Orphea Spotlight

Orphea Spotlight

Not all heroes come from other universes. Some are born within the Nexus. After uncovering her father’s dark secret, Orphea left her home behind, hoping to escape
the Raven Lord’s influence. Through a chance meeting
with Deckard Cain, the young girl arrived in King’s Crest, where she witnessed, firsthand, the kingdom fall
to her father’s ambitions. Unwilling to let him hurt anyone else, Orphea chose to rise up
against the Raven Lord as a hero of the Nexus. Orphea is a mid-range Assassin who unleashes chaotic magic to dispatch her foes and sustain herself in battle. Orphea’s trait is Overflowing Chaos. Enemy heroes hit by Orphea’s abilities will grant her Chaos. Each stack of Chaos increases
Orphea’s next basic attack damage by 50% and heals her for 100%
of the damage dealt. Chaos can stack up to three times. Orphea’s first basic ability is Shadow Waltz. After a quick wind-up,
she slams a tendril into the ground, dealing damage
to enemies caught in its trajectory. If an enemy hero is hit with Shadow Waltz, its cooldown is reduced and Orphea will dash
a short distance upon moving after the ability is completed. Chomp is an ability Orphea can really sink her teeth into. After a short cast, Chomp takes a bite out of any enemies
caught within a small forward-facing arc. The ability does high damage and is effective at punishing
overly aggressive melee heroes. Orphea’s E ability ensures enemies will feel her Dread. When triggered,
she releases a wave of Dread that deals light damage
to all enemies it passes through. At the end of its path,
the Dread wave erupts, dealing heavy damage
and slowing anyone caught in the burst. Eternal Feast is Orphea’s first heroic ability. After a short delay, Orphea deals damage to all enemies in the targeted area. If an enemy hero is caught by the impact, the heroic immediately triggers again… …and again… and again. Crushing Jaws is Orphea’s heroic option for players who prefer crowd control. Once cast, Crushing Jaws
pulls all enemies in a targeted area towards a central point, dealing damage
and stunning all those affected. I never wanted this power, but I’ll accept it. Orphea is most effective when hitting multiple heroes at once
with her abilities to max out her Chaos. Since all of her abilities have a wind-up, precision and foresight are keys to unlocking her potential. Weaving in basic attacks
while Orphea has Chaos increases her damage output significantly and provides
a strong source of self-sustain, enabling her to stay in fights
for longer periods of time. Use Shadow Waltz
to position yourself in team fights, and follow up with Chomp to deliver a finishing blow. At Level 1, the En Pointe talent adds additional damage
to the tip of Shadow Waltz, while Allegrissimo at Level 4 further reduces the ability’s cooldown when enemy heroes are hit. These two talents combined allow Orphea
to dance around the battlefield, repeatedly pummeling her foes
into submission. The Lurking Terror talent at Level 16 leaves behind a puddle at the final explosion point of Dread where Chomp can be cast from. This can deliver a strong follow-up attack after an enemy hero is slowed by Dread, or create a small area of denial
for a few seconds. At Level 20, Final Toccata is
the capstone talent for Orphea’s Q build. For a short period of time, whenever she dashes after Shadow Waltz, its cooldown is reset. During team fights, this allows Orphea
to dish out damage repeatedly while ramping up her mobility. ORPHEA: RANGED ASSASSIN Orphea, a Nexus-born hero, joins the battle soon. Make sure to leave us a comment and follow Heroes of the Storm
around the web, and we’ll see you in the Nexus. HEROES OF THE STORM

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  1. Sweet, I didn't think Blizzard could come up with OC stuff. I guess HotS is the only positive thing that has come out from that company in the last decade.

  2. Dont play HOTS but heres a little fun fact:
    The newest Overwatch hero (Ashe) has a similar haircut and it is also white.
    k now i'll go back to the shadows

  3. …so, we went from the healing/dps/mobility tank with an ult that makes him invulnerable and intargettable while healing for a ton and dealing damage, to the mage with ALL delayed spells and skillshots with zero range and below par damage. Question: do you guys pay salaries to people who design heroes and test them?

    Orphea concept: if you kindly stand still for 3 seconds without attacking or leaving that area, MAYBE I'll deal some damage. Thank you.

    Still waiting for a decent hero design, the last one was Fenix, after that you were only able to deliver broken heroes or boring/unplayable ones…

  4. Imagine if it was just a cool void-borne monstrosity (like all her spells are) instead of a dumb looking girl…
    That would have been cool

  5. It feels good how even Activision Blizzard is dumping their own characters for original Anime ones, shows how mainstream and popular the manga & anime industry has become

  6. I'm a tad disappointed that none of Orphea's pissed quotes revolve around her being flat-chested while being surrounded by so many busty women. You might think that's lowbrow, but consider that she's still a child, so she has the right to be envious.

  7. Yeah but why does she have that thing on her back and why is she flying around? That back story really sucked, but who cares I am here for the hentai

  8. But I want to play a hero from other blizzard universes? Not some generic dull-looking girl? What's next? A Call of Duty character?

  9. Why noname char from the nexus? It was possible to make a new general of the Ancient Gods, with her talents. And here the Crow's daughter , in fact she closer to be daughter of Jack Estacado The Darkness 2.

  10. To Luckless cope. not always story mixes with the game.😑 I want to say… She even Has a dark backstory and i tought that raven lord wasn't like Queen nightshade. (Using the power of dark Nexus.)😅 She is the first NEXUS hero! And i don't think she IS a waifu but maybe in 20 %.🤔

  11. Wait. Orphea said she didnt want this power. If she didnt have it she would be an average girl that lives in the nexus and slaps bad guys.

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