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  1. Clouds bring rain and storms unfortunately. I store nothing I can help in any cloud. I quit using Razor because of being forced to use their cloud to save settings.


  3. I have worked on just about every database platform ever developed. Oracle, when properly implemented, is absolutely the best.
    It is the only database that is 100% immune to any type of failure. But, you get what you pay for.

  4. Dude probably has the biggest balls in business. Never heard a company make fun of their clients, cause they know they cannot leave.

  5. Amazon, Salesforce Shifting Business Away From Oracle: Report:

  6. he's so full of shit. the Oracle database is software. AWS is infrastructure. you can run Oracle on AWS. or better yet, fuck Oracle and use one of the free databases like postgreSQL.

  7. Larry Ellison, ever the great ball buster. The irony of this is that the first profitable operation of Amazon that actually made money was their cloud operations.

  8. The only thing I will ever use Amazon for is one-click buy. I will never trust them as an IT solutions company as they are an e-commerce business, which they do very well (and the best). I will use Oracle for what they are and that is Database perfection. I will use Microsoft for server and business applications (i.e. Microsoft Office). I will use Mac for mobile and personal computing and everything else because they have perfected the laptop and I love Unix.

  9. All this talk of cloud yet no one is using it for critical data. Bunch of junk data sitting on cheap hardware and buggy open source software. Its slow and unpredictable reliability. Businesses need a local deployment of quality hardware and software for anything critical…cloud is good for backups and non-critical ‘big data’ or possibly computation which most businesses don’t need to do. A local SSD storage array with fast hypervisor nodes (running oracle, apps etc) connected with 10 Gbit network (or 40 or 100) is still the best solution for critical services. Non-critical data and VMs can be automatically brought online in the cloud to free up resources in the local deployment. Think is, cloud is cheap and a quality local setup is expensive…you get what you pay for. For many small to medium businesses, a cheap solution on the cloud may make sense, but a complete cloud solution doesn’t today for large corps, which are the primary market movers and spenders on tech…no one cares about tiny businesses and their non-critical data.

  10. This fucker was made rich by Oracle which is being challenged by Open Source and FREE alternatives. So he's naturally pissed. You must be either a) not in the business to believe him or b) somehow gullible.

  11. Asslicker Interviewer as always. Pure advertising instead of an interview that is interesting as in revealing a little more then usual in a eye to eye situation. That's what once made journalism interesting. You are a bunch of hoes, what can I say Fox News and all the others

  12. Technically, Orcale did not develop MySql, or Java… those were acquisitions… BTW, mysql sold itself to Orcale for $1 billion, then forked the last open source version of mysql to create mariadb… So, MariaDB, should be the DB of choice going forward…

  13. Does this dude understand that he's messing with hundreds of millions of dollars?

    He's acting like Oracle is a God or something. Their technology has a price too. If Amazon puts down enough money, they'll eventually figure it out. But, then what happens to this guy?

    He loses hundreds of millions of dollars for being a dick.

  14. Couple of my own phrases and words about organization’ visions, strategies and Leadership: The executives, the directors, the chiefs and the bosses will have to bind themselves to organization’s financial result and its action and be responsible for organization’ success and competition ability. Leaders have to make absolutely clear to employees, why they are working. Binding happens best with basic salary + result bonuses, by creating good working atmosphere, which by the way is very important to organization’s success and by pointing out of importance of working! Nowadays, almost nobody keeps only the salary the most important reason to work, although in many cases it’s very important reason to work.

  15. Oracle did not create the MySQL database. They bought it just like they bought Java. However, they have done some nice improvements to both.

  16. Larry, AWS will beat the shit out of Oracle in support, customer experience and so on… Your attitude "our customers can not leave us because we are the best, and they need to accept all Oracle conditions" worked in the 90's. Oracle will grow once it will respect his customers and employees. Arrogance "goes" only between women with fake tits and suckers, not customers and not in the world of IT!

  17. Larry is still living in 80s and 90s! Customers have choice now. It’s lock in that’s still giving him business. Migration is a long process that has already begun. Amazon is off of their dwh. And now by 2020 they will off of oracle completely and Larry could still be just talking.

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