Online Fast Track Digital Marketing Course – Business Consort

Online Fast Track Digital Marketing Course – Business Consort

if you are looking for a guaranteed way
to drive your digital marketing success forward in 2018 then the online
fast-track course is for you in January this year Damien Hinds the
education secretary has announced in his speech that in schools they really need
to start developing digital marketing because we’re going through a digital
revolution now what’s happened is there’s a huge digital skills gap in the
UK and the opportunity now is that when businesses really ramp up their digital
presence they can really shine online and get ahead of the competitors now
this is an eight week fast-track course not something that you can do over a
year because the current topics of 2018 need implementing now so we’re going to
be looking at all of the top tips tools and topics they’re irrelevant in today’s
business world we’re going to be covering everything
from email marketing SEO social media the whole digital marketing
communications mix we’re even going to be looking at all of the top trends for
2018 things like artificial intelligence messenger BOTS Facebook marketing and
how to use these strategies to really ramp up your business success now
there’s about 30 hours of video content with 2-minute tips
practical exercises and quizzes so if you’re ready to take that step forward
and you want to invest in your own professional development and drive your
business forward then sign up now to the online fast-track course and start
learning tried and tested and proven strategies that you can implement
straightaway and get ahead of your competition

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