OSOS 3rd consortium meeting, Israel

OSOS 3rd consortium meeting, Israel

We begin today the third OSOS consortium meeting. We have the pleasure to host here at ORT Israel R&D Center together with our friends from the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem 24 of the OSOS project members. So we have arranged this meeting in cooperation with ORT and the Bloomfield Museum in Jerusalem at a very crucial point of this project, at the start of the implementation period. We have here today students and teachers from Israeli schools who participated this year in the piloting phase of the project. What I am impressed the most is, when you look at schools… that a lot of schools pay a lot of attention to technical stuff within the curriculum. I think it’s very important for all the students to be some kind of technical savvy towards the future. And of course the food is great. Next, we are going to visit two schools in the north of Israel. One is in Kiryat-Tivon, and the other one is located in Kiryat-Motzkin. I have been very positively impressed by the schools, teachers… I saw, as a country, a very strong back… strategy for science and education. I can share what really impressed me most, and it was to listen to the students, more than the teachers… to listen to the students talking about their work, and how they committed with trying to solve a challenge which is so important for their community. So, in this project we have learned competencies which we don’t usually learn. We have learned how to manage ourselves, how to deal with challenges of the society, how to figure out the needed solution for our problem. Also we are going to visit Volcani Center, which is the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization. There we will meet high school students from Afula whose project focuses on precision agriculture. In the OSOS project students from all over Israel come to the museum so we can support their projects, their PBL learning… They come to the workshop, they come to the Maker space. I like very much the idea of the Makers movement. This is something that will stay in my brain, where you invite the community… The community is supporting the students and the students are supporting the community, so it’s a joint development. And I was really impressed with all the effort that is being done with the students and by the students themselves, how they take ownership of the projects, and how the projects are so relevant to the community. I think that all partners who came here, they were really inspired from the unique projects they have seen in the schools, and we had really the opportunity to define what an Open School is.

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