Octave.io introduces its “Drop to Kibana” feature

Octave.io introduces its “Drop to Kibana” feature

Welcome to Octave.io Getting a usefull
insight of billions of data
is not an easy way going. Octave.io opens the door
of Kibana solutions to anyone. Process files you didn’t even
reach to open. Let’s get connected and
upload a file you wish to test. Please, feel free
to use a large file! Here we are! Let’s see the source file. OK, how can we know
more about it? Let’s use
our “Drop to Kibana” tool! Select your file,
choose an indice name to easily retrieve your data
in Kibana. Mention delimiter
of your raw data file. For our example,
we select comma and… Yes guys, that’s all! Octave literally dropped
your file to kibana! Welcome to your own Kibana’s
secured and private environment. Once you created
an index pattern, easily search your file
by typing its name in “Discover” menu. Visualization is instantly
available. Let’s go! and discover over
500,000 records at a glance. All your fields are listed below and your file is now
ready to talk. You’ll know everything
by selecting the fields you want to play with, timeline, and also filters and queries. Data visualization is
automatically updated. You can save your viz
through different graphics. Kibana dashboard
will soon become your key
data visualization tool. Thanks to our
user-friendly feature, Kibana becomes a real
playground for any user. Interactivity,
customization possibilities and automatic update
of an entire dashboard make data deliver
all their secrets. Search, analyse
and create graphics from billions records
is now a piece of cake. We will soon show you
more details and possilibities of our “drop to kibana” feature
in our coming soon tutorial.

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