OceanPath Fellowship

OceanPath Fellowship

The ocean path Fellowship provides university students
with community-focused experiential learning opportunities to
become active an effective changemakers. Peace
Fellowship empower youth to foster sustainable and positive
change in communities around the world through creative initiatives. Hi! My name is
Nisha after my bachelor’s degree I spent some
time teaching on the Thailand Burma boarder and the
work that I did there inspired my masters thesis and all future work that I wanted to do. Hi! My name is Magda and I’m currently pursuing a PhD in
social work at the University of Ottawa My name is Lauren Pochereva, I
graduated from McGill University with a diploma in environmental studies My name is Erik Delaquis and I’m a
plant science graduate student at McGill University just finishing a masters degree in
agriculture Hi my name is Rebecca I am passionate about healthy active
living I was provided the opportunity to go
back to make to Mesa, Thailand to collaborate on a project that built a
guest house which is a training centre and employment centre providing safe and
decent work for migrant youth from Burma. and I currently, it’s the top rated place to stay I implemented a creative expression
based mental health program for refugee children and youth in three different schools in Ottawa I started Saint Monica school garden program at an elementary school here in
Montreal so I really wanted to had this garden, be there to serve the kids in that
community My project is going to be based in West
Africa specifically two countries Senegal
and Gambia here is very prone to deforestation
we’re going to make these real village-level plant propagation
centre that allows people to multiply the best varieties and spread them out all around the region. I worked at Namaste Lane Community
Development Center in beautiful Ilam, Nepal. I spent my time working
with three incredible Nepali staff on a
project called action for health that centres on and health education for
behavior change I don’t think any of this would have
been possible without the support of the fellowship and it has really launched me into my ideal career and my dream job. It’s
really an amazing opportunity In the next 12 months, I’m really looking forward to being on the ground in West Africa and I’m really thankful to the program
for providing the opportunity to support to
continue this work They’re really understanding about things, they really provide support in helping
go foward with your project. If you have a project that you think can serve your community or that will
make a change somewhere in the world I really encourage you to apply. What are you waiting for? This is such an amazing opportunity Because you really you never know where
it’s going to take you! What would you do as the next OceanPath
fellow? the movie

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