OnTalk for Enterprises

OnTalk for Enterprises

Like most business owners, you’re
probably using third-party messaging apps to discuss work with your employees. Do you know where your private
conversations go? Your chats and attachments – mostly confidential business
information, are all stored on unprotected servers. This means unwanted parties can easily
access them. And plus, when your employees leave the
company, those confidential files and chat histories are still stored on their
mobile devices. 350 companies in a recent study showed that each data breach had
cost a whopping average loss of three point seven nine million dollars. Which
is why businesses today secure themselves with OnTalk –
a triple-layered communications defense system. The first layer is the Secure Contact
List, which is separated from the phone book. This lets your company protect and
manage its very own contact list. This is further strengthened by layer 2,
called Secure Channel which generates unique encryption keys for each and
every instant message or phone call made. And the third layer of defense is Secure
Data, where your business communications are securely stored on your own trusted
platform – giving you full control and peace of mind. It is this powerful combination of
security features that sets OnTalk apart. Secure your business with OnTalk today.

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