Osky Blue Presentation at NISGTC Consortium Meeting

Osky Blue Presentation at NISGTC Consortium Meeting

When I spoke earlier, I talked about the great
relationships we have with the employers. This is John Kendall from Osky Blue. He- it’s
just amazing all they do for us, and they have, many of our students have had internships at their
location and yeah, so they do everything. They’ve helped us in mock interviews. They
do workshops. They are mentors, employer panel, they come to the job fair, I mean everything, and he’s here to talk to us today and if you have questions, I’m sure he’d be happyto answer them. Thank you. We’ll see, so like
she mentioned, John Kendall at Osky Blue. The kind of gave me three main topics to talk
about; Entrepreneurship, networking and creating a brand of getting yourself out there, and
how to have a better, strong online presence, and then also I wanted to talk about just claiming
your social media assets, and improving those. But really today it’s just open form, I expect
you to keep eating, if you need to do something, I won’t be offended if you’re eating or if
you need to check something, a text message. We’re all busy people, but I want you anytime
just to raise your hand with a question, so at the end I got to remember it’s off topic,
really it’s better if I’m just answering your questions at any time, but really I’m pretty
loose. Out of those three main things, is there one that you prefer me to start on?
Entrepreneurship, optimizing your social media, or networking. Any of those, is there someone
going hey I really- Entrepreneurship. So she raised her hand first, so lets give you a
little background about entrepreneurship. I’ll tell you a little bit of our story, and
we work with companies, probably three a week that are just starting up a company so I hope
I can avoid you from some of the pitfalls that a lot of businesses make. A little history
about Osky Blue, we’ve been around for four and a half years, and we were the true definition
of entrepreneurship. I called my friend Troy that I went to high school with, we had just
gone separate ways for about twelve years and I said hey, lets start up a company out
in Tyler, Texas. East Texas, we are kind of east Texas fans out there, and we kind of
just started an online directory where we just sell ads online to people, and as we
started to do that, when I went to school, I date myself, but I graduated highschool in 99, so there
was no internet. You got a lot of us older than that, come on now. You’re right, so but
at the same time, to think about that, internet has been around for three years. There was
no Facebook. When I went to college, I tell people that I work with the Boy Scouts and
what do you do? Well I teach people how to manage their Facebook, their twitter, their
YouTube, and what’s crazy is that when I went to college, those things didn’t even exist,
and it’s something to prepare yourself, the jobs that you might be working in five years,
truly may not even be created. And there’s a good video, What You Don’t Know, a Youtube
video. It says about seven percent of jobs that have been created in the next five years haven’t even been created yet. I mean who would have know five years ago that Facebook
would provide, I don’t know, a hundred thousand plus jobs. It just didn’t even exist, so I’ll
go on a few different tangents. So here we are, we’re selling ads for online, and while
I’m there someone is like hey, with this Facebook thing. This is four and half years ago that
I- do you know how to setup a Facebook profile? There’s one great tool that any of you can
adapt is, Google things. So here I am, I didn’t even have a Facebook profile yet, and so their
like I don’t know how to do it, so I literally just Google how to setup a facebook page.
So I just right in front of them I go there and set it up in about thirty minutes, and
it was great. He goes oh, thank you this is great, and I go to my next appointment and
he’s like oh, can you set this up, well I’ve got to get to my next appointment, and he’s
like I’ll pay you to set this up. I’m like OK, and what’s crazy is he goes it would
take me five, six hours, so I was like I was just doing the math so if it takes that long
I’ll charge you three hundred dollars, and he goes that’s all? great, and you’d be shocked,
we had people- to setup a profile, did you say you lived in east Texas? Yes, you know
in east Texas there’s just about five years behind in technology, you know I had someone
once ask me, do you think this internet thing will stick around? Unfortunately, so what
is was, is we say an opportunity so really quickly in that first six months of our business
we go, OK people are needing something setting up a Facebook profile, and didn’t have the
schooling or education. but literally just Google how to do it and you find a need that
people don’t want to do themselves. So that’s what we found. We found someone that didn’t
want to spend thirty minutes on a computer, and to them, they would pay three hundred dollars
for me to take thirty minutes and set it up, and I’m telling you I feel confident here
even in Frisco you could probably charge 150, close to 200 for people that just don’t want
to set it up. I’ll show you how to set it up. We can do it in about five minutes, but
you will find people they would just rather have someone else do it for multiple reasons,
time, stress, aren’t great with computers, and this is probably the biggest one, they’re
worried they’ll probably screw it up. And people will pay a premium for not wanting
to screw something up. That’s why we go to the mechanic. We can all, really if we Googled
it, we can change our own oil, I mean it’s not too difficult. You know you buy two or
three simple tools, but it’s going to take us two hours, but we don’t want to, the last
thing is break our engine, so we are willing to pay an expert to do it, and that’s kind
of the same in entrepreneurship, so I’m just giving my example but hopefully you’re brain
started going what are people not wanting to do, and I use this word loosely or lazy,
and go want someone else to do and find that niche. And so that’s what happened, really
quickly I just started doing Facebook pages and created that, and then we found out people
go, oh you need a website? We build hundreds and hundreds of websites now. I remember going
to setup a Facebook and someone goes, do you do websites? And I don’t know how to build
websites to this day, and I go yeah, we build websites, and I got a quote, someone quoted
me 1800 to build a website, and I was like well we’ll do it for 1700. So I went and called
my partner and was like we need to find someone to build a website, and then though there
are great resources out there, but you want to educate yourself. You can find people from
craig’s list, there are different forums out there. One that I would caution but you can
use it, has anyone heard of Odesk. If used in caution it can be good. We don’t use that
anymore but if you can find someone, or are willing to go hey, they’re just trying to
learn or have skills and they’ll build a website for 1200 dollars, so we make 500. So you find
those opportunities where people go I need it, and how can you fulfill it, and that’s
some of the things that goes in regards with entrepreneurship, is I continue. Any questions
so far? I always love questions, so our process went from we did that, so we started setting
up social media things. I started doing a little bit of reading and I always tell people
that you just need to be two months ahead of everyone else, and it’s just those who
take a little time out to read articles that have just come out, because if I go read an
article that came out today, majority of you are not researching Facebook, but you can
find the same resources I can, so people will come to like Jeff, my partner, the reason
he’s not here today is he’s teaching at another class with about 45 people there that are
going hey, I’d rather just here it from an individual rather than read, and that will
jump us into another whole topic about YouTube. We live in a world where no one wants to read
anymore, and I’m not saying that’s good, but I’m just telling you it’s factual. We’d rather
watch a 30 second clip on telling me what to do, that just have this article right in
front of us, and we’re finding that YouTube is a powerful tool, or speaking agents just
like this because people go, just tell it. We live in a world of instant gratification.
I don’t want to sit down and read a ten page or even a 200 page book. I want to sit in
a seminar for an hour, and just tell it to me and I want hands on experience. And so
there’s a need for that, and whatever industry if you want to do some type of programming,
if you want to do crafting projects. You know rather than just selling it online, people
just want someone to show them how to build that crafting project and it just creates,
I call it a lead spiral of continuous business. I mean our business has, we’ve been very blessed,
it has taken off, but a lot of it’s not because we just ten times fold increased our client
base, it is more offered services to the clients that trust us. And that’s a huge thing, if
you want to have power, I’ve learned it’s not get more and more, you’ve got to get new
clients, new clients, because with that philosophy, you’re basically, your mental philosophy is
just I’m going to turn them over. I’m going to do something, I’m going to get paid, and
I’m going to move on. The philosophy we took was, well if we make these clients happy,
if I do a great job with Facebook, if I do a great job with with the website, well then
we have other services to offer that same person. We could manage their, we call it
SCO, we can write blogs for them, we can create YouTube videos, we can do their Google Ad
managment, we can we can make their site responsive, we can do their email marketing, and rather
than us just going we need new and new clients, if your clients trust and like you, there’s
no reason to go somewhere else. They’ll come right back to you. Are you local? Yes, we’re
based in Frisco, Texas so we moved our office here almost three years ago. Tell them why.
Why? So for two reasons. We started off in east Texas and then we bounced around, so
I love questions. We started east Texas, about 150000 people, and within the first six months
we, our first name was East Texas Bids. That was our company name, and then we started
getting clients in Dallas, and they don’t like, they’re like oh east Texas, that’s small
back woods. Alright, lets change our name, so we’ll call it Texas Bid Solutions, so now
we’ve covered the whole state of Texas. Well that was great for about another year. Well
then we started getting clients in North Carolina, and Alabama, and one day we went to one on
our clients in North Carolina, and said hey can you give us a refferal? because we’re
doing great work, and they go, do you want to know the honest truth. I told someone about
you, and when I said I worked with a company called Texas Bids, they’re like Texas? I don’t
want to work with a company from Texas. So what we found out was people just don’t want
to work with people from other states, and so we go alright we need a new marketing strategy.
We need to not have a city or state, or city, we don’t even want a state. We need to come
up with a name that no one will be offended and we can just market all across the board.
So my partner and I, believe it or not, we’re not marketing guys, even though that’s our
company is marketing, and so I went to my partner and he goes we need to rename the
company. An this is about two and a half years ago, and I said Troy you know what, just name
the company what ever you want. Just make the website blue so I can where blue clothes
so that’s my favorite color. And so the next day, he has a real dog, oh there we go perfect-
so he has a french bulldog. Believe it or not it’s actually a blue french bull dog,
it has just a tint, it’s a grey, blue. And so his dogs name is Osky, and so he goes alright,
lets just name the company Osky Blue. So that’s how we got our marketing. No marketing strategy
behind that, buy ironically it’s been great, and people are like- well we do love pets,
I have a toy poodle, but everyone is like oh, you’re pet lovers, we get a lot of clients
because you know they’re like you love pets, and it just, it works on all facets. So, if
you are going to be an entrepreneur, don’t name it Frisco Plummer. I mean, and even though
you only work in Frisco, you just never know where your company is going to go, because
you might start working in Prosper, and Little Elm, the Colony, Plano. So I encourage you
not to name your company Frisco this, Prosper this, Texas, you just don’t know, I mean when
we were small, we just assume that the biggest we were going to get- our eye balls were,
we’re just an east Texas company. When we got Texas, even when we messed up once, we
were like Texas is huge, we’ll never outgrow Texas, but you just don’t know. So that’s
one thing that I would caution against because that cost a lot of money, I mean each- well
the second one was a lot more and I’m just guessing on re-branding it was eight, ten
thousand dollars we spent to just, I mean all of those shirts just sit in my closet,
you know when I wear them they’re like what’s that company? I’m just like… Thats, just
random pens, do you guys want Texas Bids pens? I’ve got 2000 of them. They’re yours. So anyways,
that was a long answer to your question, basically, we moved to Frisco because we started getting
a lot of business in Dallas, and so we got out here and it’s been a great market for
us. We can’t keep up with the business in this area, so does that answer your question.
Google reviews? So Google reviews, I always tell people, this is my slogan, I would take
one Google review over 500 Facebook likes any day of the week. If you said hey, I can
get you 500 likes, or just one Google review, I’ll take the Google Review. Facebook likes
are extremely overrated, we want to go into that, lets jump into that, but how I got these,
I would say out of, there’s 88 reviews. I’m going to guess 40 of them are from our current
clients. We ask for them. We blatantly say we’re providing a really great service, we
would really appreciate, the nicest way you can say thanks, is leave us a google review,
and then other thing we’ll do is a class like this, and that Jeff is teaching, at the end
of our class, we’ll say we hope, you know we don’t sell anything. I’ve given over 200 seminars,
and in 200 you may not believe this but I’ve never sold anything. At the end of it, I go
hey I just want to give education, but the nicest way you can say thank you, is at the
end of my class, go to Google and type in Osky Blue and click on write a review and
write a review about our company, and that’s how we’ve been able to get those reviews.
So those are important, they really are. Just because you bring up the topic, I’ll tell
you, and you can do this in your own company. Google Reviews are free, we didn’t pay anyone
anything for them. So, not tooting our horn this is just to educate what he was talking
about, I typed in website design Frisco, Texas. So here’s all of our competitors, and look
how many Google Reviews they have. I mean we get clients that won’t even shop somewhere
else, they’ll call us and tell us, you know we always ask how did you hear about us, they
go you are the only one that people are even talking about. I mean, our competition has
taken no effort. These are large corporations too, these are not like mom and pop shops
that made no effort to get Google Reviews. They are extremely powerful. I mean we could
stop today and never ask for another review and probably never, no one would ever catch
us, and we’ll take a break while Ann takes her phone. So yes to answer your question,
we go out and we ask for them, because they’re tough to get. You have to have a gmail account.
You can’ do it on a mobile phone, you can’t do it on a tablet. I mean they have to be
at their desktop, and some people don’t even have desktops anymore. I mean it’s something
that you’ve got to do. Did you have anything to follow up with that? So jumping in, when,
he talked about Facebook, and I want to bounce around, am I answering some of your questions
regarding entrepreneurship? yeah. What we did, my partner and I, is if we just work
hard, and if any business, was if we hard, this will work out. I worked a lot of hours.
I have a very patient wife where that first year, every day I could look you in the eye
and say I talked to no less than 70 businesses. So you know he was the marketing guy, the
accounting, the books, he had an accounting degree, and my job was to bring home 70 business
cards every day, and so I would knock on every door and get a business card. I don’t stop
talking business until I have 70 business cards. I mean just getting out there. My philosophy,
it’s not so much just selling, it’s just a numbers game. As where I should stumble across
people that needed your service. It wasn’t more hey, I’m just going to knock on five
peoples doors and aggressively pressure them into my product or service, because mine,
I’d basically go in there, hey do you need a website, no? Ok, I didn’t want to exert
my energy. I didn’t want to pressure anyone into it. The reason why we have great reviews
is we don’t go well you don’t need a website, but I’m going to convince you why you have
to have one. If it’s not a good fit then- but if somebody goes well I’ve been thinking
about it, then I would exert all my energy into that person, when they said there was
an interest. And that way I didn’t waste any time, I mean I might go 16 people in a row,
just nope, nope, nope, nope, and then go I’m thinking about it and then go alright, I’m glad I got
those people out of the way so I can focus my time and energy with you. So we didn’t
have a plan. Now over time we did, and it’s one of those growing things. The wrong thing
that a lot of people do when they come to us, they have this great idea, and they’ll
spend- here’s a perfect example. This is why I think we’ve been successful is when we with
a client, they want to spend about, we’ll just do a 100 percent scale. They want to
spend about 80 percent if not 90 percent on the design of the website, and they want to
spend ten percent of the time optimizing it. Making it be found on Google. So I would meet
with clients, and so what I’d tell them I’d go, alright, we’re going to punch out ten
hours that we’ll work with you. We can spend nine hours thinking over the design and making
it so that you are in love with it, and then we’ll spend one hour trying to make it so that people find
it on Google. And when I explain to them, well no I want to be found on Google. It’s
like, you website, I always tell people Google doesn’t have eye balls. So what I mean by
that, you can have a five thousand dollar website. It’s beautiful, and it will be on
page 30 of Google for the rest of your life, where someone can spend 50 dollars on a website
and it’s optimized, and it’s on the first page of Google. And so when we meet with clients,
we go alright, OK if you are looking for someone to focus on just design, design, design, we
might not be a good fit, but if all you care about is being on the top of Google, lets
spend nine hours on how to put in key words, key word research, optimizing it, title tags,
H1 tags so that it’s the top, and we’ll just make it a decent good looking website, because
I don’t go to a website and go I just don’t like the look, I don’t know. I mean the reason why we don’t go to page two is we’re not going for look, I want when I type in auto repair, I want you
to pop up and I want to see your phone number and where you are located. They don’t go,
well hey before we get the transmission fixed, look how good looking this one is, but it’s
so natural internally, we always want to say, well it doesn’t represent me well. I can’t tell you how many businesses
I’ve seen fail because we and their business, I watched them just talk about the branding
and the look, and all this. It won’t ever matter if you never sell anything. I’ve seen
clients, they’ve just never got off the ground. They spent hour after hour on look, look,
look, and I was like, think of if you just went out and sold something how much better
off you would have been. Does that kind of answer your question? So with that, lets jump into Facebook because he brought up a point just so I’m on that topic. Any other questions in regard
to entrepreneurship? He wanted to talk just a little bit about what you talked to our
students about, how you structured that, because a lot of the people in this room are from
different states, different colleges and partners and they haven’t done what we did with you
guys. OK so, what I found it’s good to find partners in entrepreneurship. In our company,
there is three owners, and initially, there was Troy my partner, he is a marketing guru.
He’s really good at marketing. He’s really good at accounting. He has an accounting degree.
He used to own a book keeping company, so he knew the numbers side of it.
Me, I would say I’m more the sales type. I enjoy talking to people. When I’m behind a
desk, that’s why I do a lot of these, and Ann’s like why do you do these. Well it’s
better than being at my desk, and so I enjoy just talking with people about anything. If
you want to talk about something, lets talk about it. So it was good, because the wrong
thing to do is if you are by yourself, I caution you going into business with yourself because
it’s yourself and you’re like, hey I’m great, I’m a salesman. Well you’ll find out real
quick, you now have to be the bookkeeper, you need to be the marketing person, you need
to be the IT person. I mean you got to be the cleaner, and all these things, and you’re
like I just sold all this stuff, but now I don’t know how to fulfill it and so you really
should find someone that’s almost opposite of you, as crazy as that sounds. Because if
you get two buddies, and you’re like man we’re just both great at selling, we can sell, well
it might succeed for a year, and then you are like, our business fell apart because
there is no structure behind it. And then I ran into companies that just have this great
just business person, he’s got just great ideas and sits there, and now you got to go
sell it. Find someone else to do it. So find a partner that- so that was the initial one.
That lasted us a while, that third partner was more that IT, Jeff, he’s a developer,
he’s a programmer. And so we all have our different talents, the reason why I think
our business has been successful is because with all my heart, I can not do what Jeff
does, and I can’t do what Troy does, and I feel they feel they can’t do what I do. And
this is where I see a lot of companies fail. We always hear it, what is it, 90 percent
of businesses fail in the first five years, and thats like 75 the first year. And if you
have two sales guys, you’re always going I can do your job. I’m a sales guy, you’re a
sales guy, I can do your job. What are you bringing to the table, but we were always
like I need you, you need me, and so finding that relationship is pretty important. And
it’s crazy- it’s someone different. We’re working with a bicycle shop right now, is
they go sell orders, and then they go build bicycle seats. And some of the wrong approaches
are- it’s a business we live in, they don’t go alright, hey man I need a great deal on
bicycle seats. Let me go buy up 10000 of them and I’ve got it in store and I’ve done the
design and then go out and sell it. I mean our site was just OK looking at best. We were
just, lets sell service, find those few, then like I said, build that trust in your client
base and then take care of this stuff. You don’t have to spend money up front. We were
running so lean. We were working out of our homes, we would barter whenever there was
opportunities to barter, and your service and I’m trying to think of a good example.
A gym membership, even though I don’t go to the gym anymore, it’s been years but, five
years ago my wife was like hey, I’d like to get a gym membership, and so I was like we
don’t have money to go spend 60 dollars a month on a membership, so I was like I went
to the gym and I go, do you need a website? and I mean, they were like, we actually do,
and I was like alright. So then that same capitol, then I could put it toward things
that I’m not able to barter. I mean I can’t tell you how many things. Date nights, my
wife was like lets go to the movies and we were poor so I went to the movie theater and
I was like I know you are a large corporate Union, but can I just do a video for you.
So I literally just grabbed a cheap phone, 99 dollar, I mean a flip camera. Shot a little
video, optimized it for them, and then they gave us 300 tickets, and so we were able to-
so we took our church to it, for the next while we just went to movies for free, so
bartering is a great tool because then that same capitol, you know that 80 bucks we spent on
a date, I was able to use that capitol and put it towards something. You wouldn’t believe
the things. My wife just last week just got glasses, she goes, John my eyes are hurting.
I need sun glasses, and so I went and I made five calls, I was like hey I found your site,
it’s not ranking, can we build you a website? And she’s like well yeah, and I go well to
top it off, how about we top it off, we barter. My wife needs glasses, and when you say barter,
people will do that all day, and so that’s what really what got our company to just have
that cash. I mean it was- no, it became paying clients, it led to other business, I created
relationships, and then other doors that I would have never got in. So there were like
some large businesses that were like you know I’m not- you haven’t been around long and
all this. Well if you’re willing to barter, they are a lot more apt to do it. I mean setting
up like an attorney, and we’re like hey we need to get our legal documents. We’ve been
around a year and we haven’t even had our legal documents put into order, and we’re
like we should probably get this, so we found an attorney and he wouldn’t give us the time
of day and I go well what if we build you a website and then you’ll do our legal documents.
He was like alright, I can do that. So now all the sudden it looks like we did this,
or it looks like now we did this very incredible attorney in this city, we did his website.
And so it led people, wow you worked with them? How’d you even get into the door? I
mean we did business but you know they were like- so it raised our level of credibility.
So that’s something that we did. Save your money. Find what you need, I could go on endless.
It’s a joke in my house, you name it, I’ll barter for it. Auto mechanic- I go to OskyBlue.com
and you just click on upcoming events, and we teach you about two, three classes a month
and Jeff, right now he’s teaching one on Google, listing social media. And then million dollar
marketing company. He teaches ones on like WordPress classes. Setting up an E-commerce
site, and they’re all completely free, and you can do the opposite. I’m telling you to
do your marketing strategy, and we use meetup. Anyone not know what meetup is? Meetup.com
is, all of you should be on it. Think of it as a hybrid between Facebook and LinkedIn.
What it is, Troy told me about it five years ago, and I was like meetup, is that a dating
website? He goes, no its a networking website, and so what we found is you can go to meetup,
and we live in a great area where are there are 500 different meetups just in the Dallas
area. And you can type in networking within ten miles of Frisco and is will show you,
I don’t know, a hundred network groups in this area, and almost all of them are free.
Basically you can go, they meet at two brothers at thursday morning at seven AM for an hour
and 30 people will get together and they’ll just, each person gets like a one minute elevator
pitch, and then you just network with people. And there will be people in other industries,
so you can go do another one in Little Elm, you can do one in the Colony, and there’s
all these and it’s a great way to get out and meet people for a low cost, and to even
brand people that will see you all over. Because rather than knock, knock, knocking doors a
bad thing, but I was just seeing one person at a time. Or go to meetup, and I’d get in
a room with 40 people, and then two hours later I’d go to another meetup group and I’m
in another room with 40 people, and you’re kind of just getting yourself out there. And
so we’ve used that as, now it’s intertwined with our Osky Blue university where we just
teach these classes, and now there’s probably 800 people in our meetup group, that we created
one and we consistently have about 45, 50 people come to our classes just to learn and
network and we’re the facilitators of that. It creates more credibility when you’re running
the meeting. Not that it’s bad to be in the audience, but just a free tool that you can
be using, and that’s the last thing in Entrepreneurship unless there’s anymore questions, is use all
of your free tools. Set up a Facebook profile, it’ free. Setup a twitter, use YouTube. If
you have time to build your own website, your own WordPress if you have time. There are
tools you can do to build your own. Vista Print, when you first start you can get your
first 500 business cards for free. We did all of that. If you saw how lean we ran our
business, you know it’s not like oh we got to get all the expensive stuff. Got to do
all the expensive design, and all these and spend 40000 dollars and be like, now I
got to go sell. Now I have huge debt. We were very blessed in the five years we’ve been
around, I don’t think we’ve ever been in debt. There’s always the exception, there might
be something but knock on wood, we’ve been very blessed, but we took that approach. Out
of curiosity, is anyone a big Facebook user? because that gentleman asked about Facebook.
Anyone love Facebook? Alright we got two people. I’m going to tell you in regards to business,
I would say spend as little time on Facebook for your business. I’m not saying personal,
I’m not including that. We’ll talk about that a little while, but in regards to business,
I think Facebook is one of our weakest tools. I’m going to tell you our personal story.
So when we first started our company five years ago, Facebook was the hottest thing
since sliced bread. Remember when everyone was starting to get the accounts, wow you
got to get your own business card, you got to put on your storefront, or you got to get
Facebook, and we were the same way. It was before they even went public, and we were
in east Texas and we pounded it. We setup a little kiosk in the mall, I would go to
you and say here’s a candy bar if you like our page, and I’d watch you pull our your
phone and like it, and I’d give you a candy bar, and I’ll tell out why we did that, was
because everyone that liked our page, I know that for the rest of your life, every time
I posted something you would see it. And right? that’s what I wanted, so we had 4800 likes,
and in east Texas we were the third largest Facebook page. We were outranking even the
news stations, but it was worth it. It was totally worth it because I knew we had 4800
people that everytime I said who needs a website, all 4800 would see it. Alright, we spent
about five, six thousand dollars just like who wants it, who wants it, because you’re
a lead for life, we’ll be able to be in front of you. Well then Facebook went public three
and a half years ago, remember that? It started off at like 35 dollars at the ILP, and then
it dropped the next day to 27, and then the next day they took my money, and I’ll tell
you how they did it. So it went out to everyone, so two days after Facebook went public, I
said something just like who needs a website? And this is the message I got back. We shared
this to 500 of your likes, for five dollars we’ll share it to 500 more of your likes,
and I was like what? They’ve already liked it? So the next day I say who need SCO? It
says we shared it to 250 of your likes, for five dollars, we’ll share it to 500 of your
likes. So you liked my page and it’s not even showing it to you. All the way until it became
this point. We saved this page for this purpose alone. So I don’t know if you can see, right,
this is dormant, there’s still 3800 likes. I’m going to go into incites, the last time
we posted something when we changed our name almost three years ago. 3800 likes right?
The last time we posted something how many people did it show it to? All these people
who liked our page, and it only showed it to seven people. This is how they justify
it, well if people like comment, or share for free, then we’ll show it to more people,
so as people were like, comment, and sharing, if I show it to you three, you guys all make
more comments, we’ll show it to ten more people, and ten more, well and then we’ll show it
to even more. We might show it to 40000. Well really how much dialogue is there to be about
a website, or an auto repair, or a cleaning product. There’s just no reason to talk and this is not us, this is everyone this is happening to. And that fine line, they won’t release it, but we’ve found that
fine line is right around 500. What I mean by that is people like I have 80 likes and
it shows it to all of them, well the borderline is right when you hit 500, they consider your
business successful, and then they start penalizing you for it. So the more likes you get, your
basically being penalized, so it’s like great, I got 510 likes now, but now it’s only showing
it to ten people. All of you should claim your Facebook pages, let me go through the
reasons. One, it’s free. Two, it’s an authoritative link. What I mean by that, here’s your website,
and every time you have another site linked to it, it moves you up. Well given old SCO
things, five years ago you could come to a company like us and we’d get you 500 links
from the Philippines, and we’d link these no name, fake sites, and link them to your
website and it would lift you up. And Google goes wow, shame on you. These are just like
fake websites, so we said we want authoritative links, meaning credible places, and your Facebook,
even if you’re not active on Facebook, its authoritative link. So setting up your business
page, it helps you rank higher. Setting up your twitter, even if you never tweet for
the rest of your life, it helps your website rank higher. So the third reason is claiming
your digital assets. If you want to know another business, and I’m not picking- I’m just picking
overseas people, this is a business. So lets say we set up Osky Blue, we go buy the domain
name, and if we don’t claim our Facebook, our twitter, our YouTube, probably within
about two months, all the sudden we’re like well we should set up a Facebook page and
we go type in Osky Blue, and it’s already taken, and someone already has Osky Blue Facebook
page. And someone from the Phillipines goes, oh I’ll sell it to you for 500 dollars. You’re
not even doing anything with it, so there is software out there that they see who’s
buying domains, and then they go buy your other digital assets so that one day they
can sell them to you. Because I could go setup your Facebook for free, and then you go I want everything to match, and then I’ll charge you, but if you do it within the first two or three weeks,
you’ll own all your digital assets. And a fourth, so if you type in Osky Blue, our website
pulls up, our Facebook page, our LinkedIn profile, chamber, our YouTube, our Yelp, our
twitter account, our pintrist, thumbtack, our vineo, our Google Plus. What we’re doing,
and I see this all the time, people will come in to us and they’ll have Frisco Plumbing
and you know and that’s their company, and you type it in, and they pop up number one. But because they haven’t claimed any of their
social media, when you type in the word plumbing, it’s still going to pull up all your other
plumbing people. So yes, they pull up number one, but then all these other plumber companies
pull up two, three, four, five, six, and seven. So you don’t want, I don’t want people who
search for Osky Blue, that right after our website, it pulls up all of our competitors.
So for no other reason, claim your digital assets so that you own when people search
you. A lady called me yesterday, she is a relator, and she had someone write something
really nasty on it’s called open glass what do people call it? Glass door, and someone
wrote something really nasty about here so when you search her name it’s like her website,
and then right next to it is this nasty, nasty review. So she asked us, so can you claim
all my other stuff, because there are more authoritative links, and it’ll push that nasty
review to page two, so that’s another reason. Claim the things that you can control. I mean
so anyways, that’s the purpose behind that. Now are we all in love with Facebook? There
still is a use for Facebook. I know photographers have great success with Facebook. realtors
if used correctly. You are part of a neighborhood Facebook page, and that’s for almost any business
that’s, I’ve seen on ours someone goes does anybody know a plumber, and someone is like
oh, I’m a plumber in the neighborhood. Oh, I’m a photographer. I paint homes, so there’s
a reason behind Facebook if you use it correctly but it was this myth five or six years ago
that if you get 10000 likes, your business will take off and you’ll make 10000 dollars
a month and all you’re problems will be solved. It’s not like that, there’s a lot more work
that goes into it, and managing it. If you’re going to be posting stuff, tell you one more
negative story, if you’re going to be posting on Facebook, make sure that you’re actually
following it. So there was this company, this attorney, and he wasn’t one of our clients,
it was kind of funny, well I don’t want to say it’s funny, I’ll side note at the end,
and he hired a company to like post for him on Facebook. And the guy had, it was a large
attorney firm. On Christmas eve, he says I hope everyone has a happy Xmas, so whats wrong
with that? he says happy Xmas, and because he was Jewish I believe, he got bombarded
with people saying are you not a christian? How can you not include the word Christ, and
so this is Christmas eve. And I just happened to be watching the feed, and he spent his
whole Christmas Eve, and Christmas day, literally just trying to stop the bombardment. Hey I’m
so sorry, I’m so sorry, I mean here’s a guy, family of three, just spent the whole day
trying to recover from the post that he did. So we just live in a world where everyone
has this power, it just takes one person to give their opinion of it. So there’s another
reason I caution you if that that if going to be your aggressive marketing approach that
you’re at least following it. Simplest thing you could have done, what’s funny he didn’t
realize he could have just closed the post and deleted it all, and it would have solved
that problem. What our best business model is bringing in interns, and finding where
they fit in best. The one I love the most is our bus driver. He just graduated from
UNT, he got a degree in English, and in music, and he’s our best programmer. Ok, hands down I think he’s amazing, and what it was, was he was a bus driver and, I just want to learn about websites.
I’m sorry I have no experience in it, I just graduated with a degree in english and music,
but I saw you were doing an internship. So he came in, and we’re willing to take a risk
because it’s an unpaid internship. OK come in for a month or three months, and within
a month, because he didn’t have like some people that like, opinion on how they should
do things, he was just an open book. Basically just tell me what I need to do, and he just
absorbed everything we did better and he goes, so my book told me to do this, and it did,
and he goes well I read this. And this guy is just like this, alright, you’re my book,
so he just excelled. He said whatever you tell me to do, I’ll do that, and now he is
awesome. So now our philosophy is we’ll bring people in, we were like alright, we’ll just
let you come and watch, and we didn’t know if he’d be a project manager, a web developer.
He might be a graphic artist, and we try to bring him in and we’re blessed with enough
business that we can let you try out a few different things, and wherever they gravitate
and start excelling at, alright lets give them more of that work, and if they excel,
we offer them a job. So that’s been a great business model for us, I know that I was’t
in a position to do that but , that’s been phenomenal. We have 26 on payroll, 12 that
are actually in our office, and then we have people, two in Las Vegas, one in North Carolina,
one in Utah, one in Wyomming, because we have like eight article writers so we just find
good article writers all over the US. We write about 240 blogs a month, and so we just find
people that are good writers and we go, so about 12 here locally, no 15 because we some
more but we let them work from home. So about fifteen locally. Is that more important than
marketing? Yes, so a lot of our clients, we built websites we do SCO, and we do software
development, but with SCO, some of the best tools are blogging and YouTube videos. Google
just absorbs that and loves it, and that’s one of the best ways to get your website to
rank higher. Does it matter if it’s WordPress? Google, if I had to, I might advise that WordPress
is the best, but there’s two ways to skin a cat, but Google really, really likes WordPress.
It’s open source, it’s easy to read for Google’s kind of thing, and it’s wonderful. So yes,
I recommend it. For employers and partners are hesitant, or have a stigma about community
college students, what would you tell them, or what have you found in your own experience
working with associates and certificates degree students. We might be a little different,
us personally we don’t hold that, it’s more, we love people- some of these are people that
want to know our company personally and I’ll try to answer that question. We love people
that type fast, I’ll be very up front. We just live in a world where you do need to
type fast, and I’m a terrible typer so I might be, you know I type 35 words per minute. Jeff
types right around 80 words per minute. The staff we hire, we love for them to at least
type over 50, so that’s one thing that we look for. Over what you’re saying, do you
type fast? and probably it’s not mandatory, but good people skills is great. I have been
shocked where, we’re like hey you’ve got such a great skills set but you are not communicating
with our client well, and so what happens is we have this amazing graphic artist, I mean
her resume is awesome, and we hired her, and we ended up having to hire someone to just
be the liezon between her, no it’s true. She did all this great work, she’d like put
appointments off because she didn’t want to talk to the client, and we’re like we hired
an employee so that she wouldn’t have, she would basically look at the work, and she
wouldn’t actually talk on the phone to our client. And now it’s like, the only reason
we’re paying you is because she won’t talk to them, and so it’s crazy. It happens a lot.
Our two things is like, can you hold a conversation, and can you type fast. Those are almost A1
and A2, and then I’ll look at your other things. I mean and I see a lot more businesses going
that way. I mean I work, where our office building is, it’s called Yeger Office Suites,
there’s about 80 businesses in there and we have a lot of dialogue saying what are you
looking, it’s probably a consensus that they just want someone who can type fast and who
can talk to the phone with someone, and that’s all the way across the board because at some
point, and it might be 80 percent, if we have to pay for someone because you can’t do a
call at the end of the day, I was like we’d rather have someone with less skills that
we don’t have to hire another employee so that they can make that call for you. What
do you think of that? social media? Yes, no really, I think our communication skill has
diminished drastically. How can educational institutions better foster those skills? What
are some ideas you have for that? I think some classes that need to be important are
communication classes. I think it needs to be way up there, and I’m not trying to, because
of the atmosphere we’re in, it’s good to learn history and mathematics and I’m grateful for
those classes, but it was my communication class that really excelled me, and anyone,
I mean, look at our bus driver. He’s excelling because he has no problem getting on the phone,
and it’s not selling, it’s not you have to be a sales person. We’re not asking them to
sell anything. So we’re asking him is to get on the phone and say OK, the design is done,
oh you want this moved. I mean you think that’s crazy, but some people aren’t comfortable,
because we’ll always have a little tension. A communications class, they’ll get someone
that says, oh I don’t like it. They’re not mad, they’re just, I don’t like it, but here
are individuals that take is personally, and all they are saying is I don’t like it, try
something else, no offense taken. Oh, it eats me up, I don’t ever want to talk to somebody,
I never want anybody to tell me they don’t like something of mine. It’s not, they don’t
get in fights with people, but it’s just- so how they can foster that is communication
just needs to be a lot bigger part of it, and I think there needs to be more hands on
experience. It’s amazing, our best ones are just ones that are, you can look at it two
ways, it’s just open minded, or how the lack of knowledge is we’re training them. Because
in an field you go in, you just need to, even though you learn a technique, you still need
to learn it their way, or at least be open to learning it their way, and maybe they just
need to express that. Saying hey, whatever field your going to go into, they might teach
you a different way to do this. Just because we both get two plus two equals four, well
the other company might do one plus three equals four, and so you’ve got to be prepared
to do math their way, even though you’ll get to the same end. What I want to teach you
is how to beef up your LinkedIn profile from two different aspects that you can educate
people and to create healthier relationships. I tell people Facebook, you know there’s Facebook,
and then LinkedIn is social media for grownups. What it is is it’s a tool when my daughter
turns 18 the first thing I’m going to do is set her up with a LinkedIn profile because
it doesn’t mater what company you work for because when you move, you get to take your
LinkedIn profile with you, so it’s this digital asset that the more you monetize it, or optimize
it, you can monetize it and take it to other places. I wanted to at least touch on that.
I’m not in the job market, but this is what most people would put on their LinkedIn. Does
anyone not have a LinkedIn profile? Alright good, so we should all have a LinkedIn profile,
so no shame on you. So this is what most people would put. Owner at Osky Blue, sales manager
at Osky Blue, that’s what most people would put. Or bank teller at Bank of America. Notice
I don’t mention Osky Blue one time because LinkedIn, it’s a search engine, and people
aren’t searching for Osky Blue. What are they searching? Google Plus, SCO management, public
speaking, SCO, so this carries a lot of weight on how you rank in on LinkedIn, and so I put
key words that I want to be found for. So if you want to be found for project manager,
or university development services, you want to put it up there. And if you want to learn
real quick code, is all you do is if you notice I put up there, I put key work, whatever your
key word is, space, pipe, space, keyword, and let me tell you. So how to get that pipe
symbol, I know none of you have a laptop in front of you, but if we had a laptop here,
or a keyboard, there’s the backspace button right here. Right below it is the key to make
the pipe symbol, alright. What you are doing, is you are telling Google, this is a key phrase,
and this is a new key phrase, because the wrong way to do it would be like, let’s say
you’re house cleaning. You put house cleaning in Frisco, I’m just going to put Frisco comma, Plano comma, Little Elm comma, Prosper. Well Google, it’s not Google’s job or LinkedIn to go, oh you
do house cleaning in Frisco, house cleaning in Prosper, house cleaning in Little Elm.
It doesn’t read it that way, so what it needs to do is you would put house cleaning Frisco,
space pipe space, house cleaning Prosper, space pipe space, house cleaning in Carlton,
and then Google goes that’s a keyword or a key phrase, and you’ll rank a lot higher.
And the thing I love about LinkedIn, is Google I always tell people when we do this it takes
three to four months to get you to the top. If you were to do these things tonight, it
will take effect the next day, so I’ve seen people, they go and optimize their profile,
and the next day they are at the top of LinkedIn searches, so there’s not like a waiting period.
So you want to go put in these key words that you want to rank for because this carries
a lot more weight than the lower spots. Trying to get a job in commercial real estate, well
rather than putting bank teller at chase bank, you might put relationships in the community,
space pipe space, involved in parks in recreation, space pipe space, I’m thinking off the cuff.
Because what you are doing, and then I would put down here rather than saying oh I help
people deposit money, I would say when people came to the bank I would talk to them about
parks in the community and the school district, and those key words match up with what you
are trying to get into. Dose that make sense? So you don’t, you kind of put in the key words
that you want to be found for. So you can’t do this with Google, you can’t, it’s called
keyword stuff. If you put the same keyword multiple times, you can get penalized. LinkedIn
there is no penalty, so you can put the keyword as many times as you want. So you can put,
I’m learning cyber security. One of the best parts of cybersecurity is what I learned at
Collin College County in march when I was studying cyber security. It sounds crazy,
but all it does, is the bottom’s fluff. When a head hunter, or a staffing agency, they
just seach cyber security, and they just see your top part pull up, and then you are kind
of in play. But if you never get pulled up, then you’re never in play, so the bottom is
literally just fluff in there. Really in the bottom of it you want to keyword stuff. A
good example, twelve years ago, I sold alarms door to door, and selling alarms door to door
has nothing to do with SCO, right. Nothing to do with website development, so if I scroll
down where I said I did alarms, I said while I was selling alarms, I noticed people that
had great SCO, and had good looking website development, ranked high on Google, and got
a lot of business. So if you notice, what most people would have put was I sold alarms
door to door. Learned Honeywell products, you know home protection, but those aren’t
keywords that I want to rank for, so I talked about my time as an opportunity to put in
those keywords. Does that make sense? So I’m just like while I was doing it, I loved learning
about this other thing, and this other thing, because it really is, it’s a numbers game.
Google, if you want to, people are writing, you want to pick your top five keywords, and
they need to be on your profile at least 20 times. Is building up these skills and endorsements,
is everyone familiar with these? I use this as a closing tool now. Before, I would, clients
would say hey, can you give me five references of clients you’ve worked with, so we’d give
them some of our top clients, and one time I had this doctor call me, and he goes John
I love you guys, love your service, but don’t tell anyone to ever call me again. An no,
because someone called, his time is valuable, and someone called and was like, what do you
think of Osky Blue. What’s your experience? What’s been the turnaround? How would you
rate them on ten to ten? And he’s kind of like, I’m not getting paid for this, like
yeah, they’re good, and he wanted to just hang up. He’s like they’re asking way too
many questions and was just kind of annoyed, so what I do now, is when somebody goes three
or five recommendations, go to my LinkedIn profile. Scroll down to skills and endorsements,
and you can see a few people that have endorsed me, or the company for what we do. And they’ll
come here, and they’ll see, I actually lowered them, they’re actually down here, like 99
for online marketing, 99 for SCO, and they go great, I’m good to go, because people give
this a lot of validation, and a lot of credibility. It’s not like a Facebook like, oh you have
10000 Facebook likes, you must be good. No, they, this carries a lot of weight, and so
if you go to one company to another, it usually will stay somewhat in compliance. If you’re
in sales, or marketing, or customer service, a lot of these will transfer job to job. Some
of those might change, but answering his question, I don’t think it’s the case but I just wanted
to bring it up because I teach unemployment classes, and one thing you want to do, before
you make changes, go to the far right, hover over your head, and if you don’t have a head
shot, you need to get one. I’m just telling you, I can’t tell you people- you have no
chance if you don’t want to put up your head shot. So I scroll down to privacy and settings,
right there, right below the yellow button do you see where it says turn on and off activity
broadcast? Click that, and I’ll tell you why. For two purposes, if you’re leaving a job,
every time you make an update, it makes a notification to the whole world. So if you’re
making these edits, and you’re like oh great, I mean I can’t tell you how many people that
have HR departments that are like, hmm you’re here, but why are you beefing up your LinkedIn
profile. For only one reason, you’re tying to leave that company. That’s really the only
reason you’re beefing up your LinkedIn profile, and so it’s a huge red flag, and so if you
click that button, you can make all of your update, and then turn it back on and no one
knows that you beefed it up, but the searches will find you ranking higher. I see it happen
in businesses, that are like oh, hey what are you doing. If you’re trying to look for
a job, and be active, I think you should be on it every three to five days. That’s just
during that period, it might be a month in your looking for work. If you are happy with
it, I think you should check it once a month, because think of it as your digital asset.
You just never know, people go hey, I’ve been at my same job for 20 years, and all the sudden
they loose their job and it looks like, I mean they look like an 18 year old kid, I
mean profile wise. No endorsements, it’s really sloppy, there’s nothing there, and it’s just
a really weak profile. Think of it, you’ve got to invest. It’s your asset, like insurance
or something. I need to know tomorrow that if my partner Jeff or Troy want to fire my
tomorrow, I feel comfortable because I have this asset I can present to people in the
future. I mean it’s free, take it. Just miss one King of Queens episode, and take 30 minutes
and do it during that time. I appreciate it. No, I appreciate it, thank you for all you’ve done.

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