One of the most popular Business News TV Channel TV Pirveli covers Golden Fleece Project

One of the most popular Business News TV Channel TV Pirveli covers Golden Fleece Project

We continue our news with first cryptocurrency that is under development in Georgia, created by young Vakhtang Gogokhia project is in test regime already generates 8 thousand USD. but so far consumers are not largely engaged in this project I won’t continue further as Vakhtang Gogokhia has joined our discussion and he will tell us more details good afternoon and thank you for joining us first of all what is current stage of development of Golden Fleece first Georgian cryptocurrency? and please tell us about beginnings as well as most recent news that you have brought to us? Currently we are at the start-up level we have put in place pre-ico sale which Is a preparatory stage for offering major stake of shares, we have raised funds for marketing and PR campaign and will start our campaign in the following week, I think it’s also important to talk about current & potential partnerships as well as network of contacts as it’s related to development of company, as I know one partnership agreement is underway can you tell us about it? I have presented names of our current partners in my earlier interview this are monkey capital, atland and some others, we have a fresh news as we made a verbal agreement with monkey capital as they expressed interest to invest 25% of our total shares. Okey let’s start from the beginning how you came up with the idea and why you decided to work in this direction name of the company is also very interesting please tell about this. Sure me and my friends from IT Industry were interested by new technologies and innovations including cryptocurrencies some of us were doing mining at home through various hardware equipment and we generated additional income, at later stage we decided to set up relatively large data center that we opened in June we have picture of it on our web-page, this pilot data-centre is currently functioning and it contains 24 servers and generates as we mansioned 8k USD worth of cryptocurrency however when we started this project many more joined & our team expanded do you plan to build another data-center? Yes we have already ordered equipment of the same amount that we expect in the following weeks where is data-center located? Its in Kakheti region. Cryptocurrency itself is digital Let’s talk about accessibility of your cryptocurrency after the interview with BMG our new portal there were comments and question about possible way’s for obtaining your currency, please explain in a simple way for public and interested individuals, how to become owners of your concurrency raising awareness is one of the most important factor so far only those people are involved who have background in this field in wider society it’s not well spread yet that is why put our efforts through mass media and various other channels to spread information as its a future technology very important is also to gain trust how do you plan to persuade others to trust in you? We are working on this mainly we build trust through partnerships, we sign contracts with company’s who have a very high volume of trust is it the main challenge at this stage? At this stage Yes, absolutely What was the initial investment and how much does it cost to produce cryptocurrency? Idea of our project is to build data centers that will produce other cryptocurrencies in order to build this data centers we have to raise financial resources, for this reason we have issued our own cryptocurrency Golden Fleece and we plan sell it through several stages. What is the value of investment? So far we have spent 200k USD but we have already raised more that we are going to spend for marketing campaign. Do you cooperate with Georgian Innovations and Technology Agency ? yes it’s a very fresh information process is very dynamic today I received a call from Techno park tomorrow we have a meeting, day after we have a meeting with emoney as we are going to cooperate. I guess as time passes we will have more to tell. so the process of development since June is very active and it’s moving forward very fast thank you so much and wish your success

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