Online Business LIES That No Body Tells You!

Online Business LIES That No Body Tells You!

What is going on beautiful faces on YouTube? In today’s video, I am going to talk to you
about all the online business lies that nobody ever tells you. The number one biggest online business lie
that I see over and over again are from entrepreneurs who always claim that they can wake up at
any time that they want. I think it is one of the most common lies
that I’ve seen and came across on social media because that is so not true. Because when you have an online business,
especially one that is growing, booming, and making you a ton of sales, you have to wake
up at a specific time every single day because guess what? You have responsibilities. One thing I practice this year, it’s 2020,
I am practicing to wake up at 5:30 AM every single morning. I don’t care if it’s the weekend. I don’t care if I went somewhere the night
before. I schedule my time when I am waking up the
same time every morning and sleeping around the same time every single night. Now, why do I do and why do I not promote
the luxury of getting to sleep in? Now, I used to sleep in. I used to sleep in all the time when I just
started my online business, when I just started my Amazon FBA business. I slept in until I realized that I wasn’t
getting enough things done. And one of the biggest things that I hear
from new sellers, new entrepreneurs, is that, “Tamara, I don’t have enough time to do this
business. I do not have enough time to start my Amazon
FBA journey.” And I am asking them, “okay, what time do
you even get up in the morning? What responsibilities do you have?” A lot of the times, people are wasting their
time, their precious, precious time sleeping in and I honestly think that’s one of the
biggest time wasters. Why would you sacrifice your time to sleep
in when your time can be used towards making money and growing your business. You see, one of the biggest reasons why you
may be slower at growing your business or your progress may be slower than everybody
else that you are comparing yourself to online, it’s simply because you are not focused using
your time. A lot of the times, I always think about what
I can do to limit my distractions. If you take away all of your distractions,
if you turn off your cell phone, you turn off your TV, you turn off your music, you
do not allow your pets or your children in the same room as you, and you are 100% focused
on your work, you are going to be that much quicker compared to someone who has a ton
of distractions going on in the background and you both work the same hours per day. It’s amazing how much you can get done if
you use your time wisely. Wake up early and actually be 110% focused
on things you need to do to get you further. If you are somebody who thinks that growing
an online business or growing an Amazon FBA will allow you a ton of time to sleep in,
that is absolutely not true. And especially, when you are in the growing
phase, when you are expanding and there’s a lot of things going on, you should not be
sleeping in. I do not know why people do this and then
complain later why they do not have time to start their business. It all comes down to how focused you are. And how much time you can squeeze out of your
day to get things done. The number two online business lie that entrepreneurs
do not tell you is that they are having a ton of fun while travelling and on vacation. Of course, I’ve travelled a lot last year,
I think it’s the most amount of time I have ever travelled throughout my entire life and
that’s because I work in the comfort of my own home, I make my own schedule, and since
I have an online businesses, I take my online business to wherever I am travelling to. But let me tell you something. When we are travelling, when myself and my
spouse, we are travelling, every single day that we are travelling, we are working on
our business. There’s not a single day that went by that
I remember where we did not work on our business. But a lot of people portray online that if
you have a successful Amazon FBA business or you have a successful any online business,
you are living a lifestyle where you can just forget about your business and it’s just a
bunch of partying and having fun while on vacation and travelling. Which is not true. It’s not true. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy working while travelling. It’s become a part of me. And when you have an online business, your
business becomes a part of you. Actually I think when you have any business,
it becomes you. And you have to be so responsible and on top
of everything especially when you are just starting and when are expanding. I take my business everywhere I go, I don’t
care if I am going somewhere super fancy, super fun, super expensive or whatever, we’ve
done all of that last year, but not a single day goes by without me actually opening up
my laptop, responding to all you lovely people online and also spending time working on my
business. Usually when we are travelling and we take
our work with us on our laptop, the number one thing we do every single morning when
we get up in our hotel or resort or wherever we are staying, is to check business email,
to check how the business is going, go over some numbers. And we do all of that first before we go out
and enjoy whatever activity that we want to do for that day. You have to prioritize what is important to
you when you have any sort of business. And whenever I see people advertising online
where there is no backend work and everything is just effortless, it’s just not real. I don’t want you to get into this business,
get into Amazon FBA or Shopify dropshipping, thinking that you have a ton of real time
to travel the world. Yes, you do, but believe me when I say, your
business will still be there and you still have to run your business while you are travelling. If you are enjoying this video so far, make
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every single time I, Tamara Tee, post a new YouTube video. The number three online business lie that
I see a lot is people claiming that they make a sh*t load of money. Now, depending on your definition of what
a lot of money is, I want to let you in on a little secret. There’s something called money that belongs
to your business and then there is something called money that belongs to you personally,
on the personal side. A lot of the times, when we are selling on
Amazon FBA, the money that we make, especially for bigger sellers, I would say anyone who
is selling and profiting 5 figures and up, the money that they make is actually towards
their business. Not to them personally. And this is how I run my online business as
well. Every single time we make money in our online
business, it goes towards the business. And then, from the business, we pay ourselves
personally because myself and my spouse, we are officially employed under the business. A lot of the times, when you see people making
claims that they make money, I am sure they do, I am not saying that they don’t, just
remember that a lot of the money is allocated towards their business. Now, how do I know this? Because in a lot of countries, especially
in Canada and the United States and I am sure in a lot of other countries around the world,
you get taxed more if you claim money directly to your personal side. And that’s why we don’t do it. I do not claim money that we make from Amazon
directly to the personal side because since we are selling a lot, we will reach the next
tax bracket. And then, a lot of the money I make will go
toward the government. Instead, we formed a business entity on this
side, where Amazon pays us to the business, and depending on how much we want to use the
business to pay ourselves as employees, that’s how we transfer money over. Do not get confused between business money
and personal money. 90% of the time, I can almost guarantee that
when people claim that they make money, it’s their business, not them personally. Which reminds me, another thing that I want
to bring up. When people buy nice things and they post
it online, majority of that is owned by the business as well. Because when you have a business entity, you
can write off a lot of expenses to save yourself a lot of money in taxes. Whereas, if I were to buy something very expensive
on the personal side, I can’t write that off. There’s more that goes into this, but I want
you to be aware of business money and personal money when people are making large claims
online. The number four online business lie is that
people make themselves look like they have a ton of friends. I am not sure I’ve ever made myself appear
to be that way but I can be honest with you and tell you that I barely have any friends. To be honest, in my personal life, I do not
have that many friends. And I choose to be this way because my whole
entire life, I noticed that my vision was simply different than a lot of people. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always had a natural hustle to keep working
towards my business and I’ve had this throughout my whole life. But a lot of people in my personal life, did
not understand that. They did not accept that and they looked at
me kind of weird. But that’s a story for another time. But a lot of people think that, just because
you have a lot of subs or followers or people commenting on your videos that you have a
lot of people who love you and you have a lot of people who are your friends. Which is completely far from the truth. I’ve met a lot of amazing people online that
I have became very, very good friends with and we are exactly the same in terms of mindset. And it’s so important to meet people in your
life who have the same mindset as you do. It’s so, so important. That could probably make or break your business. Anyway, it’s not true. A lot of entrepreneurs actually do not have
that many friends. I’ve talked to a lot of online entrepreneurs
who are doing better than I am, who have 7, 8 figure businesses and believe me, they are
not spending their time with their friends. In fact, they do not even see their friends. The truth is, when you have a successful online
business, people start to see you differently. Some people in your personal life will just
not understand what the heck you are trying to do. They may think you’re weird. They may think you’re crazy and you start
to shift your mindset differently. You start to develop different habits that
are different from the average normal person that goes to their 9 to 5 job. And that’s when you start losing a lot of
people in your life. That’s why I always say to people who are
just starting their online business, it’s so important that you truly have a strong
desire in entrepreneurship and you truly believe in this system because if you do not, you
are simply going to give up very easily. People that I know that are successful business
owners, whether it’s online or offline, they do not have a lot of friends. And in fact, we probably have people who hate
us. Everybody has haters. Every single time you think someone is super
popular online or they portray themselves looking like they have a ton of friends, it’s
not true. We just do not have friends. The fifth online business lie that you may
not know is that it’s very easy, that running an online business, running an Amazon FBA
business is so easy. Now, let me clarify this statement. Now that I’ve been doing Amazon FBA and everything
else related to my online business for 3 years now, to me, I can actually say it’s easy. But for anybody else that’s new, it may be
hard. And the reason why you hear people say, it’s
so easy or it’s so hard, you can’t really blame the person who’s saying that because
a person who is more experienced will always find things more easy. For example, have you ever had a time where
you knew how to do something very, very well? And you are trying to explain what you are
doing to somebody else and they may look at you and think, “oh my gosh, that’s so hard,
how do you do it?” That’s exactly what I am trying to compare
and what I am trying to explain. To some people, it may seem easy. To some people, it’s going to be friggin hard
and so difficult because they have no experience. The more you do something, the more you repeat
the process, the more you just do things hands on, the more you repeat what you do, the easier
it gets. I can only speak for myself but if I have
ever made it seem like Amazon FBA is easy or starting an online business is easy, that
is because I have done it repeatedly so many times. When you start your Amazon FBA business or
whatever online business that you have, it’s going to be hard. Everything new to you, anything, everything
in your life, once something is new to you and you have no knowledge about it, it’s going
to be hard. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. Do not forget that. But for people to say that it’s easy right
off the bat, that is completely true. I know sometimes people like to market their
products and say that some things are easier and I want to clarify this a little because
when people are experienced at selling something, when people are experienced in their business,
they can actually claim that it’s easy. But do not mix that up with the actual work
because the actual work, with anything that is new in your life or any business, it’s
going to be hard for the first few months up to a year. I would say, anything after one year, everything
should be easier, especially if you are constantly trying to work on your business, improve your
business, and getting into the rhythm of everything. That’s my opinion when people say are easy,
when running an online business is easy, yes, it may be to some people who are experienced
but if you are new, it’s definitely not easy. I hoped this video has helped you open your
eyes to really get a feeling of how it’s like to run an online business and when things
are portrayed differently online, how it’s really like in the backend of everything. At least everything that I’ve said in this
video is from my own experience. I cannot speak for anybody else. If you have any questions or comments, drop
me a comment below. Make sure you give this video a huge thumbs
up. Subscribe to my channel. And I will be seeing you in my next video.

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  1. I think what you're really saying is those are myths. not really lies because those "lies' really apply to people that have made the business successful, profitable, and basically self run. Once you hit the millionaire status you can do whatever the hell you want essentially. Of course when you're starting out it's not going to be like that.
    owning a business has never been easy. No one ever said it was easy but for some reason in the last 20 years or so you have these people saying oh it's easy everybody should start their own business… that kind of distorted reality for many people.
    Actually I would seee business owners as superior and successful because they have hit the elite pantheon of special class that the government holds so dearly.

  2. Good video Tam and I think you are right about these lies. People promote their training/courses by saying how easy it is to start to attract more businesses. People tend to move toward something easy instead of hard. But nothing rewards you more than the hard work that eventually pays off. Keep working on your business and be free of the 9-5 jobs.

  3. Definitely agree about getting up early. I find I'm so productive working on my business when I get up early on weekends and can get stuff done before the day even really starts.

  4. I’m a new seller, I still work a 9-5 job, but I still have time to work on my online business for at least 2 hours everyday. I don’t get why people say they don’t have time doing things they β€œwant” to do. You MAKE time for things you care about. Smh. Good video!

  5. Repetitive learning that's how we learn the more we do it the better we get it. Another inspiring video keep up the good spread the well of knowledge you are a great teacher πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Hello Tee. I am getting started on Amazon but dont k know how much to start with in terms of capital. What is your advice to this.

  7. Great video as usual Tamara, especially about sleep. I was a chronic insomiac, and when i started to change my way of thinking on sleeping (and habits) some months ago, it really changed my life.
    Going to bed early and getting up early was the most beneficial thing that happened to me, especially for the launch of my AMZ business.
    Thanks for all the content that you offer. Greetings from France πŸ˜‰

  8. Thank you, Tamara! idea for a video – it would be great to hear from you a strategics for ranking and launching to the top of products that not on the new listings but already released more than few months ago and working with PPC in super competitive niches with huge bids πŸ™

  9. You are the most genuine person on youtube and I watch a lot of business related videos. Thank you for telling us the truth because there are so many liars out here fluffing numbers etc. I'm busting my butt on my business while seeing everyone else on youtube living it up and saying they can work anytime they want. Really seeing that they are nothing but a distraction. I love your heart and just how humble you are unlike many others. You are so right about the friends thing. Just the other day I was feeling bad for really not having friends but you just made me feel much better.

  10. Hey Tamara, I have a quick question unrelated to this video (sorry!). What is Amazon's policy on adding another website on an insert? For e.g. if my insert said "Win a $50 Lululemon voucher by uploading a video on Instagram of you using the product with the hashtag #….." I'm not trying to take customers off Amazon, I just want to generate user content off Amazon.

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