Olds College Helped Me… Employ My Passion: Edgar Farms

Olds College Helped Me… Employ My Passion: Edgar Farms

I’m Elna Edgar with Edgar Farms, and we grow,
We’re known for our asparagus, we actually have the largest asparagus field in Alberta,
here on our farm. We’re also members of Innisfail Growers Coop,
Innisfail Growers was formed in 1993, it’s a group of five farm families: Beck Farms,
Upper Green Farms, The Jungle Farm, Hillside Greenhouses, and ourselves, Edgar Farms. We’ve been together since 1993 and we’re a
marketing cooperative. I’m Rob Bradshaw, I’m one of the owners of
Beck Farms and we grow [a variety of vegetables]. I guess, you know, sometimes if you look at
a diamond its carbon under pressure and you know the Agriculture we deal with carbon everday,
so its one of those things, i guess, Olds is more than just an Agriculture College,
like when my dad went. Well, when I went to Olds College, I took
Agriculture Mechanics and it’s good cause you can relate to a piece of machinery and
on the farm there’s always something that goes wrong and something we found with vegetables
there’s always something that needs to be fabricated or built or customized, so that
really helped me with that. We do have, at the markets, we have people
and they’re really our ambassador, you know, they’re our front people , and at their store
here there’s people at our front store, and they have to be really, you know, a quality
kind of people.

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