Orbis – a business born after the UiPath Hackathon

Orbis – a business born after the UiPath Hackathon

I took the decision after the Hackhaton
had my first discussions with my partner and in about a
month we were business partners. We set our offices,
we tried to prepare our start up the best way we could. My background and my experience is around
implementation of ERP Solutions and SRM so here I can bring value with RPA
and I can help people migrate form one system to another. For the future we will see what we can bring to the market, of course there is competition, but we
want to be as agile as possible. Our scope is to build small teams of people that can be hired to
perform some RPI implementations. Because we are a small team, we are thinking to work especially with business analysis from big companies
or other consultants that understand very well the process of
the business. We want to focus on developing the technology
and the robot and keeping thesupport for it. The Company is called Orbis Innovation, our site is www.orbis.ro so we aim focus on Roumanian
market but we aim to go in the outside the market at soon as possible.

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