Opportunity: Natural Resources Fellowship at the World Forestry Center

Opportunity: Natural Resources Fellowship at the World Forestry Center

I am one of the fellows from Nepal from Japan from Scotland I am from India from Guatemala from Malaysia from Slovakia Hi, my name is Shadia Duery, and I’m the International Fellowship Program Manager at the World Forestry Center The International Fellowship
Program is a professional development program for mid-career professionals
in Natural Resources. The World Forestry Center has hosted more than 130 fellows representing 42 countries in the past two decades. Fellows are selected from a
variety of backgrounds and disciplines. I am a professor in an Institute of Forestry. I recently finished my PhD in Water Resources Engineering. I work as a planning officer in the
Sabah Forestry Department. I have working experience from the Ministry of Environment from the Slovak Republic. I am the founder of a consultancy firm. Every fellow comes with a specific forestry related topic to
investigate over the six months. My project here, is to learn about how a
natural resources nonprofit functions. I am looking at learning more about how to
the Pacific Northwest integrates its wildlife management into the forestry systems here. How environmental monitoring data can be applied to forest management practices. My project here is to learn about the forest fire management of the Pacific Northwest. Over six months we learned from people working on the front lines to share ideas and best practices to be adapted and implemented
around the world. From forest management on public and private lands, and forest
product supply chains, to climate change, water, ecosystem services, ecotourism and urban forestry. I came here to the World Forest Institute to learn about finding middle ground between conservation
and forest management. Can the small farmers produce more
food and generate more income as well as they can conserve the soil,
the water and the forest. I am here to learn about fresh water sport
fishing in the Pacific Northwest and looking at the opportunities to
implement this recreational activity in the forest reserves in Sabah. Fellows complete the project by meeting with local experts in their field of interest site visits, field tours, participating in conferences and
seminars and active networking. The Fellowship also provides an important time to pause and reflect on your career your future contribution to the
profession and your country. The World Forest Institute Fellowship Program for me is to understand about the process Having space and time to think creatively I was very motivated by the framework of the program and also I
wanted to learn at interact from
fellows all over the world. The fellowship is a unique
experience to live in the United States and to learn from the main
stakeholders of the value chain of forests. The Fellowship can also be time
to recharge meet new people and collect new ideas and find the inspiration for
the important work ahead. When I go back to Slovakia I’ll be able to raise public awareness about the environmental issues to the level that people are not just
informed about them they are also willing to act to address them. When I go back home I’m planning to meaningfully address some of the challenges we have in Scotland with new perspectives and new confidence that I have gained from the fellowship. If this sounds like an opportunity for you please apply, I look forward to receiving
and reviewing your application!

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