Outstanding Green Business Sustainable: Zeponic Farms | SCORE

Outstanding Green Business Sustainable: Zeponic Farms | SCORE

( light piano and guitar ) ( upbeat music ) We’re here at Zeponic Farms,
a hydroponic agriculture company right inside
a shipping container. We provide produce
to the local market: leafy greens, lettuce, kale — and it’s all farmed by the special needs
and autism community. I have a younger brother
with autism and we were looking to provide
future employment for him. And he was really into
backyard gardening and so we came up
with this hydroponic farm idea. I’m grateful to SCORE
because without their knowledge, their answers,
I wouldn’t be here. It would be very difficult
for me to overcome a lot of my knowledge issues
regarding business, being able to find outlets, and being pushed
in the right direction. – When Zach first came to me,
he had this idea of creating a hydroponic agriculture
farm in a shipping container. And I never heard
of such an enterprise and I questioned
whether it was truly viable and he explained that in fact
it was already being done. There was company that outfitted
the shipping containers with the water, the lighting,
and all the components to actually grow a product
inside a shipping container. – We plant our seeds. It takes about one week
to germinate. Then they’re in our seeding tray
for about two weeks. Then we put them in our towers. It takes about fives weeks
for them to grow. All of our water
is recirculated. Our lights are on
about 18 hours a day. And we’re really tackling
the water crisis in our country. We have 70 percent of our
water goes to agriculture. And at the same time, 70 percent of
our water pollution comes from agriculture. Our farms use 95 percent less water
than conventional farms. It’s something
that our planet needs. We need courageous people
to tackle the sustainable issues that we have with farming,
with anything green. And I think it’s important for
people to really not be afraid of those issues
and really go after it.

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  1. Zach, Len, and Washington, DC SCORE – you’ve shown us how to build relationships and a sustainable, green business at the same time. Congratulations on your award!

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