On the Road in Hampshire County: Five College Consortium | Connecting Point | June 2, 2014

On the Road in Hampshire County: Five College Consortium | Connecting Point | June 2, 2014

and we’re on the road in Hampshire
County today taping at the Yiddish book center in Hampshire coward any Amherst math talking about the
impact at the five colleges had any Hampshire
County area and joining me in Neil a neighbor who is
the executive director up five colleges ever faster up as a
mail thank you so much for joining me today so talk about what five colleges it
thank you Liz five colleges is an association Amherst Hampshire Mount Holyoke and
Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts
Amherst it is formed and has approach now its fiftieth
anniversary since its founding form to help the five
campuses work together to achieve their separate goals which
really educational missions but in the process we help them be more
efficient in their administrative projects offer more opportunities for students and faculty members and
better serve the communities in which they were now we’re talking a little bit of camera
this has been going on for a while even know him for college was the most
recent college to joining and you turn from for colleges that
defied but it’s been going back your collaboration among the colleges
and universities the Connecticut River Valley western
Massachusetts began in 1914 with leave Association love Amherst College Mount
Holyoke College miss college Massachusetts Agricultural
College the early name of what has become U-mass
Amherst and the YMCA International College the early name of what became
Springfield College they find an association to promote educational
opportunities for residents in the communities Inc
which those five institutions existed and that meant services for training for mill workers
and also services for the employees in the
military bases now it kinda been involved water also
that lasted for about sixty years and then fifty years ago with a slight overlap for college is
incorporated was formed to help these for neighboring institutions near
Amherst work together and it’s incredible how
they don’t forget odds with each other they’re both
they’re all working together and that’s where five colleges is able to come to
get them all-or-nothing level and kinda present that united front and
attract students to death area so the opportunities for students are much
larger and currently above the thirty thousand
undergraduates who are enrolled in our five campuses there are nearly 6,000 enrollments away from home as we say students who
will take a course at another one with the campuses fining
a way to replace the cap course that is for at the home campus find a course it’s not offered at the
home campus finding a different style of presentation and there’s also a there’s that
offensive even the faculty members are almost it’s
a joint faculty members cracked well there are several thousand
faculty members in total but there are forty of them who are
hired to teach every year at several campuses and there
another forty or fifty who are borrowed on a temporary basis to
teacher second campus because they have a specialty that is
needed so there’s a lot of faculty interchange the benefit students even if the
students stay put and it’s not just benefiting the
students but it’s also benefiting the local economy as well talk about the
importance of having five different college institutions in
this area so there’s a wide range a benefit from the
earliest days of allowing students to travel among the campuses there was a
shuttle bus service to get the students because students have were far less likely to have cars and
now they’ve moved to no canceling our own bus service and subsidizing the Regional
Transit so the buses run more often as long as
the buses run between the campuses we have joint activities to provide
community service and when we decided to build our own
fiber-optic network to bring high-speed internet to the campuses we left some fibers reaches the town’s
so they have access to the high speed internet as well in
each other towns so covering South Hadley and Hadley and Granby and Chicopee no along the routes
Northampton Amherst and so forth all those towns have public homes service access to the internet because
we brought it to the area but a benefit what are some
ways that the five colleges getting cool to put the community so a
recent way which is really quite exciting and then go back to another the recent
way was that many the local newspapers are hard to
keep and hard to find in the library’s across the state so we helped fifteen libraries buy a subscription to the electronic
back files all the local newspapers and make them available to every library
in western Massachusetts whether it’s a school library or public library or college university library where the
hub we get we helped recruit the 15 payers and everybody benefits can’t think right
you know very different way there are 10,000 employees and so a
payroll have some 700 million dollars the is invested in people who live and work in
the areas where buses we have it. we have just payroll we have local purchases in the local farms that buy
food for that the dining halls so it is a major
engagement with the community and then there’s lots of community
service for the service organizations for
after-school tutoring in school tutoring and for special needs populations any
plans for a sec college to add to the mix relative
college was a brainstorm representatives up the other four who
were commissioned to respond to educational reform initiatives back in the nineteen
fifties and they came up with a vision for a new college nobody had the money for its and nothing
happened until the the funders came along is that what
about that idea for new college there hasn’t been talk another college
but there has been a lot of talk I’ve collaborating with the eight
colleges in the Greater Springfield area and with Greenfield Community College to
creating a network 14 campuses here in character River Valley saying never now
are you never know well thank you so much family room from
the by colleges conversion thing

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