One-Minute Tutorial – Creating a Facebook Business Page

One-Minute Tutorial – Creating a Facebook Business Page

– Hey, everybody. Brian Hunt here with
another one-minute tutorial. This one is all about
creating a Facebook page, so we’re gonna jump
straight into the computer. What you want to do once
you’re logged into Facebook is to go to Then click on create a
brand, business or brand, get started. And you’re gonna come up with a name you want
for your business. And you’re gonna
pick on a category. You can put in your
address, your postal code, all that information,
contact information. Okay, and that’s it. We’ve now started
to build our page. All you gotta do now is
go through the steps here. You’re gonna upload photos,
upload other images, and you now have
a Facebook page. You can start using and
promoting for your business or your organization. (bell dinging)

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