Open Interconnect Consortium(OIC) to create standards for Internet of Things (IoT)

Open Interconnect Consortium(OIC) to create standards for Internet of Things (IoT)

Intel, Samsung and few other Technology companies
are joining forces to establish a new industry consortium focused on improving interoperability
and defining the connectivity requirements for the billions of devices that will make
up the IoT i-e Internet of Things. It is named as The Open Interconnect Consortium
or OIC. OIC is focused on defining a common communications
framework based on industry standard technologies to wirelessly connect and intelligently manage
the flow of information among personal computing and emerging IoT devices, regardless of form
factor, operating system or service provider. The OIC member companies will contribute open-source
code so developers can write common software stacks for communications and notifications
across handsets, remote controls, wearables, appliances and other sensor devices. The first OIC open source code will target
the specific requirements of smart home and office solutions. For example, the specifications
could make it simple to remotely control and receive notifications from smart home appliances
or enterprise devices using securely provisioned smartphones, tablets or PCs. Possible consumer
solutions include the ability to remotely control household systems to save money and
conserve energy. In the enterprise, employees and visiting suppliers might securely collaborate
while interacting with screens and other devices in a meeting room. Specifications for additional
IoT opportunities including automotive, healthcare and industrial are expected to follow. OIC is not the first IoT standards group.
This new group is being created just a few months after the nonprofit Linux Foundation
announced a different consortium called “AllSeen Alliance”, which has a similar goal. Many
companies including Qualcomm and microsoft are members of the Allseen alliance. And,
they are providing open source software named as “AllJoyn”. The term Internet of Things, “IoT” for short,
is a concept in which electronic devices and everyday objects — like refrigerators, thermostats,
and light bulbs — are connected to the Internet and each other through various methods such
as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These separate consortiums are trying to provide a common language for
these devices and objects so they can more easily connect and communicate with each other.

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