need to cuss or be perverse to prove it, and I've actually learned things from you while laughing, thanks, keep going

  8. Actually the entire travel system, last I checked, is using 50's software. Like console commands, not idiot proofed much back then. Success was earned with respect, not a birthright for whatever they chose to believe then.

  9. Trevor was having so much fun here with the Xhosa click and the wand buzz; he was laughing away at his own jokes. Great.

  10. Trevor :
    Makes light saber noise.
    Me :
    (Waiting for Star Wars Joke)👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  11. He hates America yet he’s not even American and makes millions here and lives in the suburbs with white people. Stfu Trevor you’re a phony cunt and only low iq idiots believe anything you say is funny or genuine.

  12. overrated comedian. crowds fucking dumb. i could watch bill burr and george carlin all day than to watch another minute of this.

    no hate all love

  13. I absolutely love Trevor Noah !! He’s just got “it” !! Hilarious 😂 never a disappointment!! I’d watch him read the yellow pages !!

  14. Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ he will judge all of mankind but he died on the cross and resurrected for you, if you trust in what he did for you, you will be saved, you cannot be saved by your own works, only by what he did, call on his name he loves you and will forgive all you've done wrong, don't wait <3

  15. I do not give a damn if you are born a crime. Just keep your Semenya from the women's 100 track. You xenophobic South Africans. The whites getting hunted must move to New Zealand and wear the hijab.

  16. Hey Trevor, this is what you do well man. Hope you get over the liberal party line crap in the US and do some real comedy there!

  17. Trevor pliz leave the Laugh to the public for a short time then u finally killin it.Great time i need that free prize hahahaa

  18. Trevor you are one intelligent and gifted young man. Can you not find more sophisticated or innovative hilarious words for f… and s… which are now really over used. After getting to know your mother, through your book I know she would agree with me! You are different, you are unique, you are precious, you light up many lives.
    Find words that are unique to you.

  19. lol, I've also been asking my self what's the point of those books where security officials ask us to write our names and numbers.

  20. I went back to South Africa a couple years ago with a new bicycle packaged in a box, inside the box I’d put a 1.5m Lord of the Rings replica sword for my brother, security pointed to the box and said, “ehhhh, what’s that?” Knowing about the sword and the ruckus it could cause, I said, “it’s a bicycle”, he looked at me and replied, “eish, ok, you can go.”

    In the 12 years I’ve been traveling back and forth between Taiwan and South Africa, customs has never checked my luggage, and when they do I challenge them on it and they let me go. Like when they wanted to tax me on a year old laptop, I told them it was fine but they needed the exchange rate from the year I bought it. I got an, “eish” and was let go.

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  22. When I was in Africa I've also had some weird reactions. One was cause of small bottle with something like Oloe vera. We were the group that was delaying the plane so I was like just throw it away! And an other moment a woman saw this small flashlight, which was in camaflage color and she acted like she had never seen such a thing. I showed her how it worked basically. You press this button here and…

  23. It's like when you go to the Americas and you have to check that bracket if weather or not you're a terrorist or plan on doing any crimes in the country 😂 like, yeah… If I were gonna do something criminal I most definitely would warn you on this piece of paper first😂

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