Opening Address by Pr Chad. The Revival Fellowship

Opening Address by Pr Chad. The Revival Fellowship

well welcome everyone to the revival fellowship international
convention. This year’s theme is “Life” See, Hear Experience and, on behalf of the Adelaide fellowship we’d like to thanks all our brothers and sisters that have come from, have made the effort to come from overseas and around Australia to be at this convention. Really appreciate that and all the local saints say? [Audience: Amen] Amen, praise the Lord. and uh… we really uh… want to give a special welcome to anyone here that’s visiting for the first time you’re going to hear incredible things
what the lord is doing in people’s lives all around the world were experiencing around the world at
the moment uh… the outpouring of god’s spirit
were experiencing the latter rain and uh… the bible talks about this
being the last days and uh… if you’ve been invited to come here we uh… we really uh… encourage you
to listen to what’s going to be presented that you’re going to hear, uh, the book of acts all over again signs wonders and miracles
happening here and you could be part of that
we’ve got a, later on we’re going to have
a prayer line There’ll be opportunity for you to come and have prayer… you can receive the Holy
Spirit today! you’ll speak in tongues, you can be
baptized today. We’ve got a baptism tank to my left here off stage and uh… if you’re moved
by the testimonies that you are going to hear and the reports of uh… revival around
the world just come up uh… to the stage here and uh… to
the front here and uh… the officers will direct you uh… to the baptism tank. With this uh… morning session it’s themed who con solve your problems and uh… we read in the gospel of John, chapter
eleven that Mary and Martha with dealing with uh… an incredible problem there brother had fallen ill and he’d be dead for four days and they came to Jesus with this problem and the Lord answered them by saying I’m the resurrection and the life He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live. and Jesus cried with a loud voice “Lazarus come forth!” and it reads in verse forty four and he
that was dead came forth bound hand and foot with grave clothes and his face was bound about with the napkin and jesus sayeth to them “Loose him and let him go.” and uh… this message here is uh… continued on
with we’re living in a world that uh… people are spiritually dead
I was spiritually dead over eighteen years ago. I came and i heard the Lord’s voice i was obedient to the lord’s call
uh… i repented I was baptised by full emersion I received the Holy Spirit, I spoke in tongues and uh… my life completely changed I was
born again and we would like to encourage anyone
listening uh… today that i can happen to be a you. Your life
could be changed today that’s why we put a convention on
like this that we want to uh… present
to you what the lord is doing in our lives and uh… we just trust that
you take it all in and uh… when you move by it come forward and the
lord will be ready to save you.

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