Online Banking for business: Online Tax Filing

Online Banking for business: Online Tax Filing

Welcome to Online Banking
for business! This module shows you
how to make Federal and
Provincial tax payments using RBC’s Online Tax Filing
service for businesses. Let’s start by
getting you enrolled. First, click on the
“Pay Bills and Transfer Funds” link on the left hand menu.
Now, click on
“Tax Filing Service” under Pay Bills
and Transfer Funds To enrol in the service,
you will be asked to provide a contact name and telephone
number. Go ahead and enter your contact information. Review your
information, then click “Confirm”. You are now
enrolled to make government payments electronically.
To make a payment, click on “Tax Filing Service”
You will need to set up the payment types and
accounts for your company. Select one from the list,
and click “Next”. Enter your Tax Account
details, and click “Next”. Your payment account
registration is complete. Click “Done” to access your list
of registered payment types and complete the payment remittance
process. Select the payment type from your “Registered payments
and accounts”, and click “Pay”. Payments are processed
the next day, so be sure to submit your payments at
least one business day before they are due. To make a payment,
enter your payment information, and click “Next”. Verify the
information, and click “Submit”. That’s it! You’re done.
You can view up to 13 months of historical transactions
online by accessing the Payment History tab.
Not business as usual! RBC for Business

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