Obama official contacted Russian Embassy before Trump inauguration: Report

Obama official contacted Russian Embassy before Trump inauguration: Report

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  1. You media types should call these people, The Obama Bombers. And youse guys need to show enough footage to illustrate how running for president is nothing more than Hillary's ego trip. She's just a narcissist, looking for worship … a lot like Nero Caesar; that sick and twisted freak. I literally think that it comes from an insecurity complex.

  2. MY TAXES Don't Care
    about Your Feelings just Facts.
    Time to release Pelosi & Schiff
    phone records To find out
    who knew what & when.

  3. How can a guy who made 400k a year for 8 years afford to buy a 15 million dollars mansion in Martha’s Vineyard? and another one in D.C.
    Could it be bread crumbs from Hunter? China? Russia? …

  4. Obama hes been gone, and now that the president is under the magnifying glass, you try and change the focus? Secondly… Calling something a hoax, a sham, a linching, fake news, does not make it any less real.

  5. Both Obama and Biden are on video showing their treasonous acts! It’s time for real justice, enough of the fake collusion and impeachment farce of Donald Trump!! It’s time to go after the dozens of criminal Democrats scattered throughout government! Can’t wait to see this Durham process playoff!

  6. Please PRAY for SEATTLE!!!!!!!!! Something big may happen 11-3. The military men will be honored at the Seahawks stadium. SPD were in full hazmat gear. almost ONE HUNDRED SPD at the Market mapping grids. There was some kind of film called STOP THE BLEED. This film was for a major event???????? We don’t know what to believe. Remember the cartoon with Homer. and 911, there are things pointing to Seattle. PRAY for everyone that will be In Seattle, Close to a half a million people wii be there. That is just a small area. There are workers, tourist, and homes. I am scared. I don’t want to cause any panic. We need to search this thing out rationally and collect all the pieces of this puzzle. I pray that I won’t get in legal trouble sending this out. I pray for protection from the Lord as well as you do the same. If you want to see video originally posted, where I got some of this information, forgive me if I left something out or got wrong. The site is Marfoogle news on the internet. I have never spelled this before, it’s such a funky name, I can’t even say I spelled it right, but if I did, he’s not hard to find. God Bless all of us. If you know anything big or insignificant, post it, Adam is trying to figure out what is going on and save lives. I am surprised this hasn’t been shut down.

  7. All this information on these tyrants and no one has locked up these deep state traders. All liberals need investigated now. Lock them up. We all know lobbists have a hand in policies. Thats tyranny.

  8. The Deep State ,and their tool,the DemoncRAT Cult,is being destroyed as we speak because of their arrogance in thinking she will never lose. We must thank Heaven.

  9. People blame Trump, but not the House and Senate folks now that's rather naive. The President does not have any say over anything really he is a punching bag for the public.

  10. Obama was the absolute worst president the United states has ever had
    Obama should be arrested for treason against the United states and face a firing squad immediately

  11. Nothing will happen to the criminal enterprise that started when Obama got elected… the entire deep state with all the Obama spies that are still behind the scenes in the deep state working against Trump wont succeed…They are going back to Brennan and Clapper and reporting on what our duly elected President is trying to accomplish. They’ve got more hold over employees in the CIA and White House that are still spying on Trump and his agenda. Trump will get re-elected in spite of the continued attempts to take him down. The American people see right through the DNC playbook!

  12. Obama, Hillary and the Bidens are assets of Putin, the Ukraine and China. They sold out America for riches are are laughing because they got away with it.

  13. What’s the point, we all knows Trump has nothing to do with cheating. And no one is going to do anything with it. There not going to put Obama or Hillary in jail

  14. Liberals are just mad because


  15. And Trump's campaign chairman repeatedly met with a GRU-linked Russian while the GRU was committing crimes to help Trump get elected.

  16. THESE IGNORANT socialist do realize , the ILLEGALS have to be REMOVED before any social programs could ever be implemented..

    The PARASITIC drain would collapse the budget in months.

  17. Stop talking ( blah blah) I’m tired of listening locked up all of them, put all the corrupt Democrats in jail.

  18. The obama infiltration … most criminal president ever w/partner in crime clinton…but 🙈🙉🙊or YOUR the criminal!?!!

  19. I can see that the obama admin is dirty as hell.Fake 44 needs to be impeached and executed for treason.We in America Will Abide.MAGA AND RAT FREE FOREVER.TRUMP 2020.

  20. Oboner Breath Barry :Fast and Furious ,Uranium one,Bengazi ,the creation of ISIS.And the list goes on and on and on.

  21. Thanks, Lou! In all the slimy mess pouring out of MSM recently, this made perfect sense.

    It also means yet one more huge victory for JW, because the state department cannot play possum anymore!

    They clung to the role of having prudently admonished Hillary not to blackberry anymore, but with the proof obtained now that they did so themselves a year later, JW can open entire new avenues of investigation, and we may finally find out who orchestrated the Russia fairytale and who within state department needs firing or investigating or both.

    We need the lynchpins to come apart in order to clean out the IC for unelected leaders, who think they should run America!

    It's hugely important that Trump wins reelection, because he may become the first president to take back control over the federal reserve to America!

  22. All you stupid supporters of these politicians need grow into your adult bodies and stop following these people. Puppets!

  23. If dummyrats get away with all of the laws they have broken a lot of Americans will take the law Into their own hands

  24. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who currently sits on the board of Fox Corp., is reportedly urging Fox News to “decisively break” with President Donald Trump, according to a Thursday Vanity Fair report documenting the network’s “management bedlam.”

  25. What makes me so angry is the way President Trump is being accused, with no evidence at all, of a quid pro quo with Ukraine, and yet Biden is on video bragging about doing the same thing with no repercussion. The same way Hillary was proven to have colluded with the Russians, and yet President Trump was put through hell with again NO PROOF. Maybe it's time we the people rise up against our obviously corrupt government.

  26. For years now the fake MSM in Australasia has worshipped Obummers black arse.. Even now the Anti Trump sentiment is evident everywhere.

  27. It is too much to expect the FAKE NEWS to follow up on this story. Unfortunately it will only be aired on Fox. What a shame.

  28. Democrats are crooks by nature, steeling the wealth of others, giving crums to thier delusional supporters, embezzling the rest !

  29. What you do to others will be done to you. You reap what you sow. Didn't Democrats learn anything in Sunday school ?

  30. In 1987 Edward Meier predicted America would have a two civil wars , the second shortly after the first. The country will be divided into five sectors. Religious sectarians will play a dictatorial role.

  31. So it’s now Monday and this broke last Thursday. This is the first time I’ve heard anything about it. This story will die on this website. Too much fake news to stopnit

  32. One undeniable fact, WHATEVER the left is accusing ANYONE else of, is EXACTLY what THEY, the left, ARE DOING! Projection to the ENTH DEGREE!

  33. Lol! You know- once you pull your lil racism (like uneducated sperm from your mental parents) to shine your prejudice over a subject entirely outside of race, and insulting Obama, just be prepared to accept the same fate when your president is thrown the book
    Let’s not forget, racist nationalists, that your dear president has multiple impeachment processes open against him
    Anyone who is unable to accept truth regardless of which side of politics will use any way out other than taking responsibility.
    So if Obama made a mistake, I am open to say that and wish it hadn’t happened because I’m not an ignorant rock living under prejudice views as a means to hide my own cowardice and shame.
    Why don’t you all take your idiocy and look at the responses from your fellow “Americans” when trump was accused? Even with loads of evidence? (That I’m sure you’ll pretend was ‘fake’ bc you are followers to a man who could care less for you)
    In those same accusations, Can you admit you elected a dumbass? Probably not, the cycle of ignorance will swallow you and your children unless one grows enough of a mind to think for themselves.
    Myself and others are speaking for truth and justice from everyone, all parties and persons- not like a few lil d!ck boys who have to cry supremecy every time his president is caught or a distraction of a past presidency is brought before you.
    The worlds leaders know you are puppets to fear and ignorance.
    You’ll turn a blind eye if it means you can continue to be a scared racist punk.

    But it’s good to see all of you reveal themselves, and to know you will never be comfortable or safe being so outspoken if it’s outside of your computer screen in your wee little hillbilly incest bunkers. Because I know what a coward looks like and it’s one who fears for his life in the midst of actual confrontation. No, I don’t mean your lil racist rallies either.
    Those will end soon, and you all will still have to walk an earth that will know what scum you truly are. I’d suggest living in the middle of buttf!ck nowhere for the rest of your punitive lives.
    In the real society that believes in justice living just beyond your slow minded cities
    You’ll be given every inch of confrontation from real fighters and you’ll beg for mercy from the same people you ridiculed.
    The world is changing, and aunt Betty was wrong about whites ruling the world, considering a lot of caucasians who are grown and aware will even look at you as a pathetic child- clinging to whatever makes them feel powerful- a child who knew all along that they are too weak to handle the new age against racism and sexism.
    Your beloved president/carrot will reap exactly what you sow and it’s going to be comical to watch your excuses.
    But truth is much of your debilitating generation is reaching the end of their time anyway. So fight on for your last few years, I know that’s why you’re so desperate,
    God bless

  34. I hope that all of the hoax conspiracy information is found and that all of those involved will be prosecuted for terrible crimes. Hard to believe that Obama didn’t know anything about this elaborate hoax. All of those involved are a disgrace to our great country.

  35. Obama and the entire DNC is guilty of corruption. Can't wait to watch them cry when they get sentenced for high crimes and treason. I will be laughing more than the President when that happens.

  36. Three days late on here and why is that so? It would be a great thing to get the email as soon as others, because it is old news by the time that I receive it. Would love to comment, but it would have lost its affect by now.

  37. dobbs please keep pushing. you are a really respected anchor. keep your investigative reporting and report real news. its going back there obviously and youll be our hero

  38. So let me get this straight.
    Obama colludes with Russia and the Media ignores it.
    Trump gets set up by the Dems about colluding with Russia, (which he never did), and he gets blamed for collusuon and has to prove he did nothing as the Media roasts him.
    I think it's time to put the Media liars behind bars for colluding with the Democrats and trying to overthrow a sitting President.
    We deplorables want justice for our President.

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