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  1. The president is trying to bring jobs back to America but those companies refuse….They r just too lazy to do so… These companies r the reasons why American lost its glory….

  2. To bad for Costco, Walmart, and anyone else that doesn’t like the tariffs, and China has been screwing us for a long, long time. Keep up the tariffs , and get the u.s. back on our feet. The job loss is true, but millions and f others will be created. Let’s just be honest. Keep up the good work mr president.

  3. Conflict of interest. They are in it for themselves and not with the interest of the nation. We should never exchange our nations' security for cheap products.

  4. It also makes me sick listening to this fool trying to tell us that "tariffs aren't the way to go" like they they contributed ANYTHING while the problem just got worse and worse over the decades. No, this man lost all creditability and right to speak out now.

  5. Good going Trump..put Walmart out of business like every other retailer. Everything from Walmart is made from China

  6. Don't worry. T-Dump will just give them welfae . you know the socialism that you retards hate so much but willing to give to the rich and all governments. They want socialism for themselves while selling you hard capitalism. ????

  7. So Walmart, Costco, and Target only buy from China! The supply chains need to be rerouted to American businesses. This guy is doom and gloom, sounds a whole lot like pre-election forecasters. Americans would just as soon pay more for an American made item, generally we don’t have a choice.

  8. The difference:
    all concerned in China support China…
    In the US they serve themselves and not the country… the difference between the two systems. …

    the same people from the west whose greed created the current situation are now the weakest link when the chips are down on the table… Sickening! You deserve to lose you weak pigs!

    If you were in China you'd probably be executed for treason!

  9. Then stop buying toys from China. Invest in your own country. Who cares if their toys get more expensive. There are companies that sell American made toys. Looks like they will be getting a lot more business and places like Walmart won’t. Leave the tariffs in place until China plays fair. I just won’t buy “toys” and what not if the prices go up. That’s just more money staying in my own pocket.

  10. Companies that have made themselves dependant on doing business with an enemy nation deserve no sympathy, and they certainly have no credibility.

  11. 10 years later we will Thank Trump bring these dirty works back to US. We Chinese will do clean and high value works as you have right now.

  12. President Trump don't listen to any of them do exactly what you doing don't get don't even care about what all these retailers want this is the whole thing we've been we've been doing this we've been giving away for everything for free do not allow them to talk you back into doing that no keep the tariffs on keep it exactly where it is they've been robbed in America for years on end they've been stealing money from us and Technology from us those people don't care the even these corporations don't care but nothing about that. The top dollar that's all they care about it's not a problem I mean seriously if Walmart wants to go at 1 or they go fix their own own stuff Miss are they at Walmart and all these companies layoff suck I mean look at them there while they all hire foreigners anyways most of them I mean they should be spending less money anyways

  13. Stop buying your products from China then. I know I have made the choice to when able not buy things that say made in China. We the people have the power. If it says made in China put it down a find something else.

  14. Amazing you are clueless; so you are saying you are unable to work together. But need China to fix everything you are both pathetic.

  15. This is 100% spin. It costs China, largely, by reducing productivity & revenue. Yes, US consumers will pay more as they do when US forces minimum wage and other progressive benefits laws.

  16. Sure costs will go up initially for consumers, But the trade off is jobs will be coming back to America! Don't you get what Trump is doing, he is trying to bring back the economy, to produce more goods here. This will make us less dependent on other countries.

  17. 600 out of 28 Million US Companies. That is a whopping .0021% of all US Companies. A Groundswell Tsunami of US Business clamoring to not compete with China. Surely this will turn the Tide!


  19. We have a labor shortage here and lack of skilled workers here because of american companies going to china and investing in training chinese workers and building up china while forsaking the us educated worker. All the greedy outsourcing to please wall street(probably), particularly by computer/electronics/semiconductors companies to get rich quick has destroyed our capacity here at home. So there's your answer. You might want to call up the 50-80 year old age group and complain. Man, could the us be as corrupt as corrupt nations on earth……Yes!

  20. Ok, so you buy your kids less toys. Stop being such a consumer based economy. Still doesn't particularly hurt us, just the businesses. If we stopped spoiling are kids with material things, maybe, just maybe, they'll be more level headed and mature. Our world revolves around just throwing things away, whether they work or not, just to keep up with the Joneses. Put your money into things that will either keep its value or gain. The rest of it, TV's, cars and so on are all losing propositions.

  21. Buy cheap products from sellers and complain why so cheap. Not fair. Go and buy from other sellers. Idiots.

  22. Don't do it President TRUMP stick to the plan. You know it's working these companies are only worried about their bottom line not the American people

  23. Americans need to face reality ,
    the jobs they promised , are not coming back to America. These same 600 companies , who want the trade deal now , are the one's who relocated their factories to China , for the last 30 years. Don't blame China for the conditions of your economy , blame your corrupt , incompetent ,and short- sighted leaders decisions.
    Jack Ma ," You spend too much on wars , trillions of dollars , your supposed to spend money on your people !!! ."……" that is what l feel ."

  24. These companies need to move to friendlier countries, or bring the companies back to America. What happened to Japan, Taiwan, and other countries that shared companies until China’s monopoly. They need to be good corporate proAmerica.

  25. So what they are saying is that they are not passing those costs to the consumer . I wasn't born in a turnip patch , and they just pass that cost to the consumer . I smell the Chinese suppliers pushing this narrative .

  26. Soooo… not having tariffs will get China to change, okay now I understand, thanks for clearing that up for me.

  27. I imagine walmart would feel that way. How many times have you bought junk from them and had to return it because it can't survive shipping to the states. You are right these tariffs will cause a change. We will only buy their things if the quality raises. Why do we have to buy garbage replicas of products that could be worth something. I love the idea. It will force chinese companies to up their game if they wish to raid our pockets. Trump is right here this is fear mongering by the media who bennifit from stupid americans who cant think for them selves. 2020 is trumps 100%

  28. Thanks to all the people making comments that bring better perspective to ignorant people (like me) . We have understand the reasons behind our awesome President actions before rushing into negative criticism. MAGA 2020!

  29. US consumers pay a higher price because of tariff
    Collected tariff pays FED 6% interest
    Eat more GMO foods, good for your brain 🙂

  30. They are only a tax on American consumers if we choose to continue to buy those products. Remove the Chinese merchandise and replace with something else. No jobs lost, no cost to Americans. All these doomsayers have is the sky is falling nonsense for television ratings filled with corporate sponsors pushing garbage. Enough! Enjoy your freedom and prosperity not earned by what the corporate masters allow you to have, but by what you decide.

  31. what part of trade war do they not understand we're at war n these companies have no solutions they're threatening to pass the cost to us when they should pay their fair share of the tariff until Trumps administration win the trade war.

  32. Screw them let them go out of business they should be buying American made and selling American made by by Wally world and you other companies that outsource American jobs you are traitors

  33. Please give us the percentage of businesses. Thousands of businesses are on board with Trumps decisions because of the results. I'm sorry to disagree with you guys but you've had decades to tackle these problems and look where we were pre-Trump.That for the advice but no thanks.

  34. Stop importing and start exporting and start buying American then you wouldn't have the tariffs to worry about I say more tariffs make companies buy American-made goods and products or make a China Fair on trade

  35. all those 600 companies have to do is return production and sales to the US. Dont forget why Trump won the election.

  36. He just said they couldn't manufacture jobs in US due to employee shortage but yet says if we continue with the Tariffs 2M people will be unemployed? Problem solved.

  37. The far left want higher wages because employers in US pay "starving wages" but are ok with China paying a bowl of rice.

  38. Gotta love the corporate shrill coming on to suck the di*k of his corporate masters on live t.v..
    Thanks for the show you soulless scum

  39. If we had stood up to China along time ago like we should have this problem wouldn't be a
    Problem now ! We need to stand our ground !

  40. LOL, looking at these arrogant people who think China still manufacturing like 20 years ago is so much fun. Keep thinking in that way and let’s see how long the US will stay in its superpower seat. Best wishes.

  41. Labor shortage? Yeah we don't accept slave labor these companies only want to pay these poor Chinese. Tax the hell out of them until they see it's better to work in and with America.

  42. Bunch of crying bitches . Trumpy made it rain on all thees mother fuckers , and all they do is cry about tariffs and cheep labor .

  43. America trade deal are demand for China to change their communist party system it's like asking China to surrender their nation to them like in Venezuela the American are trying to change their elected president Maduro by supporting Guaido who has not even have one vote from the Venezuelan people, what makes the American think they are right while others are wrong especially China policy the Chinese government has lifted more than 90 percent of its citizens out of poverty and any city in China are better and more advance than America alone the people are happy and united everywhere the American go they bring nothing good except their fake chaotic corrupt democracy freedom and human right system destruction follow destroying peace harmony and development by instigating hatred causing people to go against their own government

  44. the trade war not only hurting U.S. consumers, other countries are imposing tariffs on U.S. goods on their own, U.S. will lose jobs because other countries are not buying products made in America. Trump is on his way has his 7th bankruptcy in his resume.

  45. Meanwhile Indians are taking real well paid middle class English speaking jobs (IT, accounting etc) from America and nobody says a word because it is not PC to accuse Indians. Tell you what. Those grunt manufacturing jobs are not coming back, they are going to Vietnam since no English is required.

  46. You can imagine if all consumer goods are produced in us, like shoes or clothes, the final selling price would be double or more, all these products will completely lose overseas market

  47. For all who want the job to move back to US, this isn't the problem. The problem is are you willing to accept $2 per hour salary? Have you ever wonder why you will never buy a made in Japan scissor? It typically sell for 3 to 5 times of the ones found in Walmart.

    Second, most of these Chinese factories will still survive serving domestic consumption. Companies like Nike and Walmart simply doesn't own a plant. They contract out the design and specifications.

  48. Thank you president Trump, I like to buy made in usa not chinesse junk even if I has to pay a little more ,those retailers are greedy multimillionaires  with no flag or friends but the money.

  49. These 600 companies should organise mass protests like in Hong Kong. That is the only way to be heard. When protests takes the front page headlines is when Trump worries about the 2020 election.

  50. Im a chinese guy who used to live in canada and the us.i love yall,yall are good hearted and peaceful folks。now from reading all these comments i get really confused. So american companies coming back to america and creating jobs would not affect prices of goods that people NEED? Greed is a moral porblem but this is simply a question about pricing and jobs.

  51. Tariffs is great for Trump’s coffers,so,it’s great for America,not Americans businesses.Why does it takes so long for Americans to realises that tariffs hurts them more as they are the one paying for it.

  52. Those Companies will move to Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries with cheaper labours anyway. Is US gov going to increase tarrif for every countries then.

  53. The retailers prefer to import only price-competitive commodities from China, which doesn’t mean China only produces cheap products, it’s simple to understand that, no trolls people, wake up.

  54. They’re not running the country… they’re over charge $$$$$ things for selfish profits makers from Americans….sell and buy their production in America……makes products needed for Americans people and stopping selfishness gain wealthy……

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