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  1. No wonder Oprah's speech only has 417666 views while Steve Jobs has over 1.8 million. This speech doesn't hit the heart as much as Jobs' did.

  2. @rokyourbody She mentions Kirby to show she has a personal connection with the graduates , to show this isn't just a throw away speech , that it means something to her , it was entirely relevant to open the speech that way.

  3. Big Fan of Oprah. I think its very cool someone finally wrote this book. "You Have A College Degree, Now What?" was released last month. Spotted it on Amazon.

  4. @SPMNDK89 why can't you just say "watch Jobs speech" like maraianazhovnirenko did? btw – her speech has been up for how long? and Jobs has been up for how long?

  5. q palabras tan emotivas e inspiradoras q ella dice, hace que tu reflexiones y pienses sobre errores q pueden ser facilmente solucionados, que chevere persona es ella, es una entre un millon

  6. I will keep this commencement address for good , I think it actually helped me a lot.
    Especially, I got stock with my MBA program. I thought I gonna finish this semester first and travel alone to meet different people. I thought live ar the present and find the joy of your life matters more than getting that dipoma on time.

  7. @alz123alz what do you mean "sort off" i graduated in 2007 AND SO???? are you giving a back handed complement if so…. Please take it back and appreciate Oprah is an inspiration to all regardless of colour!

  8. Oprah, She So strong So power and So Beautiful mind for everybody…i like you so much. you make Commitment to success and happiness. Thank you… Oprah Winfrey

  9. In America, we don't need re-education camps. We have a bullshit-promoting educational system, we are stupid enough to believe our politicians. And we have sports to keep our minds occupied

  10. what kind of wisdom? maybe she's experienced… well as for me the speech from the beginning was kind of "showman product". I listen to it during my classes before and I thought she was just a simple human being. here with the video I see her as a showman. though while listening I noticed that she started talking about kind of interesting things. well.. her experience but the picture gives us that it worth being yourself. however, I don't agree that your emotions are always your GPS…

  11. @matling Most of these people don't need to be given a car. Most could probably give help to someone else less fortunate.

  12. After watching Steve Jobs commencement address; Oprah's opening speech was so boring! Who cares about her God Child?

  13. Wow, if I had known failure is a life's way of saying to change course before.. that would've saved me a lot of thinking 🙂 But eventually I've changed course and I think I'm going to be happy!

  14. @nicole1007n i totally agree! 🙂 she has a lot of wisdom! i loved watching her very final episode of her tv show also… it was really good to watch.

  15. @Vivamamaafrika This isn't a competition. I'm going to watch Jobs' one in a minute, but Oprah's really spoke to me. I found it very enlightening and wise. You can tell she's been there and seen it.

  16. What an amazing video! I bet the graduating class of 08 was pleased to have Oprah speak for them. Thanks for sharing!

  17. The best advice ever!!  Love the advice about following our feelings, and "getting still" when in doubt. Also love her episode about getting fired from a job for being "too emotional," and yet becoming one of the most successful women ever.

  18. I finally figured the feelings thing (aka instinct) out…… I wish I had known this in my 20's or earlier… because it seems like the older you get the more noise clouds your mind/heart and the more disconnected you become to that gut feeling that leads you…..or as she described it… your GPS.

  19. Some people want to be cynical about Oprah's speech, especially the beginning with so much talk about her God-daughter Kirby which I agree was a tad bit much, but nepotism isn't fair and if it were us giving the address to our children or God children's graduation, we would plug in a moment for them as well.

    Oprah's speech gave valuable knowledge about life and happiness. They are Stanford graduates so of course the money and good jobs will be plentiful, but she gave them sage advice on how to make their smarts and opportunities count for something. I was inspired. Oprah has a gift to connect with people and that's something most billionaires and tech giants can't do.

  20. Bullshit. A lot of people serv but don't earn much. It is easy have fashionable job, be famous, rich and talking about service

  21. Oprah peddles anti-science and quack medicine and new age books. She is a vapid peddler of bullshit, nothing more. The last person you should have involved with a university.

  22. Well the truth about Oprah is on my channel!! You people need to see some truth you need to see on my channel about what is happening to you in your houses you don't see 👀😮!!!

  23. Does Stanford ever invite any decent honest people.. instead of these millionaire geezers, mostly lairs and double faced public speakers …

  24. Whenever you are unsure of yourself, connect to YouTube and watch this video.
    from me of the past to me of the future.

  25. I’m shocked she was invited… Do your homework. Starting with how she sabotages people she befriends. Just for starters

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