Online Learning Consortium Spatial Thinking and Web Mapping Mastery Series

Online Learning Consortium Spatial Thinking and Web Mapping Mastery Series

Hi there! Joseph Kerski here with you to chat for
a moment about the Spatial Thinking and Web
Mapping Mastery series course taught through the Online Learning Consortium. Thanks for being with me today! Let’s get started! The spatial thinking and web mapping
in education mastery series is a series of three
workshops focusing on providing foundations and
skills so that you’ll will be able to teach
spatial concepts through the use powerful and easy to
use web mapping geotechnologies. Throughout the workshop you will explore and apply relevant
research principles to understand what spatial thinking is
and why to use it in your courses. You will learn how to
apply the principles through the use of web mapping tools to
build an exciting learning environment. Each workshop is
one week long. Between each workshop there will be a
three week break. This will give you time to complete
hands-on exploration using web mapping tools, to reflect upon
your own learning, and to connect with other educators. Successful completion of a series results in a recognition of mastery in spatial thinking
and geotechnologies. What exactly will we be doing in this
mastery series? Well, we will first discuss what spatial
thinking is and why it matters in education
and society. Why does it matter? Take a look around! We
face significant complex issues as a society–habitat loss, ocean pollution and acidification,
political instability, population change, human health,
sustainable agriculture, climate, biodiversity, water quantity and
quality, energy, natural hazards, crime, and so on. We need to be fostering the spatial
perspective throughout and this series will give you the
foundations and skills to do just that!– throughout education. Therefore, this
course includes readings and videos that will help you understand the
Foundations behind spatial thinking and analysis. I’m a firm believer in the following: To master the use of geospatial technology in education you need to DO IT! Thus, we will have plenty of hands-on
immersive practice I’ve got a variety of interesting
activities planned for you using the same geospatial tools that
educators and geographic information systems (GIS)
practitioners are using on the job. These tools include the Urban
Observatory, the Landsat change matters viewer, ArcGIS Online, and others. We will look at such issues
as natural hazards, biodiversity, population change,
watersheds, land-use, and so on at a variety of
scales from local to regional to national to continental to global. Themes that will
run through the mastery series include
asking the “whys of where”, being critical of the data, crowd-sourcing, and so on. Yes, we will get out into the
field! And yes, were even going to talk about how you and
your students can gather, collect, map, and analyze data that you
collect out the field even with the ordinary smartphone, and
how to analyze it spatially! Finally, success with spatial thinking and web
mapping means fostering a community of best
practicing educators. The discussion forums
will help connect you with other educators with similar interests both in this course and beyond. To learn
more about the spatial thinking and web mapping mastery series program, see this website. Thanks and we’ll see you in the course!

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