OCE Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship 2013 Every1Games E1G

I game. I game. I game. We are developing a new model of practice to innovate the way agencies businesses and schools engage with autistic youth in their community. At Every1Games we teach video game
development the people on the autism spectrum to help them develop the social
skills they need to succeed I graduated from Brock University in
2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Humanities and starting-up Every1Games at Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone The idea for Every1Game actually started
while I was a student on a game design team, making a game with my classmates. At the same time I was the lead of the Teen Community Group at Autism Ontario, I would come to program and share stories about what I was reading and the projects I was doing and my students just had so much interest that we started a one-evening workshop at Brock University to introduce them to the tools, spaces and
culture of the school. Now you can join us at The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University in Toronto and at Brock University’s Center for Digital Humanities in Niagara Region. I’ve been working at the autism
community for 10 years and in various spaces of the video game industry since 2009 At everyone games our students explore the inside of the video game industry in a low- anxiety
collaborative learning environment. building valuable life skills through
individual and team based game development social learning activities
and networking guidance Every1Games is an awesome program this is my second year coming
and it just gets better every year it was a good experience
this is my second time being here I have lots of favourite parts of Every1Game I just like trying to figure things out I hope to be a sound engineer for full-time job because really easy and really fast The first day of college was actually much better than it was in high school. we want to work closely with health
services schools and creative businesses engaging students with relevant and
interesting workshops we are building an accessible platform so that
future students can independently explore academia and employment in a low- anxiety
environment informed by community industry and education. Thank you to all the families who support Every1Games and to OCE and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for this fellowship opportunity

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