On Location at Business Insider’s GOP Primary Debate | The Daily Show

On Location at Business Insider’s GOP Primary Debate | The Daily Show

A lot of people think that impeaching Trump
will be totally partisan. Democrats will support it, while Republicans
will write it off like it was Jussie Smollett
on Empire. But it turns out
there are actually Republicans who want Trump gone, too. In fact, several GOP candidates have officially launched
primary challenges against him. And, last night, they held
a Republican primary debate right here in New York City. So we sent our very own
Roy Wood Jr. to check it out. WOOD: It’s the first
Republican debate. And being a veteran
of the spin room, I knew it was gonna be
jam-packed with excitement and covered by the who’s who of the nation’s
most elite journalists. And I just happened to score
an exclusive pass to this amazing… What the hell is this? When do we head downstairs
to the actual debate? Can’t go down there. Not allowed in the debate
at the debate? -No.
-I get it, I get it. Security risk.
Trump is down there. Trump’s not here. That’s cool.
We got three candidates. Got three solid candidates. Two candidates. Two candidates. Still okay. It’s okay. This debate will be covered
by all the national networks. Which-which channel
is the debate? Business Insider’s
Facebook page. MAN (on TV):…the president’s
dreams coming true. He knows exactly what… WOOD: So we watched
this historical debate on Facebook Live
with about 900 other people in the entire country,
15 of which were in this room. And it seemed like
the hottest topic was how much Trump sucked. The president is a sick man. Donald Trump is
a horrible human being. He’s a malignant narcissist. He’s a dictator. WOOD: And Just when
it was getting juicy… (loud beep) Ugh. And that concludes
Business Insider’s 2020 Republican
Presidential Primary Debate. WOOD:
I knew from past experience, when that debate ends,
you’ve got to rush to get a VIP spot in the spin room. (laughter) As the candidates came
into the room, the reporters
were becoming animalistic, anxious to get answers. And after ten minutes
of being patient, finally, my turn
to ask the perfect question. Thanks, y’all. -Have a good night, everybody.
Thank you. -Thank you. WOOD:
Oh, damn. (applause and cheering) Wait, Roy. Wait. …didn’t work, Trevor. Wait. So you didn’t ask the
candidates a single question? I was still eating cheese,
and… (laughter) My mouth was full, man,
but don’t worry. I managed
to get a one-on-one interview -with Governor Bill Weld.
-Oh. Is-Is he the candidate that
Trump should be worried about? (laughter) I don’t know if he’s a candidate
to worry about, but as a man, we should all
be worried about him. You, Walsh, Sanford. Trump has called
all of you “The Three Stooges.” Now in no way do I want to
validate this childish bullying, insulting game
that the president is playing… but which
of The Three Stooges are you? I’d be the…
the guy you can’t see, holding the strings,
moving ’em. That’s some Illuminati shit
right there. Yeah, I changed the goalpost
on you. Damn. The fourth stooge, pulling the strings
the whole time. You’re the architect
from The Matrix. (laughter) What? You’ll never know, Roy,
that I was cutting your throat until you turn to laugh at me,
and your head falls off. (laughter, gasping) Well, it was good meeting you. -My pleasure, Roy.
-I’m gone. Not getting my throat cut. (applause,
audience clamoring) You… you won’t even know your throat is cut until you turn your head
and it falls? What does that even mean? (laughter) I don’t know what it means, but I haven’t turned my head
since. Roy Wood Jr., everyone.

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  1. You know it's funny how Americans run around other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, remember Saddam Hussain , they killed him by hunging because he was a dictator just like Trump , and here you can't even fix your own country. What a disaster??
    No wait, that's all I need to know about Americans. LOL.
    Get yourselves together and fix your own crazy country. And don't misquote me, am just saying, it's funny how you talk too much with no actions. I wonder if any super power at all . Getting your family members killed abroad for no reason , Smart I see ?LMAO

  2. the same reason why you "dont see" the illegal chop block your home team's lineman just got called on, republicans are more worried about more republicans winning than making the country actually a better place. I guess same goes for dems as well, they dont care who wins, as long as they beat trump, even if it is the worse candidate (actual quote from biden's wife)

  3. Interesting how Comedy Central is making fun of a democratic process. Why didn’t they host it? Also, the two republicans are way better than the stooges in the Democratic Party, who would rather give our taxpayer money to illegal immigrants

  4. lol this is what happens when you go watch the joker movie and identify with the main character too much. turn into an edgelord

  5. Bill weld is a legitimate candidate. He knew he was being fucked with. This is the difference between Noah and stewarts daily show. Noahs is cheap and superficial, Stewart's actually brought some light to whatever was being covered.

  6. I'm a libertarian, like Weld. I find it terrifying that the entire room of Trump voters are deeply concerned that Trump is oblivious when it comes to condemning Nazism and think he may be incompetent…but still won't vote for Bill Weld. WTF?

  7. So… You make fun of the candidates not getting enough publicity and attention… And you respond by doing the exact same thing? I mean seriously, we couldn't get 60 seconds of legit interview in there?

  8. Watch bill weld's q&a at Dartmouth that was broadcasted on c span. The man is serious about climate change reform, can recite the science about it, is for womens reproductive rights, and is for more working visas for immigrants. Its depressing daily show took such a superficial and cheap approach to him, rather than realizing hes th dream republican primary for even the center left. Such is new wave progressivism. A complete lack of any pragmatism when it comes to winning on the political stage. An opportunity missed to introduce bill weld, a legitamate and solid , if you will, progessive republican, as a piece of the puzzle to ensuring trumps defeat. Rather, they shit on him and attempted to use him to discredit Republicans while thinking they can count on peoples distaste for Trump as enough to win 2020. Newsflash, people who arent die hard progressives still take issue with warren and other super progressives policy talk and will vote for third party candidates out of principle. Bill weld is a solid option to pull votes from republicans who will follow the party rather than vote democrat but arent trumpers.

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