OLC Accelerate

OLC Accelerate

The OLC Accelerate conference held
annually in Orlando Florida consistently attracts thousands of on-site and
virtual attendees worldwide, bringing together the brightest minds in
education. OLC is the cutting edge conference, it’s international, it is the
place to be as far as if you’re learning cutting-edge techniques, how to implement
those techniques in the classroom, do case studies through real live examples,
hands on workshops. Raise your hand if you think this is a better illustration. This is a
great conference for anybody who’s either been doing it for a while and
wants to come and learn about new ideas in terms of online education, or if
they’re first getting into it, people have a lot of questions: how do we get
into online how to train faculty what should we tell our students is really a
good first step to learning more about how to do it well
design an effective practice that allows faculty to overcome barriers
of time. I’d love to tell you about the technology test kitchen it’s a wonderful
open space where volunteers from different universities even around the
world participate and offer technology health to those who are at the
conference it’s a makerspace is an open space it’s a technology
learning and development and design space and it gives an opportunity for
those who are at the conference learning things and gaining knowledge to then go
and apply it on-site you know we are doing a lot more aspects
in restructuring our online school and so I thought this is the perfect
conference for me to attend we’ve had people from WPI go in the past and had
really good experiences I have looked at a lot of the webinars and stuff online
already as I’ve been doing my job so I was interested to get home meet some
people all hands-on and see really what’s going on here the first thing I
got out of today it’s more connected right we’re meeting new people you’re
getting network and you’re getting to learn what others were doing in the
industry so I got to go to a couple of sessions on research and online
education and they were excellent it built community and there’s other people
who are doing the same things I am that are out there studying online learners
and that helps to know that you’re not alone because what we went over there
and I won the Chromebook ultimate solving new life
I like the OLC because they’re not afraid to be innovative and let us try
some new things they have a tendency to like go where the puck is going instead
of being where the puck is right now join us as we explore the opportunities
and challenges that shape the work we do establishing new partnerships and
shaping the future of online blended and Technology enhanced teaching and

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